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Diablo 4: Fastest Way To Level Up And Make Gold

Posted: Apr 19, 2023

If you are an old player of the Diablo series, then you should know that the arrival of Diablo 4 means that there’s probably a lot that you want to get done, especially if you’re planning on leveling more than one class. So, today, we’re going to be going over the best way currently that I’ve been able to find to level up and make gold quickly in Diablo 4.


With this method, not only are you going to be able to level up extremely quickly, easily one level per run. You’re also going to get a ton of equipment to either sell or use as upgrades. That means you’ll make a ton of Diablo 4 Gold and have it at your disposal. This is actually one of the best ways to get Legendaries currently that I’ve been able to find as well.

This method is going to involve one particular dungeon that is easily accessible. This is the Anica’s Claim dungeon. You’ll be able to access this area around level 15 and it actually involves this area that you get to free during an event. This is the Malnok area, which is a level 15 area to clear this event. You’re going to need to be level 15 or at least close to it. We’re trying to do it at level 13. It was a little too difficult at 14. We were able to clear it and at level 15, you’re definitely going to have no problem clearing the Malnok event to be able to unlock this dungeon.

Fastest Way To Level and Make Money In Diablo 4

How To Get To Anica’s Claim?

If you start off in the starting city in Kyovashad. We want to go all the way up to this particular area, which is called the Bear Tribe Refuge. No matter which way you want to go, your ultimate goal is to pick up this Waypoint. And then, from the Bear Tribe Refuge, we’re going to go south out of the road shown on the map and we’re going to follow this road down and we’re going to this specific dungeon called Anica’s Claim.

Once you get into the dungeon, it’s a really simple loop that we’re going to be doing and we don’t actually have to finish the entire dungeon, which means we don’t have to fight the final boss because we don’t get a lot of XP for that and it doesn’t even drop anything at all. So, it’s not really worth doing.

How To Run Anica’s Claim Dungeon?

Now, essentially, what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be doing a really simple circle and we’re going to be fighting the Animus Carriers in it. The Animus Carriers are pretty common in this dungeon, and they give you a ton of experience and they also drop a lot of really good loot. They can drop blue items, gold items and legendary items. And if you get really lucky, especially at level 25, they’re going to be dropping lots of Legendaries, which means you’re going to be able to upgrade your character while leveling. It’s really good. It’s honestly one of the best places I found to farm up any kind of loot in the game so far.

But the problem with this is you can run it in about five to six minutes as you’re leveling if you’re on a Necromancer or a Sorcerer. But if you are playing a Barbarian or a Druid, it’s a lot more difficult. So, I highly recommend playing with other people if you’re a Barbarian or a Druid. But these classes are just not balanced at all right now.

Sorcerer and Necromancer are significantly more powerful. So, if you have a friend or you’re already in that class, you’re going to be able to run through this really quickly. Even if you do play with other people, you’re going to get more XP that way anyway, so I definitely recommend you doing like this.

Diablo 4 Anica's Claim

But this loop is really simple and if you tend to go to the left side of this dungeon, there’s a high chance of you finding Pylons along that way. I think it’s just RNG. You can find them on the left or right side. But if you find a Pylon, it’s going to very much speed up your clear rate for this particular dungeon, and it seems like if we kind of favor the left side, there're more Pylons on that side.

We came in this at level 18 and we’re going to finish probably close to halfway through level 19. There are a couple danger zones that you’ll run into here where you’ll run into save like four or five Elites all at once, which is where running as a Barbarian or a Druid comes in particularly difficult at lower levels while you’re leveling up. But as long as you’re paying attention, it should be perfectly fine. Definitely running this with other people, you’re going to get more XP and you’re going to run through it a lot quicker.

But obviously, not everybody’s going to be playing with other people. Make sure to do all of these chests as well because it stands a chance to spawn an extra Elite, which is going to give you more loot and more XP, so definitely make sure to do that as much as possible.

Otherwise, we just need to run through this loop, killing all the Animus Carriers. We want to make sure to kill them completely. Don’t just stop once you have enough because there are more Elites in here than there are actually Animists that you need to open up the second area. So, make sure you fully clear the entire loop to be able to get the most amount of XP.

Diablo 4 Animus Carriers

Now that being said, if you’re just doing this for XP and not loot as well, then you just want to do the first area. If you want both good XP and loot, then I recommend doing the first and second area. There’s no reason to defeat the boss. They don’t drop anything good and you don’t really get any XP for it. But the second area has a chance to spawn the Butcher as well as a plenty of Elites and things to drop even more loot.

But I don’t know if it’s necessarily worth doing it for XP if you’re doing it only for XP. But quite frankly, if you’re doing this, you should be doing it not only for XP but also for all the loot that you can get along the way.

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My Harvest

On average, we’re getting about a level to a level and a half in five to seven minutes as well as 25,000 Diablo 4 Gold. Plus, each run depending on how many Elites you run into, especially if you get lucky with the events that can happen from Shrines and from popping chests and spawning Elites. From that, you can get a lot of loot and a lot of Legendaries doing this.

For the most part, just run through the second area if you’re trying to get more XP and loot and you’re going to do something very specific at the end of the dungeon to help speed up your progress. Like I said, don’t bother killing the final boss. It’s not worth it.

Once you kill all the Elites in the second area, open up your menu and then hold the button to reset the dungeon, which will actually kick you out of the dungeon and reset it so that way you can run it again. You’re going to enter a loading screen and then, from this loading screen, we can do two things.

If your inventory is full, then what you’re going to want to do is just run south to one of the vendors and you’re going to want to sell all the equipment that you got during your run. On average, you’ll get about a half an inventory of a full inventory’s worth of loot. It seems the higher level you are, the more loot seems to drop from these dungeons. You’re still getting a decent amount of money and a lot of XP from doing this. Once you sell all of your gear, just run it again. Get all of your levels, make all the money and make an OP character.

If you think the dungeon method is too time-consuming, you can also directly buy Diablo 4 Gold a lot here. In this way, you can kill the monsters and bosses you encounter more easily, because you can use these gold to buy a lot of good equipment and armors.


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