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General News

  • EA FC 24: This 5-4-1 Formation Is Worth A Try! - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Hello, gamers! I will discuss 5-4-1 formations that are absolutely game-changing in EA FC 24. If you aim for victories in the Champions Weekend League, employing these tactics and formations is essential. They are incredibly meta, offering a perfect balance and immense strength, ensuring guaranteed wins.

    This formation ensures that your opponents will find it challenging to score goals while you focus on scoring them. It strikes a perfect balance between potent attacking and rock-solid defending. I guarantee you these will get you wins with some FC 24 Coins by using this formation.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: In terms of Defensive Style, we opt for balance, which is absolutely meta in FC 24. For Width, we maintain a configuration of 40 to avoid being too spread out in defense and depth. We can set at 71 for Depth, which remains effective for maintaining pressure. The constant high pressure is particularly remarkable. Additionally, the automatic offside trap is highly effective.

    Offensive Tactics: In our Build Up Play, we prioritize balance, which is again a meta strategy. When it comes to Chance Creation, we still rely on Direct Passing despite recent updates. Direct Passing has been especially effective for creating opportunities, although Cutbacks have been nerfed significantly. As a result, through balls remains a crucial element in our offensive strategy.

    Regarding offensive Width, we've chosen a balanced approach with a 50 setup. This allows us to maximize the use of our Wingers and Wing Backs, ensuring they contribute effectively to our attacking play by providing support. We go for 6 Player In Box with 1 for both Corner and Free Kick.

    Player Instructions

    Striker: Positioned up front, our designated striker is instructed to Stay Central and Get In Behind. As our primary goal scorer, this player possesses solid dribbling and shooting abilities, making them a key player in our attacking strategy.

    Left Winger: Directed to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Cross, our left winger follows instructions that enable effective collaboration with Jo Canelo, the left wing-back, as well as the striker, facilitating goal-scoring opportunities.

    Right Winger: Similar to the left winger, our right winger is instructed to Come Back On Defense, ensuring cohesive defensive coverage. During the attacking phases, their instructions align with those of the left winger, ensuring consistency in our offensive approach.

    Midfielders: Tasked with maintaining balance and providing cover in the center of the pitch, our holding midfielders emphasize defensive stability while also contributing to build-up play when necessary.

    Wing Backs: We set everything to default and Overlap.

    Central Backs: If you truly want to maximize the effectiveness of this tactic and make the 5-4-1 formation dominate your opponents, consider giving attacking support to one of your Central Backs.

    This player will make forward runs during attacks, congest the midfield and attacking third, and may even contribute goals. However, ensure that the player selected for this role has a high work rate so they can recover defensively.

    Goalkeeper: This player is set to come for crosses and act as a keeper.

    Final Thought

    Given the emphasis on individual play style in this year, the 5-4-1 tactics offer diverse tactical options, providing a unique gaming experience. While it may not be universally hailed as the ultimate tactic, it certainly stands out as one of the meta formations worth exploring in EA Sports FC 24.

  • WOW Classic SOD: This Gold Farming Location Is A Good Choice For Phase 2 - Witch Hill

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    As the item prices continue to rise in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, I can't wait to share a few more of my gold farming routes with you. I've been maintaining this routine twice a week, especially now that they require double the potions. You'll need Free Action Potion, Nature Protection Potion, and any other class-specific potions.

    This gold farming relies heavily on agility and strength, 2 key attributes that have a significant impact on how much gold is generated.


    Our current location is Witch Hill, situated along the eastern shore of Dustwallow Marsh. We are going to traverse up and down this coastline, where you'll notice icons indicating Floating Wreckage and fish. This is our primary focus area, where we'll be farming Mudrock Spikeshells and Mudrock Tortoises. We will devote about 1 hour to this task.

    Having spent approximately an hour and 10 minutes farming, we find ourselves in Ratchet with our bags full. Interestingly, despite not typically finding enjoyment in farming activities, I'm quite fond of this particular spot. It's remarkably lucrative and holds immense potential.

    The Iron Bound Trunks we obtained from the wreckage, providing us with the opportunity to fish. Additionally, we can cast our lines for Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper. However, if you wish, you can also commence your search for Turtle Scales.

    Some of boxes and trunks present the opportunity to yield a variety of items. They may drop valuable blue and green items, as well as trade items such as bolts of Mageweave, Potions, and other goods. Therefore, if you manage to locate these specific spots that yield Floating Wreckage, you can fish there to acquire these trunks.

    Defeat The Tortoises

    Moreover, you may also obtain random drops by defeating the Tortoises in the area. From these encounters, you may obtain 2 items: the Warden’s Cloak and Tigerbane. While the Warden’s Cloak, a Level 34 item, may not be extraordinary, it offers 4 strength, 5 stamina, and 4 spirit, making it a decent find. On the other hand, Tigerbane boasts 18 attack power and the ability to combat beasts, making it a noteworthy discovery.

    Surprisingly, the Speckled Shell Fragments sell for 45 silver per 5 stacks. With 5 stacks in your possession, each fetching nearly half a gold, they're definitely worth your time. So, make sure to pick these up when you defeat the Tortoises. We'll be selling those for a tidy profit.

