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Lords Of The Fallen: Where To Get Raw Mangler Axe, Angel Of The Void, Crimson Rector Sword & Shield?

Posted: Oct 20, 2023

Posted: Oct 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

In this guide, I continue to explore the weapons in Lords of the Fallen. Here, I mainly introduce where to find Raw Mangler Axe, Angel of the Void, Crimson Rector Sword & Crimson Rector Shield.

Raw Mangler Axe

The Raw Mangler Axe is the first solid weapon you can find in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen Raw Mangler Axe

To get it, start at the Redcopse Village Entrance Vestige, which is the second Vestige you will discover in the game.

From there, head into the village and either defeat or run past the enemies.

Take the next right near the large tree and dodge roll through a wooden cart, watching out for the elite foe in this new area.

Around the corner, there is a ladder you can climb up on.

Once on top, use the Umbral Lantern to uncover a bridge, which you can traverse to reach the rooftop of a nearby shack.

From there, you can drop down to a secluded area where a couple of enemies, as well as several pickups, can be found, one of which is the Raw Mangler Axe.

This axe requires an Inferno stat of 13 to use proficiently. If you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor, you can quickly upgrade it.

I’m not sure how good it really is. But if you are playing as a condemned for your starting class, then it’s a nice weapon to replace the bucket fist weapon with. It doesn’t do a whole lot more damage, but it can be used well with a shield for a more defensive playstyle.

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Angel Of The Void Armor Set

The Angel of the Void is a Medium armor set in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen Angel Of The Void

To get it, start at the Forsaken Fen Vestige.

From there, we will need to travel entirely through the Fen, using the torchlights to guide us.

Once we’ve made it to the village proper, we’ll need to shift to the Umbral, then make our way in.

Running past a bonfire, we will move along a wooden walkway before dropping down into a secluded area full of pods.

From there, move along the ground and find the chest containing the Angel of the Void armor set.

This medium weight armor set has high physical and wither resistance, and sports a skeletal visage.

Crimson Rector Sword & Shield

The Crimson Rector Sword and Crimson Rector Shield are a reliable combo in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Sword & Shield

To get them, you’ll first need to progress through the game until reaching the Sanctuary of Baptism Vestige.

From there, run out into the sun and dodge roll through some wooden barricades on your right.

Find the ladder and drop down to the lower wooden scaffolding area. This area will require some carefully timed platforming - and there are enemies waiting in ambush behind multiple corners and breakable barriers that will try to push you off the edge as you make your way through this section.

Most can be avoided if you just keep moving, but there is one near the end that is better off dealt with.

Near this final bend is the enemy we will need to take care of, rather than just run past.

Once that is done, proceed to the lift and take it up to a new area.

Continue forward until you cross over a bridge and reach a dead end.

At this point, pull out the Umbral Lantern to reveal a platform you can step out onto. Locate the solid ground below and put the lantern away once you are standing over it.

Then, use the lantern once more to cross two gaps.

Head to the blocked spiral staircase, then transition to The Umbral. This will reveal a ladder, which leads up to a secluded area with a fairly tough encounter.

The Crimson Rector Sword will be sitting on a corpse near the fountain.

Once you’ve grabbed it, you can backtrack a short distance and cross over a bridge that is only present in the Umbral.

Halfway across the bridge, soul flay the nearby corpse to get the Skyrest Bridge Key. Lookout though, as a reaper type enemy will appear and begin pursuing you.

On the other side of the bridge is a statue that can be used to shift out of The Umbral.

Once you are out of The Umbral, head up the spiral staircase. You’ll find another fountain and the Crimson Rector Shield on a nearby corpse.

There is also a gate that can be opened with the Skyrest Bridge Key, which leads back to Skyrest.

The Crimson Rector Sword requires 19 strength to use proficiently and has a moveset that was clearly inspired by the medium weight Claymore from Dark Souls.


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