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Honkai Star Rail: How To Build The Best Yanqing? - Skills, Builds, Light Cones, Eidolons & Teams

Posted: Jun 24, 2023

Today I would like to introduce Jing Yuan’s little icey prodigy, Yanqing. He’s a very strong single-target damage dealer, and if he hits those small freeze chances, he gets some massive survivability.

He’s pretty easy to build, as long as you get him right, as he packs himself some powerful crit buffs. He may need Gepard to reach his full potential, but he can do well without him. The perfect cooperation of Gepard and Yanqing can often make your Honkai Star Rail Account to a higher level.

Honkai Star Rail: The Optimal Yanqing Guide

Basic Attack

Let’s get down to his abilities, which have some unique buffs and interactions you’ll want to know about. His basic attack is Frost Thorn, which deals with a standard amount of ice damage to a single enemy. This will inflict 30 Toughness damage, restore 20 energy to Yanqing, and restore 1 skill point to his team.


His ability is Darting Ironthorn, which is how he gets Soulsteel Sync buff via Talent. Deal a lot of ice damage to a single enemy, and activate Soulsteel Sync for 1 round.

Since you’ll be abusing your skills, this will be permanent until you get hit. This will cause 60 Toughness damage, restore 30 energy to Yanqing, and consume a skill point.


His Ultimate is Amidst the Raining Bliss, which costs 140 energy. When at full level, first increase the critical strike rate by 60%, and if Soulsteel Sync is turned on, then gain 50% critical strike damage buff, which lasts for one round.

Then it deals with very high ice damage to a single enemy. So combined with his Talent, you get 80% crit chance and 80% crit damage buff, Ultimate will do 90 Toughness damage and return 5 energy.

Honkai Star Rail: Yanqing Skills


Finally, his Technique is The One True Sword. This is a buff Technique, so you can stack it with other Techniques. After using this skill to enter the battle, Yanqing’s damage to enemies with more than half of HP will increase by 30%, lasting for 2 rounds.


Let’s look at his Traces. Icing on the Kick is his first improved passive skill. When attacking, it will cause extra ice damage equal to 30% of attack power to all enemies with ice weakness. Excellent bonus damage, since you’ll keep taking him to cold, weak enemies.

His second boosted passive skill is Frost Favors the Brave. While Soulsteel Sync is active, it will increase his effect resistance by 20%. This does very little unless stacked with other external effect resistance bonuses. Because enemies have a 100% base chance to debuff, and they have a natural 32% effect hit rate.

His last boosted passive skill is Gentle Blade. When a critical strike is triggered, it increased his speed by 10% for 2 rounds. This is an excellent passive and means he will have a base speed of 119.9.

Eidolons Full Review

Svelte Saber is his E1. When he attacks frozen enemies, he will deal additional freezing damage equal to 60% of attack power. It may be accidental. He has some chance to freeze, but the chances are so low that the only way it works is by destroying Toughness.

His E2 is Supine Serenade. While his Soulsteel Sync is active, he gains an additional 10% energy regeneration. Of the 4 skills, he now only needs to hit 1 follow-up attack to get his ultimate, instead of the normal 2.

Honkai Star Rail: Yanqing Eidolons

E3 is Sword Savant, which will improve his Basic Attack and skills, giving him an additional crit chance and crit damage.

E4 is Searing Sting. When he reaches 80% health or higher, he gains 12% ice resistance penetration. Great to have in your own gear, but takes a while to get there.

E5 boosts his Ultimate and Talent by 2, giving him an extra 1 crit chance and 7 crit damage, 2% more follow-up chance and more follow-up and freeze damage.

E6 is Swift Swoop. If Soulsteel Sync or Ultimate buffs are active when an enemy is defeated, 1 turn extends the duration of these buffs. Strong in theory, but weak in practice unless you’re using summons against enemies.

Best Relics

So what are his Best Relics? Theoretically, it is 4 piece ice set, but the gap is tiny. So, in the ancient game, I’d rather recommend that you prioritize Musketeer of Wild Wheat, then later in the game, you can transition to 2-piece combos.

Honkai Star Rail: Yanqing Best Relics

For your Planar Ornaments, you can choose what you like: Space Sealing Station and Inert Salsotto. I would recommend Space Sealing Station as it’s considered the best, and he doesn’t self boost his attack percentage in his gear. This also works great for farming.

Best Light Cones

The best Light Cones in Yanqing are In the Night, Swordplay and Sleep Like the Dead.

Sleep Like the Dead is so magical to him because of the way it works. He has a 4-hit skill, each doing 25% of the total damage. If he doesn’t crit on his first spell hit, he gets a crit chance buff for 75% of his spell damage. And the buff of Sleep Like the Dead will continue to the next round, so he will increase his crit rate by 36%.

Honkai Star Rail: Yanqing Best Light Cones

Swordplay is also great for him for the same reason. The first skill won’t be fully buffed, but the second skill will get 3 hits of Swordplay’s max buff. Still, Cruising in the Stellar Sea is an excellent option for him, and it’s completely free.

Strong Team Compositions

For his team, you’d want Gepard, Tingyun, Yanqing and Flex. Nimblers can be healers or secondary DPS or other supporters.

Honkai Star Rail: Yanqing Best Team Guide

For Mono Ice, you can choose from Gepard, Pela, Yanqing, and Silver Wolf. This is also a powerful team, especially Pela. If used correctly, March 7th can replace Gepard to some extent. Anyway, that’s all about Yanqing, hope this guide helps you get to know him better.


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