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Honkai Star Rail: How To Win Easily In Simulated Universe?

Posted: Jun 06, 2023

Are you still struggling with a Simulated Universe? Here I’ll give you some of my best tips for beating Simulated Universe with ease. So the tough challenges are over and now is your time to shine. Of course, you still need to bring the correct character.


Every team usually needs support. So I highly recommend you bring Fire MC and Natasha. These two characters can take you into each world of this Simulated Universe.

As for the other two characters, you want to choose DPS characters and elements suitable for dealing with the enemies you will face. For example, World 3 the weakness is Lightning and Physical. So I recommend Serval and Sushang.

The weak points of World 4 are Lightning, Fire and Wind. So I recommend Serval and Asta or Dan Heng. The weakness of World 5’s Mother Kafka is Physical. So I would recommend Sushang and Dan Heng. And World 6 Cocolia is weak against Lightning and Quantum. So I recommend Serval and Asta.

Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe Guide

Except for Sushang I mentioned, most players should have. If you can’t deal with its weakness, don’t overemphasize it. Wonderful Natasha’s Physical attack is excellent. So if you want to cover the mob enemy’s weaknesses in front of the boss, she should be able to help a little now.

Don’t worry, you can also download other characters and switch between them anytime, anywhere. Of course, if you have a 5-Star character, it’s easier to challenge it. The next thing you want to do is choose the right path.


I recommend three Hunt Paths. They are great for offense and DPS. We can use it in all worlds except World 5.

The next Path I recommend is Preservation. This can greatly increase the user’s survivability and have some DPS. It will provide big and thick Shields and you will be invincible. Especially if you use a character like March 7th.

Last but not least, Abundance Path is also great for survival. It will offer the best healing known to man, especially in World 5, because you can gain the ability to clear debuffs with it. And Kafka likes to dominate you, so Cleanse is very important. 

Honkai Star Rail: How To Win Easily In Simulated Universe?

Stack Blessings

You want to stack as many Blessings as possible for whatever Paths you choose, and doing so will of course provide more buffs to your pass. But the important thing is to get more Bessings for the Resonance, and use this to level up quickly.

This way you can become very powerful. If you don’t get enough Bessings for Resonance and at least one upgrade, you’re stuck. So, to avoid this after you clear every room, you need to go to combat Domains. This way we guarantee you to get Blessings after defeating enemies.

Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe Starter Guide


Why I say this, is because our current Domains can be tricky and very random, and some Domains won’t touch them.

So I recommend going through this encounter before you get to it, and don’t be afraid to re-roll your Blessings. If you end up with Blessings that don’t fit your path, just spend 30 Fragments and re-roll them.


Fortune Glue refills maximum energy and increases damage by 40%. Because it guarantees you a 3-Star Blessing after a battle win. Dimension Reduction Dice is also nice, allowing you to choose an additional Blessing.

But its side effect is that the number of Blessings that can be used at a time is reduced to two. It might sound bad, but this Curio has helped me get more Blessings that I need multiple times. Finally, keep an eye out for Wax Curios, these can help you get more Blessings for your Path. If they don’t fit your Path, then congratulations, you’ve hit the dead end.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Tips For Simulated Universe


Hope this content is useful for you to challenge Simulated Universe. So don’t be afraid, try again and see. If you haven’t challenged yet, I suggest you get a new Honkai Star Rail Account, maybe you can have a different gaming experience.


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