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Lords Of The Fallen: The Best Way To Farm Large Deralium Shards!

Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Upgrading weapons to their maximum level in Lords of the Fallen is an expensive and time-consuming process, especially when collecting the upgrade materials needed to strengthen them.

Upgrade materials are items used to improve the level and attributes of different equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields. Includes important items such as Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp.

Lords Of The Fallen: Large Deralium Shards Farming Guide

Large Deralium Shards

Among them, Large Deralium Shards are important upgrade materials in Lords of the Fallen and are difficult to get. Large Deralium Shards upgrade Weapons, Armor, and Shields to +9.

Players looking to max out their first Lords of the Fallen weapon shouldn’t have too much trouble finding Large Deralium Shards. But this becomes more difficult when upgrading a second or even third weapon. This also means that Lords of the Fallen Vigor cost will be very high for players when upgrading multiple weapons.

Fortunately, players can farm Large Deralium Shards on their own. Players can get enough Shards if they know where to look.

Lords Of The Fallen: Insane Large Deralium Farm

How To Farm Large Deralium Shards?

Large Deralium Shards can be picked up in pairs from very specific locations in Axiom. Of course, these locations are often hidden. There’s enough there to max out the boss’ weapons, but they only spawn once per campaign.

Defeat Holy Bulwarks

To start farming Large Deralium Shards, players need to first find and defeat Holy Bulwarks. This is the same enemy type as the first boss that appears after the tutorial section.

Holy Bulwarks have a typical Crusader look, complete with Bucket-Style Helmets, Heavy Armor, and Two-Handed Maces. It generated two of them in Forsaken Fen.

They are located in the mountain pass region near Forsaken Fen waypoint. You can get here by climbing up the bone ladder in Umbral. The ladder can be found by teleporting to Forsaken Fen waypoint and crossing the flooded cave tunnel shortcut.

Continue following the road and you will eventually find Hallowed Sentinel patrols guarding the pass. They hid the first Holy Bulwark behind a destructible object near the bone ladder. The second site is further down the pass, guarding the winding dirt road leading to Congregator of Flesh’s chasm. Kill them and you’ll get 2 Large Deralium Shards.

To make this farming route run more smoothly, players can place a Vestige Seed on the opposite side of the path to the second Holy Bulwark. From Forsaken Fen waypoint, head to the pass normally, and after crossing Skyrest Bridge, go left instead of right. The flowerbed is located in a clearing overlooking the marsh. Plant a Vestige Seed here so it can serve as a fast travel point.

Lords of The Fallen Boss Fight: How to Beat Holy Bulwark Otto?

Manse Of The Hallowed Brothers

Another farming site is Manse of Hallowed Brothers. There are many flower beds here near where Holy Bulwark spawns. These locations include the flower bed near the kitchen and the hallway near the path to Abiding Defender boss arena.

At the end of Abiding Defenders, there will be a door that leads to a shortcut that opens back to the room where you entered Umbral, revealing a ladder. Then, defeat Avowed on the balcony. Climb the ladder at the end up and re-enter the building through the arch at the top. There are 2 Large Deralium Shards at the end of the wooden platform.

Lords of the Fallen: Manse of the Hallowed Brothers Walkthrough

Keep in mind that Large Deralium Shards have a low chance of dropping, so all you need to do is keep repeating this process. But luckily, players may also get the full Holy Bulwark armor set when farming Shards. Good luck!


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