    You can manage to gather some Turtle Meat. If you're interested, it can be quite lucrative. Turtle Meat can be used to craft Turtle Bisque, Soothing Turtle Bisque, and likely another recipe. It's possible that it's a component in another dish, further enhancing its value.

    In addition to these valuable drops, I acquired plenty of leather, including Heavy Leather, Thick Leather, and Heavy Hide. The greys alone, starting with a total of 32, will sell for about 2 WOW SOD Gold. This highlights the profitability of collecting and selling these resources obtained from tortoise farming, particularly the sought-after speckled Tortoise Shells.

    Selling Tips

    Let's take a look of the selling. First, we'll part ways with Tigerbane since its value isn't significant at the moment. However, it still fetches a decent amount, adding to our overall earnings. Conversely, I'll hold onto this item to send it to my enchanter for disenchantment, which can yield valuable materials.

    During our farming session, collect as much Turtle Scales as you can. These are essential components for crafting green Turtle Scale or Turtle Scale Bracers, which are highly sought after for supply boxes. Currently, these Turtle Scales are valued at 3.21 gold per stack.

    You have the option to sell them or if you possess Leatherworking skills, craft and sell the bracers for potentially even higher profits. While the exact selling price of the bracers is uncertain, they are estimated to fetch around 4 to 5 gold each, providing a lucrative return on investment.

    Overall, it's definitely worth your time. Whether you're into farming or not, if you're doing it to maintain your gear or your raiding life, this is definitely a good spot to visit.

  • Diablo 4: Dominate Season 3 With The Twisting Blades Rogue Builds - Leveling & Endgame

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Get ready for the most powerful rogue builds available in the early and endgame of Diablo 4 Season 3. The top priority is to deep dive into this class. We'll then discuss the best skills, gear choices, and strategies to achieve the highest possible damage output and beyond.

    While mastering the Rogue may be difficult at first, you may gain a sense of accomplishment if you complete the build. This build guide is divided into 2 parts: the first part is a leveling build to go from Level 1 to 50, and then the second part is the endgame build, which requires at least Level 50.

    About Rogue

    Rogue is one of the fastest classes in the game, as he can do an insane amount of damage to groups of enemies while moving around the battlefield, which makes him amazing for leveling, farming, and endgame dungeons.

    We will be using the Twisting Blades build, which will combine a melee playstyle with extremely high mobility. So, this will maximize our movement speed and the amount of enemies we kill at once. The abilities of Rogue can be optimized with the help of some Diablo 4 Gold.

    Leveling Build

    Transitioning to the upgrade build, let's first outline the process. that optimizes every facet of your character's capabilities.

    Leveling Process

    From Level 1 to 3, allocate 2 points into specified nodes. Following this, from Levels 4 to 7, invest 4 points accordingly. Between Levels 8 to 15, accumulate 8 points, prioritizing the activation of specific nodes.

    Upon reaching Level 15, completing a brief quest line in Fracture Peaks will unlock your specialization. Subsequently, from Levels 16 to 31, distribute 16 points to unlock and enhance designated nodes. Advancing to Levels 32 to 50, allocate 18 skill points to optimize selected nodes for maximum effectiveness.

    Don't overlook the significance of Renown. Acquiring all Renown in Diablo 4 Season 3 grants an extra 10 skill points. It's advisable to utilize these towards your leveling process. In the subsequent endgame build, we'll discuss the allocation of the remaining 10 skill points.


    For the highest damage rotation, I recommend attacking enemies with the basic attack, then use the evade, then Twisting Blades, and then finally finish them off with the shadow step. This way, when we use the Twisted Blade, we can hit more enemies. Don’t forget to use Poison Trap and Dark Shroud to protect yourself from the enemy attacks. The Twisting Blades Rogue build is super fast and fun build if you want a speedrun to the endgame.


    • For one-handed weapons, such as daggers, prioritize high DPS, skill damage, wearable damage, and damage to close enemies.
    • For ranged weapons, like crossbows, prioritize core skill damage, wearable damage, and damage to close enemies.
    • For helmets, prioritize cooldown reduction, armor, and life to bolster survivability and combat effectiveness.
    • For armor chest piece, get damage reduction, armor, and life.
    • For gloves, get the Twisting Blades rank, Critical Strike chance, and attack speed.
    • For pants, get the damage reduction, armor, and life. Then for boots, get the movement speed and energy cost reduction.
    • For the amulet, get the movement speed, energy cost reduction, damage, and cooldown reduction.
    • For gems, I only recommend to socket armor with the Topaz gem, then jewelry with the skulls, and weapons with the Emeralds.

    Endgame Build

    After transitioning from the leveling build, your skill tray should closely resemble the skills outlined previously. Ensure to replicate these upgrades precisely. Don't overlook the significance of Renown. Gathering all in-game Renown grants 10 additional Rogue Paragon points.


    To begin with, when considering your skills, it's imperative to integrate a diverse array of abilities to ensure versatility and adaptability in combat scenarios. Therefore, we recommend incorporating a combination of the Poison Trap, Dark Shroud, Dash, Shadow Step, Shadow Clone, and Twisting Blades into your repertoire.

