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Honkai Star Rail 1.1: Which Character Is Worth Your Pull? - Silver Wolf VS Luocha

Posted: Jun 08, 2023

As Honkai Star Rail 1.1 has just been updated, it means that Silver Wolf and Luocha are the two characters who receive the most attention at this time. Therefore, I will introduce these two roles to you in detail. Let’s start by taking a look at the two new 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail 1.1.

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf first appeared on her Banner titled “Contract Zero”. She is a Quantum support character following Path of Nihility. She can inflict weaknesses on enemies, making for an amazing addition to any team you put her on.

Honkai Star Rail: Which Character Is Worth Your Pull? - Silver Wolf VS Luocha

When she uses her abilities, she applies weaknesses to enemies she attacks. The type of weakness will match at least one other member of your team. Utilizing her ult reduces the defense of a single target in addition to dealing damage, and each attack implants a random “bug” in the enemy that reduces their attack, defense, or speed.

These abilities make Silver Wolf an amazing supporting character. Get 100% rest coverage on whatever team you put her on. This makes events like Memory of Chaos more manageable, as you’ll be able to smash shields quickly.

The character of Silver Wolf will also get better as time goes on. Especially when we start seeing more Quantum characters and can start running single Quantum teams to make sure enemies always have Quantum weaknesses.

Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Showcase


Luocha first appeared on his Banner titled “Laic Pursuit”. He is an Imaginary healer, following Path of Abundance.

His skills can restore a large amount of HP to a single ally. The healing amount is 40% of Luocha’s attack power plus 200 points, and a layer of passive skill, “Abyss Flower” is obtained. When an ally is below 50% health, the same healing will automatically trigger on them, happening every 2 turns.

His ult deals damage and dispels an enemy boon. Every time we dispel a buff, he will gain a stack of the passive skill “Abyss Flower”. When Luocha gains 2 stacks of Abyss Flower, he will consume the stacks to deploy an Abyss Flower on the field.

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When an ally attacks an enemy within range, the ally heals for 14% of Luocha’s attack power plus 70. This field lasts for 2 rounds. He can actively and passively heal your team, making him currently the only character in Honkai Star Rail with comparable healing skills to Bailu.

The passive healing he provides does not require skill points to activate. So he’s a perfect fit for our current active 5 stars, Seele and Jing Yuan, who are skill point negative characters. This means they require more skill points than they generate. Next, let’s focus on the 4-star characters on their Banner.

Honkai Star Rail: Luocha Gameplay Showcase

Silver Wolf 4 Stars

Silver Wolf banner features Dan Heng, Asta and Serval. Dan Heng and Serval can be great DPS units for free-to-play players. While Asta is an invaluable support, she rose to fame in the higher tiers of Memory of Chaos.

Luocha 4 Stars

Luocha Banner has Pela, Qingque and Yukong. Pela is another recurring character in Memory of Chaos, offering the ability to dispel enemy buffs. And Qingque is an excellent Quantum DPS, especially for those without Seele. And Yukong can buff the attack and crit of allies, making her have the same team buffer as Tingyun.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1: Banners

Who Should You Pull?

Having said that, the 4-star characters in Silver Wolf Banner can all be obtained for free through normal play. So instead of adding any new people to your team, you’ll get Eidolons for each character.

In contrast, 4 stars in Luocha Banner offer 2 characters you can only get in Warps, Pela and Yukong. Therefore, many players will only use Natasha as a non-primary character to enrich them.

And Luocha emerged as a very clear winner in Honkai Star Rail 1.1. He’s such a powerful healer that can make your time in Memory of Chaos even better. If you have the outfits of Natasha and Bailu, as a free player, you can consider pulling Silver Wolf first. But even so, Luocha is superior to them to heal.

Honkai Star Rail: Who Should You Pull?


The choice is to build your team around your personal favorite characters. I’m just here to give you a guideline and provide some insight into these banners. You can choose a new Honkai Star Rail Account to try out these two characters to give you a more concrete feeling. Good luck.


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