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About ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is based on the Tamriel continent, and the storyline is indirectly related to other games in the Elder Scrolls series. Elder Scrolls Online initially used a mandatory monthly subscription model, and it was not until March 2015 that it transitioned to a buy-and-play model with microtransactions and optional subscriptions.

What is ESO Gold?

ESO Gold is a universal currency used by players in The Elder Scrolls Online. It plays a very important role in the game and is one of the necessary items for players to use in the game. It can help players upgrade equipment, expand inventory space, buy weapons, mounts and other ESO items that appear in the game. In other words, every player who enters Elder Scrolls Online should learn to master the method of collecting ESO Gold, in order to enhance their game strength, increase the winning rate of fighting with enemies, and make it easier to upgrade the game. In The Elder Scrolls Online, players can get safe ESO Gold in a variety of ways, such as robbery, trading, production, online buying, etc.

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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get The Most Out Of The Plus Free Trial? - What & How To Unlock?

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get The Most Out Of The Plus Free Trial? - What & How To Unlock?

By now, you’re all aware of the exciting news. The developers recently launched ESO Plus Free Trial event, which will last until Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 10:00 AM EDT.

ESO Plus includes some significant features, but if you don’t normally subscribe because of price or game time, you might be wondering which quick or important feature unlocks you should focus on during the current Free Trial.

This guide has everything you need to know about instant unlocks, including what they are and where to get them so you can get them during ESO Plus Trial! We’ll also show you the best uses for ESO Plus Trial, what things you should prioritize during your trial, and what will and won’t work after Free Trial is over.

Before we get into the details, remember to activate it from Crown Store under ESO Plus tab while Free Trial is available.

Keeping And Refining Your Materials

If your character has a Craft Bag, make sure to log in and move their stuff into Craft Bag. This way, anything in the bag will stay in the bag even after Free Trial ends, so use it while it’s available!

You can also use this Trial to refine your raw materials, preferably on a character with the best Refining passive skill and Meticulous Disassembly CP passive slotted.

Unlocking Instant Dungeon Collectibles

First, let’s look at Dungeon collectibles, all of which are unlocked by entering 1 of the 2 dungeons included in each Dungeon DLC. You don’t even need to complete the dungeon, just enter it!

  • Visit Ruins of Mazzatun or Cradle of Shadows and you’ll get Heroic Personality.
  • Enter Falkreath Hold or Bloodroot Forge to get Bull Horns Emote.
  • Enter Fang Lair or Scalecaller Peak to get Renegade Dragon Priest Mask.
  • Unlock Werewolf Hunter Hat by entering Moon Hunter Keep or March of Sacrifices.
  • Enter Frostvault or Depths of Malatar and you’ll get Ayleid Royal Crown.
  • Step into Lair of Maarselok or Moongrave Fane to unlock Dread-Aurelian Mask.
  • Visit Unhallowed Grave or Icereach to get Wickerman Mishap Emote.
  • Enter Castle Thorn or Stone Garden to get Energetic Dwarven Shock-Spider.
  • Enter Cauldron or Black Drake Villa to use Fire-Forged Maul Weapon Style.
  • After entering Red Petal Bastion or Dread Cellar, Scorion Pyreling Non-Combat Pet will be added to your collection.
  • After entering Coral Aerie or Shipwright’s Regret, you will get these Abyssal Embrace Face Markings.
  • After entering Earthen Root Enclave or Graven Deep, Mulberry Hermit Crab will be added to your collection.

However, Scribes of Fate and Scions of Ithelia Dungeons do not offer any Exploration Achievements.

Unlocking DLC Zone Collectible

DLC zones also have their own treasures, some of which are as easy as visiting a major city:


You can get Echalette Pet by entering Orsinium in Wrothgar.

Thieves Guild

In Thieves Guild DLC, you can unlock Jackal Pet by entering Abah’s Landing. If you take the time to complete the first zone story quest, you’ll also get Thieves Guild Leathers.

Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood unlocks Assassin Personality by entering Gold Coast zone, and completing the second zone story quest will add Shrouded Armor Costume to your collection.

Clockwork City

Dovah-Fly pet is unlocked by entering Brass Fortress in Clockwork City. There are also 3 side quests available from Outlaws Refuges that will give you supply recipes.

You can also rebuild Precursor Target Dummy, but this is a bit time consuming and not worth the effort. This Target Dummy won’t give you accurate numbers when parsed, but it’s a nice cosmetic addition.


This colorful Haj Mota pet is unlocked by entering Lilmoth in Murkmire for the first time.

Southern Elsweyr

Entering Southern Elsweyr for the first time unlocks Topal Corsair Hat, and you can also complete zone side quests to unlock additional pages if you like that style. If you complete the zone story quest, you can unlock Mask of Alkosh Hat and Za’ji’s Dragonguard Uniform.


Entering Reach Zone for the first time unlocks Arkthzand Anfractuosity Shroud. There is also a side quest in Karthwasten called After the Storm that grants you Reach Rebel Face Markings.

The last zone story quest has matching Body Markings. And you can unlock Witchwise Headdress Collectible Hat by completing the 4th zone story quest.