    These skills collectively offer a multifaceted approach to engagement, encompassing offensive strikes, defensive maneuvers, and strategic positioning, thereby providing you with the tools necessary to navigate the challenges that await in Diablo 4 Season 3.

    Gear & Aspects

    As for your gear, we already discussed what stats look out for, but if you’re looking for the best gear to use, then here it is:

    • Chest Piece: Obtain the Steadfast Tunic of Disobedience and socket in the same gem for added benefits.
    • Gloves: Opt for The Mangler's Steadfast gloves.
    • Pants: Acquire the Cheat's Steadfast pants and socket in 2 more damage reduction gems while controlled impaired.
    • Boots: Select the Ghostwalker Superior boot.
    • Amulet: Choose the Blast-Trapper's amulet.
    • Rings: For the first ring, get the ring with Acceleration aspect, and for the second ring, choose the Umbral ring.
    • Weapons: Procure the Bladedancer's Foraster and socket in critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies. Additionally, obtain a Smithing sword and socket in the same gem. Lastly, acquire the Edgemaster's short sword and socket in one more critical strike damage gem.

    Paragon Board

    The paragon system may seem daunting initially, but for veterans of previous Diablo games, it's relatively straightforward. Allocate your initial 26 points accordingly, followed by adjustments at 62, 92, and ultimately aiming for 109 points.

    An additional feature of the paragon board is the inclusion of glyphs, which provide substantial bonuses scaling with your stats. Level up your glyphs by successfully completing Nightmare Dungeons. Among the top 6 recommended glyphs are: Exploit, Combat, Diminish, Turf, Closer, and Control.


    In summary, the Twisting Blades Rogue offers an exhilarating and agile playstyle. While challenging to master, the build offers gratifying gameplay. Prioritize energy regeneration to optimize Twisting Blades. When engaging bosses, initiate combat by attacking with basic attacks before unleashing Twisting Blades. Utilize Evade, Dash, and Shadow Step for strategic repositioning during combat or while traversing between zones.

  • Skull And Bones: 5 Tips To Become The Richest Pirate In The Ocean!

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Normally, when we start playing some open world action-RPG, earning enough gold coins has always been our first priority. Of course, Skull and Bones is no exception.

    In the game, whether it is through plunder or trading, farming more Skull and Bones Silver can always help us get a better gaming experience. Because it’s essential for getting various items like blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics for your ships and characters.

    In this guide, we’ll share 5 major ways to earn silver to help you become the richest pirate leader in the seven seas!

    Complete Main Quest

    When playing Skull and Bones, you need to follow the major story until you reach Sainte Anne and get your first ship. However, after you obtain the ship, you can choose to explore the map or continue the mission.

    However, if you want to get enough SAB Silver early in the game, continuing these missions is your best bet. This is because, unless you get to a higher level, you won’t be able to use most of the other methods mentioned here.

    You can see the primary tasks and side tasks displayed with different icons on the map. After completing the tasks, you will obtain the corresponding silver coins as rewards.

    Participate In Plunder

    Once you get your first ship, you can participate in the endgame battle. But before attacking, make sure the target ship is at the same level as you or lower.

    When traveling through water, you’ll typically pass various ships from different factions. Scouting these ships with Spyglass will let you know how much silver you’ll get from sinking them.

    After you reach level four or higher, you can also participate in plunder various settlements on the map.

    However, it is recommended that you seek help before starting a plunder settlement. Because once you start plundering, you’ll have to constantly fight nearby faction ships and towers. The level and strength of reinforcements depends on the number of Hostility symbols you receive from your faction.

    Looking For Shipwrecks

    When viewing the map, you can also find various items on the coast, including shipwrecks. Once you get close to the shipwrecks, you can use the right Crowbar to force it open and get a bunch of items, including silver coins. It’s important to note that the number of items you get depends on your performance in the mini-game.

    Trading Items

    Every time you sink ships or raid outposts and capitals, you can earn different Skull and Bones Items.

    When you look at cargo, you will see commodities written under certain items. These items are not typically used for crafting, and you are free to sell them to merchants willing to pay a premium for additional silver.

    Complete Bounty Quest

    Once you get further into the game and reach level six or higher, you can start the advanced work in Bounty quest. These quests are open to you very early, but most of them require you to reach a high level.

    Keep in mind that there is also a time limit to complete these tasks. Therefore, before entering these battles, make sure you have enough cannonballs and food.

    In short, following this guide can help you accumulate enough silver in the early stages of entering the game. So, start sailing and dominate the ocean!

  • Last Epoch: How About This Beginner-Friendly Spellblade Shatter Strike Endgame Build?

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Get ready to unlock the full potential of Shatter Strike with this Last Epoch endgame build guide. Unlike some builds that require acquiring specific gear late in the game, with this Spellblade Shatter Strike build, you already have access to cold damage once you switch to Shatter Strike.

    This makes it easier and more seamless to scale into this build from the start, which serves as a beginner's guide focusing on true endgame gear. Let's dive in!


    Here’s a breakdown of skills in the Spellblade Shatter Strike build:

    Mana Strike: We prioritize acquiring an extra Ward on strike and the global increased damage on Rage Sap. Additionally, we aim for more Mana gain to aid in resource management.

