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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Find All 5 Deralium Chunks Quickly?

Posted: Nov 06, 2023

In Lords of the Fallen, if you want to build the best, most powerful build, you’ll want to upgrade your weapons all the way to the max. But to do this is not that simple. You need to find a resource that is actually very rare, and that is Deralium Chunk. There are only five locations available in the game, and I’ll cover them one by one.

1. Revelation Depths

Among them, Revelation Depths is the first location where you can find Deralium Chunk in the game. You’re going to go over here and pull the lever. Then you can just go all the way down from there.

Follow the path and you’ll eventually stumble upon stone structures or an enemy camp, where the road is barricaded. The road splits into two here, one leading deep into the cave and the other leading to stone structures.

Lords Of the Fallen: All 5 Deralium Chunk Locations - How To Get Them Fast?

Depth is where we need to go first, as this is an optional exploration area. Note that you will need to clear out the miners working inside before you can safely explore the area. You can pick up 3 Regular Deralium Nuggets near the miner’s location.

What will pique your interest here is 1 Deralium Chunk located around this area. It’s not far from Regular Deralium Nuggets you looted.

2. Fief Of The Chill Curse

Next we set off from Vestige of Loash and go through the arch to Hollow Crow’s Boss arena. You need to defeat this boss, then head to the door and down the ladder, continuing across the bridge to the next tower.

Go to the tower to reach the beacon. There is a chest next to it. Open it you can find 1 Deralium Chunk, 2 Large Deralium Shards, 3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, 4 Small Deralium Fragment.

Lords of the Fallen 2023: All 5 Deralium Chunks Locations

3. Tower Of Penance

After picking up Tower of Penance map, take the elevator up and enter the tower through the arch above. You will then see an Umbral Flowerbed. Go past it and through the doorway onto some wooden platforms in the next room. At the end, you enter Umbral area.

Stand on the small Umbral platform and look to the left to find another platform that can be pulled towards you. Jump on it and continue to the next platform.

Next, you need to defeat Ardent Penitent that breaks through the nearby planks, then stand on the ladder without looking down. If you look up the ledge, you’ll find a lower platform you can jump to where the ladder can’t reach. Jump down and find a chest inside the cell containing Deralium Chunk.

4. Bramis Castle

Now is pretty much the last place you can look for Deralium Chunk in the game. You will travel to Bramis Castle, where is Vestige of Bloody Pilgrim.

Before you enter this area, if you already have quite a few Lords of the Fallen Vigor, you can take some shortcuts. If you can’t use them like the ladders here, then you’ll need to complete more areas and discover some shortcuts on your own. But just keep walking towards Bramis Castle, which will take you up the stairs and keep walking in that direction.

You’ll then want to jump off that ledge, where several powerful enemies will appear. If you have a decent build, you can defeat them for decent loot.

Then, we started from Umbral Flowerbed outside the tower library and continued along the path to the exit of King’s bedroom. Head to the balcony on the right, then twist into Umbral and cross the platform on the left to reach Giant Crystal.

Follow the crystal down and when you reach the fork in the road, take the path to the left. Defeat the enemies in the area, head to the stairs on the right, and break the wooden structure. Look down to see a small area with an item, jump on it and pick up the fourth Deralium Chunk.

Lords of The Fallen: Where to Find Deralium Chunk? - The +10 Upgrade Weapon Stone Location Guide

5. Skyrest Bridge

Now onto the location of our fifth and final piece, Deralium Chunk, an absolutely amazing idea in theory. You can purchase Deralium Chunk from the coop-dedicated altar next to Eustace on Skyrest Bridge. So if you’re playing with friends, this might be a good way to get Deralium Chunks.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Deralium Chunk and how to use it in Lords of the Fallen. Hope this helps some of you.


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