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Lords Of The Fallen: Best Radiance Build For Endgame & New Game Plus - Weapons, Spells And More

Posted: Nov 16, 2023

In this guide, we’ll create S-Tier Radiance Build that’s absolutely devastating while still making the game a ton of fun. If you choose to make a small change to your play style and spells again, this is a great build for the endgame.

Currently, my level is around 150-165. But I would throw away all the stats on the screen. Then you can work towards that from the beginning of the game. Because of what we’ve done with this build and our setup, you’re going to be very tanky and be able to do a lot of damage.

Lords Of The Fallen: Best Radiance Build - Perfect Build For Endgame & New Game Plus


The armor you can wear will be Pieta’s Helm, which you can get early in the game. Then there’s Sovereign Protector Set which you can get mid-game. This will provide the weapon with a range of damage reduction and overall resistance.

The weapon we will be using is Judge Cleric’s Corrupted Sword. It has many advantages and can be extended to almost any field. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing more LotF Vigor in this weapon to improve its overall stats.

Apparently in Radiance’s starting specs you’ll be able to reach over 4K with heavy swing. Then assign whatever Strength, Agility or Infernal you want to increase its damage later.

Now for the secondary weapon, I chose Jeffrey’s Dagger over the shield, which gives us more damage potential since this build is tanky enough. It will help those heavy swings deal tremendous damage to spells.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Pieta's Armor Set?

Radiant Spells

Radiant Weapon is 100% necessary. With this, you will take on almost any enemy in the game with great ease. Because it allows for those simple staggers and also helps you increase the damage you cast. This is one of my absolute favorite Radiant Spells in the game.

It can also give you about 25% additional relief. But it means your mana will need to be constantly replenished. We will add this later in another Radiant Spells.

I want this build to have maximum health regeneration and be able to defeat the toughest enemies at around 40 HP per second. This means you’ll be able to take on almost all the toughest enemies and most bosses in the game with ease. Our next spell can begin as soon as you are seated within Sigil.

I use Piercing Light and it’s easy to use in almost all situations. It has a very wide range of applications and can cause a lot of damage. But for the mana cost of its use, it’s beneficial. It can also help us knock down enemy positions if we need to be within a certain range before reaching them.

Now our other Radiant Spell will be Orius’ Judgment. This is my favorite overall Radiant Spell in the game. It can hit a target up to 16 times before moving on to the next target. It’s absolutely perfect for this Radiance Build.

Now, another Radiant Spell that you might want to swap in or out at your own leisure is Lucent Beam. It will hit any single target like a tank, such as those tough bosses and Invigorating Aura. This will allow you to regain health and permanently stay on your character again. But be aware that it drains your mana, so you can turn it on to use all those spells when you need to.

Lords of the Fallen: Radiant Weapon Radiant Spell Location


Also, we need Exacter Scripture, which is the best Radiant Catalyst. Because it will scale all the way up to S at max level X and allow you to have 5 spell slots.

Now, for Rings, you can use an Orian Sorcerer’s Ring to get around 10% more holy damage. We will then use Manastone Ring to restore our mana. This just helps offset the cost a little since we have a lot of aura buffs. This will allow us to maintain our mana easily. If we exhaust it, we can still return it somehow.

For Pendants, I think Hallowed Triptych is absolutely amazing. This Pendant allows you to break enemy poses and you can smash bosses into pieces. Overall, once this is done, it’s one of the best items in the game.

Lords Of The Fallen: Hallowed Triptych Location

Umbral Eyes

But we’re still missing our Umbral Eyes. You can use Umbral Eye of Loash to make our heavy swing more feasible.

We will also equip Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard and Umbral Eye of Lydia the Numb Witch. Because if we get knocked down and go right into Umbral Lamp, especially in those tougher boss fights, this will get an extra 50% healing for this build. You will be able to fully restore your health in approximately 10 seconds. This is actually very useful for some of the toughest bosses in New Game Plus.

Lords Of The Fallen: Most Powerful Umbral Eye

Overall, this is a really fun build to play with. I found it to have almost all the features we need in the endgame. If you're playing Endgame and New Game Plus and want to rack up some serious damage, this well-rounded Radiance Build is perfect for perfecting your defenses and dealing insane damage.


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