    Shatter Strike: In this skill, we opt to change Ignite into Frostbite. This adjustment allows us to inflict more damage over time during prolonged boss fights and provides cold penetration. We also focus on enhancing Cold Steel, increasing Critical Strike Multiplier per sword, and improving the recast of Shatter Strike along with extra area and damage with increased global cold damage.

    Frost Ward: It grants an additional 600 armor. We also prioritize mana efficiency in Dilation, along with the free cast on stun and extra charge from Dual Aegis.

    Enchant Weapon: In this skill, we incorporate cold damage added melee cold damage. We aim for a slight boost in melee cold damage, active duration, and the recast on Kindling Blade. We also focus on Melee Elemental Damage per missing Mana, considering the timing of the cast, especially during moments of Desperation as it is cast automatically. Then we have Melee Attack Speed +50%, that’s going to give us an insane amount of more damage as we’re using, Enchant Weapon and attack speed.

    Surge: It grants 150 Ward upon hitting a target, making it an excellent skill for stacking and rotating Wards or reinforcing your Ward threshold. It offers increased travel distance and slightly higher Ward Gain. While it’s possible to fully invest in Ward with Surge, this option yields fewer Ward compared to Storm Aegis.

    Surge provides shock chance and increased stun chance on Jolt, but I’ve opted to change Shock into Frostbite and Cold. Paired with Tidal Wave for a 100% chill freeze multiplier, this alteration enhances damage and chill effects when using Power Surge against enemies. It can also be utilized as a Pull skill to draw in distant targets.

    Passive Skills

    Moving on to passives, Firstly, as an Elementalist, we need to prioritize Reactive Ward and Mage Flurry. While we could allocate more points into Critical Strike Multiplier, it's not a significant concern given my already high crit rate.

    Focus on acquiring major cold nodes such as Frozen Steel, alongside investing in Mana Reaver and Essence Duel. Essence Duel grants us increased attack speed and Ward Gain, while Mana Reaver provides extra health and Mana upon melee hits, synergizing well with Arcane Shielding for additional armor stacking and Ward Gain.

    Shatter Strike benefits from Icy Flow, enhancing its efficiency. In addition, we can also choose the Gemini for dual-wielding Crystal Sword, and the Blade Weaver, which doubles the damage every time it transitions from Mana Strike to Ice Shatter, maximizing damage output through weaving skills.

    The passive talents like Runemaster provide essential benefits for performance in Last Epoch. These include increased health, reduced damage from ignited or chilled enemies, which are prevalent in most encounters, and additional Ward generation per second from Transcendence, crucial for maintaining Ward Retention and optimizing Ward Gain on hit.


    As for the gear and resistances, let's take a closer look. The resistances are nearly capped, although not exactly yet. A significant boost to my resistances comes from a unique item - Transient Rest, essential until obtaining Omnis, which aren't available until higher corrupted levels. Currently, these unique boots are indispensable to elevate my resistances without Omnis. Consider gathering some Last Epoch Gold to enhance your gear.

    Additionally, we can utilize a resistance amulet for physical and neutronic resistance. While the arctic resistance is slightly high, we prioritize increasing the poison and void resistance. Cold Resistance remains crucial due to its significant impact in battles.

    The gear contributes to most of our resistances, with a particular emphasis on Shatter Strike provided by Diothaen's Bloody Nib relic and the Celestial Raiment chest piece. This unique item not only grants cold penetration but also presents intriguing interactions with bleeding, potentially due to health regeneration. Moreover, it enhances mana regeneration and Critical Strike Multiplier, alongside providing elemental resistance.

    When it comes to elemental resistances, belt, boots, and amulet are the primary contributors, providing the bulk of my resistance stats, which are crucial for survivability. Mana regeneration primarily comes from relic and belt - the Plated Belt, ensuring I have ample resources for sustained combat.

    While I possess considerable necrotic resistance, I would prefer to diversify with other resistances like void if possible. However, elemental resistance remains a top priority due to its effectiveness in combat situations, making it a placeholder until further optimizations are made.

    The legendary gold ring - Font of the Ereased offers a variety of beneficial stats, serving as an excellent temporary solution until I acquire the ideal exalted ring with all the desired attributes. Meanwhile, The Opal Ring focuses on cooldown recovery, essential for maintaining the Ward with Surge. Both rings ideally should offer resistance stats, although having resistance on at least one is beneficial.

    The Crystal Swords undergo a transformation, with one converting Ignite into Frostbite. This enables various effects upon hit, including bleeding, shocking, and enhancing melee cold damage and crit chance. While seeking improved stats such as increased melee attack speed, we can settle for placeholder attributes like chance to shock and bleed. Ideally, legendary potential would further enhance the capabilities of swords, with a focus on Enchant Weapon or increased melee elemental damage.

    Idols & Blessings

    Moving to the idols, I recommend use the Humble Eterran Idol. We predominantly prioritize all resistances, acting as placeholders until acquiring Omnis and achieving optimal resistance values on gear. Once sufficient resistances are attained, I'll transition to Ornate Glass Idol emphasizing damage, particularly seeking melee elemental damage.

