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About Us

  • Team Introduction

    As early as the beginning of 2008, we have been rooted in the virtual game service industry and started to operate. Before the birth of IGGM, the core members of our company mainly worked for the top companies of major virtual commodity trading service companies in Europe and America. As a result, our staff are people who have deep insights into online games and are familiar with the full in-game currency transaction process. They also have extensive experience in e-commerce operations, marketing, delivery, customer service and supply chain management.

    Up to now, compared with our peers, we have paid more attention to the personalization and satisfaction of our customers. And the core goal of our service is to provide our customers with the best gaming services, enhancing the player experience and helping them realize value.

    At present, our business has fully covered Europe and North America. In the future, we will continue to strive to expand our business scope to the world, and provide the most perfect service and cheapest products for all players who love online games.

    To sum up, for our existing game products, we sincerely invite players to come and experience, which will definitely make you come back full of rewards.

  • Products On Sale

    No matter what game product or value-added service we sell, our mission is to be the best. Before each game product is launched, we will conduct rigorous evaluation and detailed market research on product-related services to ensure that everything IGGM sells can be in a leading position in the industry.

    This is also the fundamental reason why IGGM has a better and better reputation among players.

    Also in summary, we sincerely invite every customer to experience our online products and services.

    In the future, we will gradually expand the range of products sold to various game currencies, accounts, equipment, props, training and prepaid cards, CDKeys and so on according to the needs and feedback of players.

  • Service Commitment

    Service Commitment

    • Safety Guaranteed

      IGGM has a safe and reliable supply chain and has rich management experience, so we promise to customers that all game products on sale are 100% legal, and will never buy black credit cards, fraud and other illegal sources for personal gain of gold coins, accounts and equipment, and will not cooperate with any hackers to deceive customers.
    • Price Guaranteed

      IGGM will insist on providing customers with the cheapest game products and value-added services, and ensure that the price of everything we sell will be lower than the market price. The trust and support of customers will be the driving force for us to always sell at low prices. And our existing VIP membership growth plan also allows players to enjoy more benefits.
    • Delivery Guaranteed

      Since IGGM has a stable supply chain and efficient working team, our inventory and delivery are fully guaranteed, so all game products will be delivered within the promised time. However, we sometimes need customers to cooperate with verification. If the customer's order information is incorrectly filled and there is no response after repeated contact, the delivery cannot be guaranteed in this case, but we will try our best to contact the customer to solve the problem.
    • Refund Guaranteed

      IGGM promises that customers can submit a refund application at any time before the order is delivered, and we will reply in time and process the refund as soon as possible. If the refund arrives slowly, it may be due to the long third-party payment processing time. We will do our best to guarantee the freedom of refund and the perfect experience for each customer.
  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Customers with any questions about this Privacy Policy can contact us in the following ways.

    Email:[email protected]

    If someone has already experienced the service we provide and thinks it is worthwhile, then please recommend IGGM to more people, we will give you better deals.

    Your iggm Team

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