In Deadlands, you will unlock Oblivion Explorer’s Headwrap when you enter Fargrave for the first time.


When you first enter Galen, you’ll unlock Firesong Obsidian Mask. You’ll also unlock matching Face and Body Markings and Phoenix Moth pet after completing the zone story quest.

Other Uses For ESO Plus Trial

In addition, other simple and worthwhile things you can do during ESO Plus Trial include:

If you take the time to complete Daily Crafting Writs, stock up on Craft Bags! You can get basic style Stones, Potency Runes and Ta Runes, Alchemy, Ingredients, and any other long-term materials you might need from Crafting Vendors for 15 ESO Gold each.

Unlock Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Psijic Skill Lines for each of your characters. Collect Skyshards, Lorebooks, and unlock exploration, questing dyes, and achievements in areas you wouldn’t normally be able to access.

Dye your clothing! This is something that you do for every character, so the same clothing may dye differently on different characters. If you have a companion expansion, you can also dye their clothing.

On top of that, take advantage of the 2x furnishing limits in your home to complete treasure maps in areas you wouldn’t normally be able to access. If you have Antiquities rank, dig for clues that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Finally, let’s talk about the more time-consuming uses of ESO Plus Trial. You can collect 4-man DLC dungeon set pieces. Remember to bind them when you get any you haven’t collected yet to minimize duplication.

You can also fully explore and complete zone maps, completing DLC ​​Trials to earn gear drops and achievements. Completing 2 public dungeon group events in each expansion zone grants 1 skill point.

You can also stockpile DLC Daily Coffers on multiple characters. Newer zones have a 20-hour cooldown on Motifs Page drops in the daily reward container, so you can collect a bunch of boxes and stop opening them after you get Motifs Page. Doing this will allow you to continue to earn those Motifs even after Trial ends.

What Features Will Continue To Work After Trial Ends?

So, what features will continue to work and what will no longer work after Trial ends or you stop paying for ESO Plus?

Firstly, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Psijic Skill Lines will continue to exist, allowing you to continue to loot Thieves Troves and Psijic Portals, and Blade of Woe will continue to function.

You can still assign and unassign skill points in Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Psijic Skill, Scrying, and Excavation skill trees, but you cannot develop them further, and they are only available on the character you unlocked them for.

If you no longer own Greymoor, Antiquities System will stop working after Trial ends.

Fortunately, houses acquired in DLC zones will continue to work. The only difference is that when leaving a house, you will not enter DLC zone, but teleport back to the location you were in when you went to the house.

Note that since Jewelry Crafting skill line requires Summerset, after ESO Plus expires, you can no longer access Jewelry Crafting Station if you do not own this DLC. So definitely consider completing those valuable research traits when you have access!

If you don’t plan on keeping your ESO Plus, remember to set your priorities. I recommend getting the instant unlocks first, then focusing on what you think is most important. Just a reminder, all collectibles are account-wide unlocks!

Anyway, hopefully you get all the exceptional free stuff, and this guide will help you find and unlock them! Good luck!

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Customize Your Own House To The Maximum In Gold Road Chapter?

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Customize Your Own House To The Maximum In Gold Road Chapter?

The much-anticipated Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road finally released today on PC and Mac! In the new Chapter, you’ll have more opportunities to get a new free manor and decorate it. But many first-time Tamriel Homeowners are still wondering: what can a house do, exactly?

There are many benefits to owning a house, but the most obvious use is to decorate it! If you already love customizing items in RPGs, then you’ll have a ton of fun with Housing system. In this guide, we’ll go over where to get furniture, as well as some decorating tips.

Benefits Of Owning A House

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the beneficial uses of owning a house.

Fast Travel

Houses can act as fast travel locations. Any house you own can act as a Wayshrine, which you can travel to for free from anywhere using the world map. You can even choose to spawn inside or outside a house if you just want to get into town quickly.

Every house you own, and the furniture you place in it, is shared among all characters on your account, meaning you can own as many houses as you want. Once you own a house, it’s added to your collection, so you can even go to it with a list of houses you’ve collected!

Improve Social Interaction

There are also a lot of social elements for housing. For those who enjoy the social aspect of the game or are creative, the options are endless, such as building Mazes, Escape Rooms or Puzzles. There are even guilds dedicated to housing, which encourage you through competitions and creativity, and give you the opportunity to earn extra ESO Gold during the decoration process.

In order to invite others to your house, make sure you check your permissions and enable certain guilds or friends as guests. Houses are locked by default.

Once permissions are unlocked, you can send a direct link to your house via mail or text chat.

You can also set a house as your Primary Residence. This way, people with the appropriate permissions can visit the house using your name on the social menu, regardless of your online status. However, please note that you can only have 1 Primary Residence.

If you want to decorate one of your houses with a friend, or even hire someone to decorate a house for you, you can enable the decorator rights for certain people.

You need to place the furniture, but they can move every piece of furniture. Be careful not to grant full decorator rights to anyone you don’t fully trust. No one can take your furniture, but they can destroy what you’ve built or make it hard to find.