    Regarding blessings, while we've just started pursuing greater blessings, we can choose the Grand Rage of Winter blessing for Sherd Cold Resistance. Moving forward, we can to upgrade other blessings, focusing on fire resistance, critical strike avoidance, and health regeneration, among other bonuses, tailored to complement this build effectively.

  • WOW Classic SOD: The Most Worth Investing In Endgame Materials For Later Phases! - Golden Pearl

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Greetings fellow adventurers, I recently discovered an ultimate investment opportunity in Season of Discovery that may yield huge returns in the later phases of SOD.

    I decided to introduce you to the rare endgame material in WOW Classic SOD, Golden Pearl, which is currently at its lowest price ever! Historically, it has been one of the most valuable materials in WOW Classic.

    Join me in this guide to learn why you should consider investing in Golden Pearl now, why it’s so cheap, and whether it’s worth the investment for long-term returns.

    From historical value to potential future value in WOW Classic, we detail everything you need to know to make an informed investment decision. Whether you are considering SOD Phase 3 & 4 investment options or looking for insights on WOW Classic SOD Gold farming in Phase 2, this guide has you covered. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your financial future in SOD Phase 3 or 4!

    Why Invest In Golden Pearl?

    Let’s first talk about the reasons why you should consider investing in Golden Pearl for the long term. I chose to highlight this material as a long-term investment in Season of Discovery and gaming because now is the best time to buy it at the lowest price if you are considering a long-term investment.

    Another reason is that, depending on the developers’ updates to other classic games, you might want to explore alternatives, such as Hardcore mode or Cataclysm Classic Beta and taking a brief break from Season of Discovery. In this case, this item is a great option for you to make a profit without losing the value of your gold.

    Why Is The Price Of Golden Pearl So Low?

    So why is Golden Pearl so cheap now? This powerful material that is very difficult to farm is used in many endgame, such as it is a must-have material for enchanter leveling in the later phases and the best caster enchant introduced in WOW Classic.

    One thing we have to consider is that even if the developers allow us to use it in Phase 3, there is a good chance that it will be useless in Phase 3. Because I know that this Golden Pearl may be worthless before the later phases. So there’s no reason to buy it now, resulting in its cheap price.

    Is Golden Pearl Worth A Long-Term Investment?

    So is it worth investing in the long term and how much profit can you expect?

    To answer this question, we should admit that the value of WoW SoD Gold will also decrease in the later phases, and earning gold will become easier. However, Epic Mounts and many other consumable items also consume gold, preventing their value from falling too low.

    Let’s do a hypothetical calculation. If you buy Golden Pearl, let’s say 6 gold, which is the current average. And in Classic Vanilla, its average is close to 120 gold in the mid-term. Even if we think it’s only worth 60 gold in the future, it’s still at least 10 times more expensive than it is now.

    In my opinion, the value of the gold coins won’t drop that much, especially considering the cost of Phase 4’s Epic Mounts and other items.

    Based on this analysis, I firmly believe it’s worth a long-term investment. However, as I always say, it’s always possible that the developers change things and you might not get what you expect. But you can also try to get Golden Pearl at the lowest price possible to maximize your profits.

    But remember, investing always carries risks, so do your calculations and make the best decision based on that!

  • Genshin Impact 4.4: A Concise Overview Of Yae Miko - Weapons, Artifacts & More

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    With the reappearance of Yae Miko’s Banner, now it’s perfect time to provide an enhanced and user-friendly Genshin Impact build guide for optimizing Yae Miko's potential. I will cover weapons choices, artifact sets and more you need to know about. So let's dive in.

    If you are interested in Yae Miko, you can get a Genshin Impact Account with this character.


    For weapons, choosing the right one is crucial. The Kagura's Verity is obviously her signature weapon and is tailor made for Yae Miko. Even the buffs stack 3 times every time you cast an elemental skill, which is perfect for Yae Miko because she casts her elemental skill 3 times. So, if you have this, obviously pick this one.

    If you’re looking for alternatives, A Thousand Floating Dreams is actually a good pick for Yae Miko, especially if you’re trying to run a dendro team. Other viable options include the Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, and Memory of Dust for 5-star weapons.

    Among 4-star options, the Widsith stands out as the best choice. It’s technically her best four-star weapon, so if you have the opportunity to obtain it, you should pick it. While the Solar Pearl can be a good pick, especially if you weave in normal attacks with your charge combos, the Widsith remains the preferred option.

    Considering the recent Fontaine content update, the Flowing Purity emerges as a viable weapon choice for Yae Miko. It enhances elemental damage, making it a favorable option. However, it comes with a caveat - you’ll need a healer capable of clearing the 1,000 HP Bond of Life effect triggered when casting an elemental skill with Flowing Purity. Despite this requirement, it’s still a solid pick and currently stands as the best free-to-play weapon for Yae Miko.

    Artifact Sets

    When it comes to artifact sets, I recommend focusing on 2 specific sets: the Gilded Dream set and the Golden Troupe set. Avoid selecting any other sets if your goal is to optimize Yae Miko’s off-field damage output. The Golden Troupe set proves to be highly effective, offering significant viability, especially if Yae Miko isn’t frequently kept on the field.

