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Honkai Star Rail: What Effect Does Effect Hit Rate Have On Silver Wolf?

Posted: Jun 05, 2023

Today we talk about Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail. Her Skills, Ultimate, Talent and the first major Trace all have a base chance to apply different debuffs. But what are the base chances and how much do hits matter to her?

We need to make sure her debuffs actually land most of the time to answer that question. You must first know how debuffs work in this game. They cannot inflict debuffs on enemies through skill effects.

Successful Landing of your debuff doesn’t just depend on chance dictated by the skill. Such as Sampo’s Technique, even with 100 base chances. It doesn’t guarantee your debuff Landing, since enemies also have effect resistance multipliers. Let’s dissect the formula for debuff Landing probability.

Debuff Probability Break Down

Each debuff normally has a 150% base chance of breaking an enemy’s skill debuff. Then there’s Effect Hit Rate from scratch. You can get more Effect Hit Rate from Relic, Light Cone, Skills and other sources.

For example, Pela’s Major Trace can increase the team’s effective hit rate by 10%. Also, her Trace provides an additional 10% boost to herself. For the upcoming Light Cone, you can also use it as the main stat for Relic peace, up to 43.2%.

Honkai Star Rail: What Effect Does Effect Hit Rate Have On Silver Wolf?

Next, let’s look at effect resistance. Normal mobs usually have anywhere from zero to 10% base effect resistance. Elites and Bosses can deal with 20% to 30% resistance when enemies level up above 50.

They gain an additional 0.5% Effect Resistance rate per level, with enemies level 90 ahead having 50% Effect Resistance at the end of Memory of Chaos. Some effects such as Blessings from Simulated Universe or Silver Wolf Eidolons can directly reduce the enemy’s Effect Resistance.

Finally, there is a resistance for special effects, usually marked with resistance tags on enemies, which are only applied if the debuff type is currently aligned. But it has no way to reduce special drag outside of Simulated Universe.

How Much Effect Hit Rate Does Silver Wolf Need?

Look at Silver Wolf again. Her Trace has 18 Effect Hit Rates. The 4-Star Light Cone before the tutorial mission is available from an upcoming event. It provides another 40% Effect Hit Rate at S5. Combined with the 58% Effect Hit Rate, this is easily a level 90 boss fight.

But honestly, that doesn’t guarantee that your debuff will land successfully. You still need an additional 43% Effect Hit Rate in addition to combining it with the 58% Effect Hit Rate you get for free.

Honkai Star Rail: How Much Effect Hit Rate Does Silver Wolf Need?

Now this isn’t hard to achieve since the body part can override it with its main stats and she is relatively easy to build. If you use her signature Light Cone, you now need to get another 16% Effect Hit Rate from Relic to guarantee 100 landing chances.

Comprehensive Effect Hit Rate is required. The easiest way to build her is to build her as standard support. Effect Hit Rate as the main stat for the body, this will ensure a reasonable chance of debuffing end game content like Memory of Chaos.

Now you can focus on crits instead of affecting her Relic’s Hit Rate. That’s all for this time. Hopefully, you understand how Effect Hit Rate works and have a rough idea of how much Effect Hit Rate Silver Wolf needs. Of course, I still recommend that you get a Honkai Star Rail Account to experience it yourself, which will help you better understand how this mechanism works.


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