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Honkai Star Rail: How To Create A Best Sampo Build? - Traces, Eidolons, Light Cones, Relics & Team

Posted: Jun 07, 2023

Here today I will introduce you to my Sampo Koski! I will review his Traces, Talent, Technique, Eidolons, Recommended Light Cones, Relics and Team Compositions. In this guide, he will reach level 60 and advance 4 levels.


Dazzling Blades is Sampo’s normal attack. It does Wind damage equal to the amount of his attack.

Ricochet Love is his Bounce AoE ability. It will hit your chosen target first, then bounce between random enemies. Same as his basic attack, he deals damage equal to the amount of his attack.

Honkai Star Rail: Sampo Build Guide

He can also do 4 additional damage. Over time, this can lead to wind damage. Plus, it has a nice damage effect, so you can easily drain the enemy’s Toughness Meter.

Surprise Present is Sampo’s Ultimate. During this time, he deals Wind damage equal to his attack amount to all enemies. It also has a base chance of 100% to increase the damage the enemy takes over time again, but for a maximum of 2 turns.

This Ultimate is so powerful that you increase the damage effect of each applicable type over time. This also includes weak point damage over time. The problem is currently due to the limited number of characters. Not that many people take advantage of his Ultimate debuff.

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Windtorn Dagger is his Talent. His attacks inflict Wind Shear Effect for up to 3 turns, with a 65% base chance to apply Wind Shear Effect again. Those affected by Wind Shear Effect take Wind damage over time.

You can stack Wind Shear up to 5 times. It applies to all attacks, including his multi-attack animation. His basic attack hits 3 times, which means 3 chances to apply Wind Shear.

Shining Bright is his Technique. When used, it blinded enemies within a certain radius of the area for 10 seconds. Those who are blind cannot spot your team when starting a fight. Has a 100% flat chance to delay all enemies’ actions by 25%. This very good Technique is mainly used in its second part and is very beneficial for delaying enemy actions in combat.

For skill prioritization, I recommend Ultimate, Skill, Talent, and finally Basic Attack.

Honkai Star Rail: Sampo Traces


Like many other 4-Stars characters in the past. Sampo’s Eidolons are also excellent and will further enhance his kit. I won’t mention its E3 and E5 here, as these will only increase his skill level to a certain extent.

E1: Rising Love. After using his skill, it deals 1 extra damage to a random enemy. You can do more damage, but also potentially apply another layer of Wind Shear.

E2: Infectious Enthusiasm. When an enemy is defeated by Wind Shear, you have a 100% base chance to apply 1 Wind Shear to all enemies. This is based on his Talent, so it keeps the process for 3 or more turns.

E4: The Deeper the Love, the Stronger the Hate. When his abilities hit an enemy that currently has 5 or more Wind Shear stacks. They will now take 8% of the current Wind Shear damage instantly.

E6: Increased Spending. This now increases Wind Shear damage multiplier by 15%. It increases your overall Wind Shear damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Sampo Eidolons

Light Cones

Sampo belongs to Nihility Path. It currently only has one 5-Star Light Cone, In the Name of the World. This will increase his damage against debuffed enemies. As he uses his abilities, his Effect Hit Rate for that attack also increases.

He thanks also weakened enemies to his Wind Shear, so he deals with more damage. Effect Hit Rate is the chance a unit will inflict debuffs on enemies. So this adds to his Wind Shear app. Overall, this is arguably his best Light Cone.

For the 4-Star Light Cone, I would recommend: Good Night and Sleep Well. For each debuff an enemy has, the total damage he deals increases accordingly. Use this light cone at stack 1. This increases his damage by 36% overall. At stacks of 5, it rises to a staggering 72%.

Eyes of the Prey. This will increase his Effect Hit Rate and his damage over time.

Fermata increases his destructive effects, as well as his damage to those affected by Shock or Wind. It also works on his Wind Shear.

Honkai Star Rail: Sampo Best Light Cones


So, Sampo’s Relics are a little easier compared to other characters. I recommend a 2+2 combination. That would be: 2 Eagle of Twilight Line and 2 Musketeer of Wild Wheat. You’ll get a 10% Wind damage boost from Eagle and a 12% Attack boost from Musketeer. This 2+2 combo works really well with his entire kit.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Relics For Sampo

Brief Team Composition Explanation

So the thing about Sampo is like I mentioned before. Very few characters currently use his damage over time debuff. So it’s a bit difficult for him to recommend a team composition until they release other units in the future.

What I’m going to do, though, is give character pairing suggestions. The characters I recommend pairing him with are Serval, Hook, Pela, Himeko. Of course, playing with who you want and how you want to play is the most important thing.

Honkai Star Rail: Sampo Best Team Compositions

Final Thoughts

Sampo is an absolute beast in my opinion because of his solid DoT damage. It is very easy to apply and very reliable. Especially in a Simulated Universe which is very good.

If you get a Sampo, should you upgrade him? It depends on how much you currently like the damage done over time. All in all, you might as well get a proper Honkai Star Rail Account to experience. Maybe his skills will surprise you.


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