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Lords Of The Fallen: Where To Get Resh-Mesah’s Sword, Fitzroy’s Sword & Bloody Glory?

Posted: Oct 19, 2023

There are various types of weapons in Lords of the Fallen. Having them means you will experience the game with greater ease.

Here, I will focus on three different types of swords, namely Resh-Mesah’s Sword, Fitzroy’s Sword, and Bloody Glory.

Resh-Mesah’s Sword

Resh-Mesah’s Sword is a Greatsword in Lords of the Fallen. 

Lords of the Fallen Resh-Mesah's Sword

To get it, start at the Forsaken Fen Vestige. From there, begin making your way into the Fen, following the torches. 

A short distance in, you should see a large root leading up to a shortcut back to the vestige. It’s a good idea to open up the shortcut before moving on, and you can rest at the vestige to refill resources. 

After doing so, return to the shortcut and enter the Umbral, causing a ladder to appear nearby. Climb up it, then move forward until reaching a point where you can emerge from the Umbral. 

Continue on and watch out for the large Crusade enemy waiting in ambush. 

Ahead, there is a broken bridge that can be crossed with the Umbral Lantern. Just be sure to either time your cross so that the guard on the other side doesn’t shoot you, or take him out with ranged beforehand. 

Once across, head up into the forest area, taking a right, then a left. Run up the mountain path and past another large crusader enemy. 

At the top of the hill, you’ll encounter one pesky guard to take care of, as well as Resh-Mesah’s Sword. 

This heavyweight sword requires 20 Strength and 25 Dexterity to use proficiently, and somewhat resembles Cloud’s Buster Sword.

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Fitzroy’s Sword

Fitzroy’s Sword is a very strong Longsword in Lords of the Fallen and is my personal weapon of choice. 

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy's Sword

To get it, we’ll start at the Shuja Hamlet Vestige

The first thing we’ll need to do is shift over to the Umbral so we can cross the water. 

We can then open the nearby bridge, backtrack to the vestige, and rest in order to exit the Umbral. 

With the bridge down, we won’t need to enter the Umbral to cross this time. 

Next, we’ll follow the torches into a cave. There is a gate barring our path, but it can be crossed with the Umbral Lantern. There are quite a few enemies along this path, and you can fight them, or just run past. 

There is another gate up ahead that can only be crossed with the Umbral Lantern, and we can leave the enemies behind once we cross it. 

We’re almost there now, and you can defeat these enemies here if you’d like, but I am going to just run straight to where the sword normally is. 

Avoid the first pickup here as it’s actually a trap and you’ll get eaten. 

Fitzroy’s Sword requires 17 Strength and 19 Agility to use proficiently. It inflicts 100 bleed status per hit and pairs nicely with a Shield for a more defensive style of play.

Bloody Glory

Bloody Glory is an excellent Grand Sword for Strength and Radiance builds in Lords of the Fallen. 

Lords of the Fallen Bloody Glory

To get it, we’ll first need to obtain the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, which can be purchased from Captain Stomund at Skyrest for 9500 Lords of the Fallen Vigor

With that in hand, travel to the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige. 

Once there, we will use the key to open the nearby door with the Bell hanging from it and then head on through. Stick to the right and be sure to jump over a specific section of wooden planks that will break when you step on them, or else you will fall into the pit. 

At this point, you can shift over to the Umbral to cross the gap more easily. And keep moving forward until exiting the cave. 

At that point, turn left and go across a spine bridge, then enter a new cave system to the left. The flowerbed here is a good place to set up a checkpoint and exit the Umbral. 

Moving on, climb up the ladder and proceed deeper into the cave system. Turn right at the stone statue but lookout for traps. Enemies will roll barrels down the stairs at you on your first visit here. 

At the end of this path, you will find a bloody soldier atop a tombstone, and this is where the Bloody Glory Sword is normally found. 

Bloody Glory is a Grand Sword that requires 20 Strength and 32 Radiance to use proficiently. It deals both Physical and Holy Damage, and inflicts 300 bleed status with every hit.


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