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Last Epoch: 5 Best Acolyte Builds You Can’t Miss!

Posted: Feb 27, 2024

Acolyte in Last Epoch offers 3 masteries, including Lich, Warlock, and Necromancer. This class is designed for those who want to play the role of the darkest magic imaginable. Typically, with three completely different subclasses, there are multiple builds that can keep players invested hour after hour.

In this guide, we list five Acolyte builds you can try on your cycles journey at Last Epoch. Note that we’ve only briefly described here what the actual build does in the endgame, and some of the gear and abilities that put it together. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Last Epoch: 5 Best Acolyte Builds You Can’t Miss!

1. Volatile Zombie & Flame Wraith Necromancer

The combination of Volatile Zombie and Flame Wraiths makes for the ultimate dream team for your Necromancer. Here, you can have multiple Flame Wraiths and Volatile Zombies to instantly remove endgame bosses and enemy groups. Also, you’ll have decent guards through skill trees and unique skills.

Key abilities for this build include Summon Volatile Zombie and Wards for Vital Ward passive and Ravenous for more boss damage.

Summon Wraiths usually require Flame Wraith tree and Drain Life skill with Hecatomb tree to link the skill between you and your minions.

Aberrant Call of the Coven Unique Wand is a must-have for increasing the number of Wraiths in Last Epoch, while Logi’s Hunger Amulet also increases the level of Fire Minion skills. So, if you have enough Last Epoch Gold budget, these are the items you can’t miss.

2. Harvest Lich

Its peers often overshadow Lich Mastery in Last Epoch because of the unique requirements and setup required for each build. However, if done right, Harvest Lich can become one of the most powerful builds in the game. Because not only does it deal a ton of damage, but it’s also very tanky.

Some key aspects of this build include Death Seal skill with Devouring Release tree, and Marina’s Lost Soul Unique Profane Wand.

Reaper Form is necessary for any Lich build, so pair it with something like Reaper’s Curse tree to increase critical hit chance and Mistress of Decay tree.

Finally, Harvest skill requires Great Scythe tree to work in a large area along with Death Inside tree to increase the damage of each layer of poison. Life Eater can increase your survivability through health leech.

Last Epoch: Death Wave Soul Feast Lich Build Guide

3. Bleed Warlock

The latest Mastery of Acolyte class wreaked havoc in Last Epoch, especially Bleed Warlock build. It inherits Acolyte’s mastery of dark spells, making it one of the most powerful DoT damage dealers in the game.

Some key abilities include Chthonic Fissure and Chaotic Rupture tree. Some important gear include Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros for Necrotic Damage boost, as well as Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living.

Last Epoch: Bleed Warlock Gameplay

4. Flame Wraith Necro

Unique Necromancer builds in Last Epoch, include Flame Wraiths and an Abomination Golem. The trick here is to keep Golem at a safe distance as totem while using your Wraith to melt away bosses and groups of enemies.

Key skills and passives include Assemble Abomination with Imprisoned Horror tree, Summon Wraith with Flame Wraith, and Idols that increase damage when summoning Flame Wraiths.

Finally, Dread Shade skill is necessary for Spectral Distance tree, allowing your Flame Wraiths to gain benefits outside of Dread Shade radius.

The loop here consists of keeping your Golem still and applying a Dread Shade on it. Flame Wraiths now deal increased damage when used outside Golem Dread Shade radius.

Flame Wraith Necromancer Build for Last Epoch

5. Cryomancer Skeletal Mage

Cryomancer Skeletal Mage in Last Epoch contains a minion that can shred all enemies with Ice Penetration and critical strikes. You can also combine this with the power of Wards to further boost your defenses. However, the rest depends on your passive and active skill trees.

For damage, you can use the active skill Dread Shade, and its passive skill tree, Egoism, to guarantee critical hits. For Summon Skeletal Mages, you could prioritize getting Frost Lich and Archmage trees for increased damage.

Gameplay follows a cycle of granting different buffs to your Mage and waiting for it to clear out enemy mobs. However, keep yourself away from any attacks, as you will be vulnerable and vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Those are 5 Acolyte builds you should definitely try during Last Epoch. But the final decision depends on your abilities, experience, and preferences. So, to win, try to vary your builds based on metadata and your intentions.


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