If this does happen, or you just can’t find a piece of furniture, you can use Retrieve menu to mark its location and find it, or just put it back in your inventory.

Storage Coffers & Chests Available

One of the best reasons to have an in-game house is to have a place to place and use Storage Coffers and Storage Chests. There are 4 large chests and 4 small coffers available. Each large chest can hold 60 items, and the small coffer can hold 30 items, which is equivalent to adding 360 inventory slots to your account.

These Storage Chests are added to your collection as you unlock them, so all of your characters can use them, and you can place them in multiple houses at the same time.

You’ll unlock one coffer from Level Up Advisor after reaching level 18, and the rest can be redeemed with Master Crafting Writ Vouchers, Tel Var in Imperial City, or with Crowns. However, I would recommend using the in-game method.

You can name containers to help categorize items. I use 3 chests to store survey maps and label them for quick storage and categorization. These chests, and the items you put in them, are only accessible to you.

Crafting Tables

You can also place each Crafting Table in your home. Of course, using Master Crafting Writ Vouchers, or mining through Antiquities, is also a good way to get them.

You can go a step further and try Attunable Crafting Tables. This can be used at Overland Set crafting locations to add nearby set bonuses to a crafting table and bring them home.

This is especially useful if you want to access sets from DLC areas that you can’t normally access. Assuming you have temporary access to High Isle through ESO Plus trial, you can use these Attunable Tables to replicate Order’s Wrath crafting stations, and you can still craft the set bonus after the trial ends.


Houseguests are collectible furniture that can be placed in all of your homes. Some of these can be obtained from Crown Store, but others can be obtained in-game.

Since they are account-wide collectibles, they can be placed in multiple houses at once, and all of your visitors can talk to them. You can place them on a path if you want to make your home feel more lived in. You can even decorate the house with your mounts and pets.

Merchants, bankers and deconstruction assistants can also be added to your house for everyone to use. All of these have been Crown items so far, but they are definitely worth getting if you have Crown.

How To Get More Furniture?

Now that we’ve gone over the useful uses of a house, let’s get back to decorating. Furniture and decorations can come from many places, but as always, there is a Crown option under Purchase tab in Housing Editor.

Crown Option

If you do use Crown option, it’s important to understand that these items are tied to your account. If you use a Crown to acquire an already decorated house, those furniture items will also be tied.

This tab contains over 5000 pieces of furniture in the game. Even if you don’t plan on acquiring anything with a Crown, it can be a useful tool to help you determine exactly what furniture style and items you’re looking for.

ESO Plus Benefits

Also note that as part of ESO Plus your furniture limits are doubled, but if you fully renovate your house and lose your membership, the items you placed will stay where you left them.

However, if you pick up and move an item after your membership ends, you won’t be able to place it again without increasing your furniture limits. As an ESO Plus member, you can expect to get a free piece of furniture in Crown Store every month to add to your collection.

Antiquity Furnishings

If you have access to Greymoor, Antiquity system is worth upgrading to get mythic items, and you can also mine a lot of wonderful furniture from leads.

It’s important to note that furniture obtained through Scrying is bound when picked up, so you can’t sell them to other players. But there’s a lot of cool and sometimes large furniture here.

Crafting Furniture

You can craft new furniture by acquiring Furniture Plans, and making items yourself using your existing crafting skills and crafting tables.

Furniture Plans can be found on chests, desks, backpacks, wardrobes, cabinets, trunks, nightstands, and urns. Different areas can drop different plans.

You can also get plans and furniture from daily quests in each area, fishing, or running Infinite Archive.

Of course, don’t forget to check Guild Traders. Other players may be selling plans and furniture you didn’t even know existed.

While the cooldown for finding Furniture Plans has never been confirmed, the community believes that there is a cooldown window of up to 30 minutes after picking up a purple plan, during which you can’t pick up another one.

How To Decorate Your House?

Once you enter a house and enter build mode, you can place furniture from your inventory, house storage chests, collection and bank.

Lock Position

You can lock their position so that they automatically snap to surfaces, or move and place them freely.

Link Items

With free placement, you can even stack items together to build custom furniture. When you stack furniture on top of each other, it may seem cumbersome to move each item, but you can link their positions together to move them as one. You can choose an item as a parent, such as a table, and then link everything on the table together.

Block Off Unfinished Areas

You can also block off areas of your house that are not yet finished using wall or rock furnishings. Since small furnishing limits in extensive areas, it is also beneficial to block off areas you don’t want to decorate, so that you can invest the vast majority of your ESO Gold budget in areas you care about.

Use Furniture In Different Ways

Conversely, you can use stairs and floors to access areas of your house that you wouldn’t normally go to. You can even place items in the scenery around your house if you want to improve your vision.

You can also flip furniture to use it in different ways, such as the underside of these Coldharbour rocks with a void effect, or the underside of Morrowind table map.

Final Thoughts

Houses are one of the most customizable parts of ESO Gold Road. There is no right or wrong way to decorate, and the options are endless. I hope this guide has given you some new house ideas, long-term goals worth working towards, or just helped you see the benefits of using them. Good luck!

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