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Honkai Star Rail: Everything You Should Know About Silver Wolf - Skills, Talent, Ultimates & More

Posted: Jun 07, 2023

We’re going to be talking about my favorite Stellaron Hunter, Silver Wolf. Since Silver Wolf is a new character in Honkai Star Rail 1.1 update, I want to introduce this character in detail before you pull her.

Silver Wolf Kit Breakdown

Silver Wolf is a content type character following the path in the Hillary and she has a special ability to inflict weaknesses onto enemies.

When she unleashes her skill, there’s a chance to inflict a weakness on an enemy target. The weakness type will be the same as at least one of the allies in combat. Her ultimate can reduce defense of a single enemy target and deal damage to them. Whenever she attacks, she also has a chance to implement a random bug on a target enemy, which can reduce their attack defense or speed.

Honkai Star Rail: Everything You Should Know About Silver Wolf - Skills, Talent, Ultimates & More


Now, let’s get a little more in depth with her skill kit. To begin, let’s discuss her skill. She’s able to inflict a type of weakness on an enemy. And this enemy will now have a weakness typing of a member on your team, which is useful for being able to ignore the weaknesses the enemy may initially really have.

Along this, Silver Wolf will be able to reduce the enemy’s resistance to that element attack type for a few turns, which is always useful. Silver Wolf can only implement one weakness at a time. And if you were to use her skill and a different element was inflicted, then it will replace the previous one.

Additionally, she has a high chance to reduce their all type resistance, which is also good. And as a result, her skill is able to inflict numerous debuffs onto the enemy and is very strong overall.

One final thing about her skill though is that there is a trace, which enables her to extend her weakness inflictation on the enemy, which can allow her to use her skill and then normal attack until it’s time to inflict the weakness typing again. This means she can actually be efficient with her skill points and can be used as a skill point battery if you will to get back skill points after using her skill.


Next, let’s go over her Talent, which enables her to inflict bugs on the enemy.

Each time Silver Wolf attacks, she’s able to inflict a bug on an enemy, which can be reducing speed, defense, or attack. And you will be able to have all three of these bugs alongside the other debuffs you inflict on the enemy at the same time since bugs do last numerous turns. Even if you’re normally attacking, you can still inflict bugs.

Silver Wolf has a trace, which can also extend bug duration similarly to the trace I mentioned, regarding her skill that extends the weakness application. It allows Silver Wolf to implement a bug whenever the enemy is weakness broken. 

Due to the wording of this not explicitly saying Silver Wolf herself has to weakness break, I’m going to assume that the bug can be inflicted no matter what ally weakness breaks the enemy, which can be very powerful with an AOE partner, like Jing Yuan, Himeko and possibly even Herta. Since if your weakness breaks all enemies, now she has the potential to inflict a bug onto every enemy on the field, which can assist with her single target kit she has. As now there is a way to inflict bugs in an AOE sense with the help of another character weakness breaking, overall though her bug mechanic is really strong. 

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf

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For her ultimate, she’ll be able to reduce the defense of an enemy and inflict damage on the enemy. Her ultimate has a high chance of doing this, which is very good.

Being able to reduce defenses is beneficial since if you use her for free or start light cones (which we do have confirmation from HoYoverse that it could be superimposed as well through the event you gain), then she’ll be able to get more effect hit rate, which I’ll get into a bit why affect hit rate matters. But she also gains back energy each time she attacks an enemy that has reduced defenses, which she can inflict defense reduction through her ultimate and her bugs. 

So, she’s able to regenerate energy at a consistent rate, which allows her to use her ultimate more frequently and keep the defense reduction consistent overall.


Lastly, let’s go over her technique. She’s able to deal Quantum damage to all enemies and reduce their toughness meters regardless of what weakness the enemy is weak to. 

Enemies with their weakness broken this way will trigger the Quantum weakness break effect, which is entanglement. Her technique is a strong way to get a head start on any enemy you fight in the game.

Important Things To Consider About Silver Wolf

Now that we’ve gone over Silver Wolf’s kit and basics, let’s go over some key recommendations and factors for her build and play style.

When you build Silver Wolf, you should achieve a few things. To begin with effect hit rate, this is crucial for Silver Wolf and one of the most important things to build. Majority, if not all of her kit, is essentially a base chance, which goes against the enemy’s resistances. Getting effect hit rate is able to increase your overall chance to inflict debuffs onto enemies consist instantly.

Let’s use Gepard as an example. He has a 65% base chance to freeze through his skill and now against an enemy boss, which usually has about 50% resistance. This is his overall chance to actually land the freeze without any effect hit rate investment.

Honkai Star Rail Stats For Gepard

Now if we were to build effect hit rate, his chance to hit the freeze greatly increased from before. If you’re wondering where to look at the picture, I would recommend you look where it says overall chance since that is your overall chance you’ll actually be able to inflict the debuff onto the enemy. And this demonstrates how crucial the effect hit rate is on characters who have base chances in their kit. As such, Silver Wolf will need a hefty amount of effect hit rate.


Now, let’s discuss speed.

The reason why speed is good for her is that if she’s able to go two times per some turn cycles, then she can regenerate skill points much faster for your team.

For instance, let’s say she goes twice in a cycle or turns one. She can use her skill, which you’d want her to act first in the turn order. So, allies can take advantage of her skill, which is the weakness type infliction on the enemy. And then, if she acts again in the turn cycle, then she can normally attack possibly inflict another bug, which now has the possibility of having two bugs on the enemy and only turn one and also regenerate a skill point. Because of that, I would recommend the 134 speed tier 4 Silver Wolf. 

Lastly, for some considerations for her build I recommend looking into the speed boots because of what I just told you guys the effect hit rate body piece. So, she’s consistent with debuffs and possibly an energy regeneration rope, such as an attack rope or even a break rope. 

Energy regeneration is pretty good for Silver Wolf. Because if you pair it with her 4-star light cone, she’s getting back for the ultimate pretty quickly, which is always nice. And break is good for her if you’re intending to break the enemy with Silver Wolf to cause entanglement and the potential of inflicting bugs while you’re at it.

As for the playstyle as previously mentioned, you’ll want to have her go first in the turn order in order to inflict the weakness onto enemies and possible bugs. So, your teammates benefit. And from their normal attack until it’s time to use her skill again, which can effectively make her a skill point battery to regenerate skill points for your teammates.

If you can’t wait to own Silver Wolf, it would be a good choice to directly purchase a Honkai Star Rail Account with this character.


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