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Honkai Star Rail: Ranking Of Quantum Characters - Qingque, Fu Xuan, Silver Wolf And Seele

Posted: Jun 21, 2023

When Honkai Star Rail was first released, many players felt that there were no Quantum Characters to choose from, but now you will find that Quantum Characters that exist are very powerful.


As one of the elements in Honkai Star Rail, Quantum appears in limited quantities, and it is popular for having one of the most convenient Weakness Break types. This effect can delay the enemy's actions, allowing you to gain priority in combat and gain an advantage. However, you need to be aware that comparing Quantum Characters with each other is also quite challenging. If the character you choose has unique abilities, then your character will have an advantage.

Honkai Star Rail quantum characters ranked

Next, we will introduce the ranking of Quantum Characters in Honkai Star Rail:

4. Qingque

Qingque is the only 4-star Quantum Character you can get after completing Stage 3 of Forgotten Hall. Qingque is an Erudition character, it has both AoE damage-dealing abilities and single target, whether its damage can be enhanced depends on the player's luck.

Honkai Star Rail Qingque

Qingque's playstyle includes drawing and matching 4-tiles, which also increases its damage of her Basic ATK, Qingque's damage potential is also very high. But if the player's luck is not good enough, Qingque's own uniqueness will also affect her DPS output.

3. Fu Xuan

Before the release of the Honkai Star Rail game, Devs had already introduced Fu Xuan, but there is not much introduction and understanding of Fu Xuan at present. In addition to Fu Xuan being a Quantum Character, it also needs to follow Preservation path, which means its role is primarily focused on a defensive playstyle. But it also has the potential to be a five-star character.

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan

2. Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf appears in Honkai Star Rail as Nihility, whose purpose is to debuff enemies. During combat, it applies DEF-reducing debuffs and All Type Res debuffs on enemies, and what makes it unique is that it can implant the opponent's weaknesses. So if you have a Silver Wolf in your team, you have an advantage in your lineup, and if you want to get it, you can also look it up on Honkai Star Rail Accounts.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf

But you need to be aware that due to the current state of the game and the uniqueness of Silver Wolf's own character, it may not have reached its full potential now, which may be realized in the future. The beauty of Silver Wolf is that it can achieve a mono-team no matter what the opponent's weakness type is. Another point that attracts many players is that Silver Wolf DEF-reducing debuff is only a little higher than the four-star character Pela. Of course, this is not the unique ability of Silver Wolf.

1. Seele

In the current Honkai Star Rail game, Seele is very eye-catching, because it is widely regarded as the most powerful single enemy damage character. Its team is very adaptable and can be easily integrated because of its variety of roles. The advantage of Seele is its high stat values, but also its speed and her Ultimate.

Honkai star rail seele

Seele will also continue to push forward after defeating an enemy, which helps it to launch multiple attacks, which can be very effective in a Boss Battle, which is also a unique feature of Seele.

If you are interested in Quantum Characters of Honkai Star Rail, I hope the above content is helpful to you.


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