    For those aiming to build Elemental Mastery teams or dendro-focused setups, the Gilded Dream set remains an excellent choice. This set provides valuable buffs to both attack and Elemental Mastery, enhancing Yae Miko’s performance in such team compositions.


    When selecting artifact main stats for Yae Miko, consider prioritizing either attack percentage or Elemental Mastery for the Sands slot. In the Goblet slot, opt for Electro Damage to maximize her elemental capabilities. For the Circlet slot, choose either CRIT Rate or CRIT Damage based on your team’s needs.

    In terms of substats, prioritize crit rate and crit damage for optimal damage output. As a secondary priority, focus on attack percentage and Elemental Mastery, ensuring that your team has sufficient Energy Recharge to sustain Yae Miko’s abilities.

    Constellations & Talents

    If you’re not aiming for Constellation 6 (C6), Constellation 2 (C2) serves as the ideal stopping point for Yae Miko. This constellation enhances her turrets by increasing their level and extending their range to cover a significant portion of the Abyss Floor, allowing her to effectively target enemies across various distances.

    When developing the talents of the Yae Miko, priority is given to Elemental Mastery talents, followed by burst ability. Finally is her normal attack. You can afford to neglect her normal attack in favor of maximizing the effectiveness of her Elemental Skill and burst damage.

    Team Compositions

    When forming teams for Yae Miko, it’s important to note that she excels as an off-field damage dealer, primarily deploying turrets to deal damage. Therefore, she functions well as a sub DPS alongside various teammates. Here are some of my team composition recommendations:

    • Raiden Shogun Team: This team mirrors the national team composition, but with the addition of 2 pyro characters: Bennett and Xiangling. Include Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun in the lineup. Yae Miko serves as the sub DPS, while Raiden Shogun acts as the main DPS, utilizing overloads with Xiangling and benefiting from Bennett’s buffs and healing.
    • Aggro-Based Team: Construct a team featuring Zhongli, Nahayaiko, and Thoma. The flexibility of this team allows for interchangeability based on your roster. Nahida, Yae Miko can be substituted with Yaoyao, and Thoma with Albedo. Zhongli functions as the primary shielder, while Yae Miko deploys turrets and synergizes with Thoma, Nahida and Yae Miko for quicken and aggro reactions.
    • Chevreuse Team: This team centers around overloads, leveraging Chevreuse Ascension 4 passive to enhance damage for both Electro and Pyro characters. Include Chevreuse, Yae Miko, and Bennett for added healing. While overload reactions may occur frequently, survivability is generally not a concern, making this team effective against bosses.
  • WOW Classic SOD: The Best Spot For Farming Pet And BOE In Phase 2! - Stranglethorn Vale

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    Are you still trying to find the ultimate pet and BOE farming location in WOW Classic SOD? In today’s guide, we’ll be sharing a great BOE farming location that will lead you to discover a treasure trove of valuable loot, including the elusive Hyacinth Macaw pet!

    Located in Stranglethorn Vale, this location not only offers the rarest pets in the game but also epic rare BOEs. Stick around to learn the best strategies for farming loot, as well as the pros and cons of this lucrative location. Don’t miss your chance to get gold and glory!

    Hyacinth Macaw Pets

    As you can see, there are a variety of monsters to raise in the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, and the coveted pets are the most expensive items in the area.

    The pet called Hyacinth Macaw is considered being the rarest and most expensive pet in WOW Classic so far because of its very low drop probability.

    It costs around 300 WOW Classic SOD Gold, but that’s the cheapest you’ll find until Season of Discovery ends. Because judging from comprehensive historical data, the average value of this kind of pet is very high.


    Also, this place contains some decent epic and rare BOEs, such as Basilisk Hide Pants. It’s currently available for sale instantly on my server for around 100 gold. I’m sure they’re even more expensive on other servers.


    Next, I’ll show you more loot for each type of pirate in the area, and I’ll also mention the pros and cons of this powerful gold spot.

    First of all, we should know that there are five types of pirates in this area, namely:

    • Bloodsail Warlock
    • Bloodsail Deckhand
    • Bloodsail Swabby
    • Bloodsail Elder Magus
    • Bloodsail Swashbuckler

    Each type has a high chance of dropping a pet. But Bloodsail Swabby has a slightly higher chance of dropping it. 

    For general loot, all these pirates have a chance to drop green BOEs and many other things. Judging from the data, Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages are currently in high demand and value, especially towards the end of the season. Because people mostly want to complete their pre-quest during this time.

    Bloodsail Elder Magus and Deckhand are slightly higher level and harder to kill, while together they can drop rare and epic loot.

    Bloodsail Swashbuckler and Warlock are both on land and can drop some rare and epic items. In my opinion, if you don’t have much gear and are used to playing solo, farming Warlock is your best bet. Because they are the easiest to kill, have reasonable drop rates for pets, and have some nice epic and rare loot.

    But if you are doing this farm with friends, I highly recommend you focus on grinding Bloodsail Swabby. Because, as mentioned before, Swabby has the greatest chance of dropping pets, and there are more mobs to kill.

    Pros & Cons

    Finally, let’s introduce the pros and cons of this place.

