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Last Epoch: Check Out The 4 Best Mage Builds Post Patch 1.0

Posted: Feb 28, 2024

We will dive into the world of Last Epoch. This time, I've got something exciting for you: my top 4 most recommended Mage builds, which are tailored to the 1.0 version of the game. If you’re interested in what they are, follow me and let’s learn more!

Last Epoch: Check Out The 4 Best Mage Builds Post Patch 1.0

Iron Man

For the first Mage build, I will start with the Iron Man build under the Runemaster. It earns its name from utilizing an invocation called Lightning Web, which essentially fires a lightning blast from your character's chest. It's a thrilling and visually striking choice. I always favor lightning as my preferred element in Last Epoch. Not only is it visually appealing, but it's consistently potent, especially for crit and crit multiplier builds. In this build, you'll employ Spark Charge and Lightning Blast, along with the invocation.

Similar to Hail Hydra, Iron Man offers impressive tankiness, thanks to significant ward generation, coupled with substantial damage output. So, if you prefer a playstyle reminiscent of minions and auto-targeting with fire, opt for Hail Hydra. However, if you share my affinity for lightning, then Iron Man is the ideal choice for you, promising substantial damage potential.

Hail Hydra

The second build, still with the Runemaster, Hydra Mage build, the Hail Hydra build under Runemaster. This build plays like a minion build despite lacking minion tags. You create Hydra boxes that unleash sentries shooting fire at enemies, rarely missing and auto-targeting with incredible strength.

Although it doesn't utilize the minion tag, it resembles a minion playstyle. With Fireball as a spammable skill, the build is surprisingly tanky due to constant triggering of Flame Ward and high Ward generation from ability spam. Not only does it boast tankiness, but it also deals significant DPS.

Moreover, it facilitates easy power leveling for friends and self-leveling, with minions that never miss, making it an exciting prospect for Warlock's Chthonic Fissure with similar targeting as Hydra Box for Runemaster, constituting a super strong build.

Last Epoch Runemaster

For newcomers to the action RPG genre or Last Epoch specifically, Sorcerer offers a straightforward and accessible learning curve, making it an excellent starting point. Despite Runemaster being considered the superior class, Sorcerer is capable of clearing all content with ease. Make sure you have sufficient number of Last Epoch Gold to boost your performance.


My Raiden Sorcerer build focuses primarily on lightning, as being Raiden implies a lightning-centric approach. Like Runemaster, this build showcases impressive tankiness and consistently high damage output, primarily centered around Lightning Blast. Additionally, your Lightning Blast ricochets back to you, enhancing both your damage and critical chance. This playstyle is thrilling and fast-paced, allowing you to unleash Chain Lightning upon your enemies with remarkable ease.


Continuing with the Sorcerer class, I present another Glacier build recommendation apart from Raiden. While Runemaster and Sorcerer offer options focused on fire and lightning respectively. For those who appreciate the icy elements, Sorcerer Glacier build fits the bill perfectly. As the name suggests, this build revolves around chilling and freezing enemies, then shattering them with glaciers.

You'll literally be pushing and striking foes with glaciers. In this setup, Lightning Blast is cleverly converted into a cold skill, ensuring a relentless onslaught of icy devastation. If you're fond of cold-based strategies, this build is a must-try.


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