    First off, this place has the most expensive pets in WOW Classic so far. And since pets are not part of Season of Discovery, their value will grow over time. So if you can’t or don’t want to sell it now, it will definitely appreciate in value.

    Besides pets, this place is also very good at farming gold, and the average level of mobs is worth honing. If you are lucky enough to get these, you can sell these BOEs immediately to make extra money.

    As far as disadvantages go, I don’t think you should focus on finding pets in this area. Because this pet is known as the rarest pet in WOW Classic SOD, and your chance of actually getting it by doing small grinds every day is almost zero.

    Another reason is that the mobs here are very close and you should be careful if you are a solo grinder. If you have a character without Skinning, generally don’t pull a lot at once.

    If you love farming pets and looking forward to becoming a lottery winner, I highly recommend this place! Good luck!

  • Skull And Bones: A Brief Introduction To The Ultimate Sambuk Ship Endgame Build

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    In this guide, I aim to create a powerful endgame ship build using the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. By strategically incorporating specific furniture pieces alongside Fire Bombards and Leopold, you can consistently activate the devastating Scorched Perk, effortlessly obliterating enemy groups.

    This vessel shines in combating rogue ships and excels in plunder events, showcasing remarkable prowess even in PvP combat. Let’s dive into the build mechanics and explore its functionality, followed by optimal utilization techniques.

    How It Works

    This Sambuk Ship Endgame build is all based around the Sambuk Scorched Perk ability and trying to trigger it as quickly as possible. To trigger the perk, we need to put the Ablaze effect on the enemy ship. Then that ship will receive an extra 5,000 damage, which is that big fire explosion. The Ablaze effect will also be applied to all enemy ships within 150 meters of the original burning ship. And to top it all off, all enemies with the Ablaze effect will receive an extra 50% damage.

    Weapons & Armor

    The ship weapons that I used to quickly build that Ablaze effect are Fire Bombard III on all sides, front and back, with a Leopold III in the auxiliary position. After testing a lot of different endgame weapons, and the Fire Bombards work the best. The aiming can be a little hard to get used to, but once you practice them, you’ll be able to hit enemy ships from a long way away.

    Put the Fire Bombards on all 4 sides of the ship so you can fire constantly to build your Ablaze effect quicker. When firing, switch from the broadside to the front or the rear weapons while the other reloads. This will allow constant bombardments for a devastating effect.

    When it comes to the armor, I use the Black Prince because it’s the best one I have. However, if you have the Royal Custodian, this build will perform even better.


    The furniture pieces are where you can really increase your Ablaze and overall damage. Firstly, I’ve set the ship up as a long-distance Ablaze ship so that we survive much longer and have massive DPS.

    The major furniture piece I chose is the Scoping Station because hitting a target more than 320 meters away marks them, meaning their weak spots take 100% more damage. This works great because the range of Leopold 3 is about 600 meters. So, I always open with a long-range Leopold shot to trigger the 100% extra weak spot damage and the Leopold’s high base damage.

    Next is the Gunpowder Bench I, which increases all damage to enemy ships with the Ablaze effect. Every enemy we fight will be suffering from the Ablaze effect, so it’s a great damage multiplier on an already high DPS build.

    In the third furniture slot is the Bombard Works, which increase the elemental damage multiplier of our bombards by 19%, so our bombards get even more flame damage, and that’s why the Ablaze effect starts to build so quickly.

    For the fourth slot, I recommend to use Volatile Fuel, which increases the charge rate of the Ablaze effect on enemy ships by another 10%. So, you can see why this build just starts getting even crazier.

    For our final slot, I used the Sticky Fuel Station, which increases the duration of the Ablaze effect on enemy ships by 10%, which obviously works great for our build.

    You will see how these furniture pieces stack well together to give us some high amounts of damage. It is a great build for taking out swarms of enemy ships, as the Ablaze effect can spread from ship to ship. Then the Skull and Bones endgame ship build is complete.


    Now I’ll show you the best way to use it. For maximum damage, always start with a long-range Leopold III shot. This will trigger us to deal bonus damage to weak parts. Then get as many Fire Bombard shots on target as possible. You’ll start to get the idea of where to aim for distances and how to increase your accuracy, but no matter what, the Fire Bombards are always the most important.

    The target in the best spot is the hull, as the sails aren’t the greatest to hit. You'll light them up in no time. It is a lot of fun and very satisfying to pull off in combat. There’s nothing better than watching the fireballs consume your enemy ships.

  • WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Guide To Best-in-Slot Gear Options For Ranged Hunters In Phase 2

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    With many players considering a switch to ranged builds following the Raptor Strike nerf, it's important to focus on optimizing ranged damage through gear selection. Ranged Hunters are unlikely to receive significant adjustments anytime soon.

    While some Best in Slot guides are helpful, others lack context or accuracy, potentially leading to gearing mistakes. Therefore, it's crucial to understand why certain gear pieces are recommended for Ranged Hunters in SoD Phase 2. If you want to get these items faster, be sure to use SoD Gold to equip yourself in advance. This way you can be more confident when completing tasks and killing bosses.

    Before You Read

    Before we get started, there are 2 things you need to note:

    1. It's important to note that melee weaving with either one-handers or a two-hander is currently not viable for maximizing damage output. Consequently, attributes like strength hold no value for ranged builds.
    2. It's essential to acknowledge that the game's optimal builds are still evolving, and Sims may not accurately reflect real-world performance. Thus, there's a possibility of future adjustments and refinements.

    Let's delve into the gear specifics. We'll begin with an overview of the best-in-slot gear options for Ranged Hunters in SoD Phase 2, followed by detailed explanations for each piece and alternative options if acquiring the best-in-slot items is challenging.


    For the head slot, acquiring the leather crafted piece, Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl, is recommended. Its on-use effect is highly valuable, despite being somewhat time-consuming. Obtaining it should be prioritized after the first run of Gnomeregan.

    Until then, Artemis Cowl from BFD can be used as a substitute, especially if the on-use effect of Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl is on cooldown and you don't require the hit bonus.


    For the neck, obtaining the Epic neck (Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque & Thermaplugg's Engineering Notes) from Gnomeregan quests is essential. It's guaranteed to drop from the last boss. 

    Although there may be significant competition initially, it becomes easier to acquire over time. In the meantime, Sentinel's Medallion from Warsong is a suitable alternative.


    Regarding the shoulders, Troggslayer Pauldrons are considered the best in slot. 

    Alternatives include Mantle of the Cunning Negotiator from Viscus Fallout and Bonelink Epaulets of Agility, or Revelosh's Spaulders from Uldaman.


    Prototype Parachute Cloak is recommended for the cloak slot. Alternatives include Gryphon Cloak of Agility or Blooddrenched Drape from the STV event, which synergizes well with Exposed Weakness. Aim for a plus three agility enchantment on the cloak.


    For the chest, Blazewind Breastplate from the Tremors of the Earth questline in Badlands is the optimal choice. 

    While the tier chest is acceptable, it's not worth sacrificing agility. Aim for a +2 all stats enchantment on the chest.


    Debates surround the choice of bracers. Options include Forest Stalker's Bracers from Warsong Gulch Exalted or Experimental Aim Stabilizers. 

    Considering the bonus from Aspect of the Lion, Gnomeregan Bracers often outperform Warsong Bracers due to their higher attack power. 

    However, the crit value from the bonus agility must also be considered. A 1-agility enchantment on bracers is recommended.


    The glove slot offers flexibility. Ideally, carrying three pairs of gloves is advised. 

    Mechanist's Gloves are suitable for mechanical bosses, while Void-Touch Leather Gloves are recommended for non-mechanical encounters. Gauntlet of Divinity serves as an alternative when gloves are on cooldown . 

    +5 agility enchantment is preferred for gloves.


    Darkvision Girdle is frequently used for the belt slot. 

    However, for those aiming to maximize DPS rankings, Hyperconductive Goldwrap from engineering can be advantageous if the right buff is obtained.


    The choice between Electromantic Chausses legs and Nimble Triprunner Dungarees for the leg slot is subject to debate. 

    Considering Aspect of the Lion, forward tier pieces in legs and feet grants a bonus attack power of 57.6 compared to 52 attack power from the tier. Then the consideration arises as to whether you prefer the plus 1% hit chance offered by the tier or the plus 0.7% critical strike chance from the bonus agility of the non-tier option. 

    It's important to note that regular bosses are typically of lower level compared to normal boss mobs, so the value of hit chance diminishes slightly in later phases. 

    However, the value of intellect should not be underestimated, especially if you can sustain through the entire boss fight without needing to activate Aspect of the Viper.


    Regarding boots, the same principle applies. We should aim to equip either the tier boots known as Electromantic Grounding Sabatons or off-agility boots like Bonelink Sabatons of Agility.

    As for the enchantment, while Minor Speed provides significant quality of life improvements, for encounters where you can remain stationary, +3 Lesser Agility would enhance your performance.


    In terms of rings, it's preferable to opt for two rings with a 10 agility bonus each. 

    These could be obtained from items like Ring of the Underwood or Marsh Ring of Agility. Suitable alternatives until then include Pretector's Band, Falcon's Hook, or Ironspine's Eye.


    For trinkets, the ideal setup involves Avenger's Void Pearl from BFD and Gyromatic Experiment 420b from the final boss in Gnomeregan. 

    In the absence of the Gnomeregan trinket, Tigerblood Talisman can serve as a temporary replacement. Additionally, if you possess the Domesticated Attack Chicken, it should be utilized whenever it's off cooldown.

    Ranged Weapons

    When it comes to the ranged weapons, prioritizing the Epic gun called Thermaplugg's Custom from the last boss in Gnomeregan is essential. 

    Before acquiring this, a viable alternative is to use a 3.0 agility gun like Sniper Rifle of Agility or the crafted gun Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle from engineering if other BoE options are not available.

    Melee Weapons

    For melee weapons, Vanquisher's Sword and Sentinel's Blade are recommended. 

    These weapons offer higher attack power compared to off-agility two-handers. Additionally, using two weapons allows for the application of Dismantle to both, as well as the use of Lesser Wizard Oil.

    Serpent Sting scales directly with spell power, and Arcane Shot has a spell power coefficient of 43.5 and 140% critical strike scaling, making the acquisition of bonus spell power highly advantageous.

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