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Honkai Star Rail: How To Assemble The Best Team For Silver Wolf?

Posted: Jun 09, 2023

I’m happy to discuss something about Silver Wolf. I see brief talk about it, and many people still think Silver Wolf is an RNG dependent character. Because right now we can’t create a Mono-Element team.

But I don’t think this conclusion is 100℅ correct. We can use the tricks I will provide to minimize its RNG requirements.

Honkai Star Rail: The Best Team For Silver Wolf

Implanted Element

We know that Silver Wolf has a unique toolkit. This is all because of her ability to plant 1 weakness on enemies based on our party element. But the implanted elements are chosen randomly. So it often happens that the implanted elements are not the ones we want, unless we play Mono-Quantum team.

Because Quantum element currently does not provide a sustainable effect to the team, this has a very important impact on the endgame. So this might be a problem. Because usually we don’t want the elements implanted by Silver Wolf to be elements of our healers or shields.

So based on that idea, since people sometimes forget that enemies have two or three elemental weaknesses. And we do this by bringing a party that has elements of enemy weakness so we can eliminate those elements from the skill RNG.

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For example, in this scene we fight Cocolia who has Lightning and her weaknesses are Quantum and Fire. And our goal is to be Dan Heng as the main DPS and implant Wind. In this case, the probability of Wind being implanted is 100%.

Because Cocolia already has Quantum and Fire elements. So if you use Silver Wolf to support non-Quantum DPS, we have to make sure that at least the enemy has a Quantum weakness.

Because Physical and Lightning are the most common elemental and enemy weaknesses. So I chose Natasha and Bailu because I think if you have both of them, at least now it’s easier to build a team combination for Silver Wolf.

Honkai Star Rail: Element Guide

Quantum DPS

Speaking of team combos, IMO the characters that would benefit the most from Silver Wolf’s skills are Quantum DPS like Qingque and Seele. Because Silver Wolf’s skills can activate passive from Genius of Brilliant Stars Relic Set. Even if the enemy didn’t have a Quantum weakness before, you’ll always get ignores 20% DEF instead of ignores 10% DEF. This is a very rare stat that ignores DEF.

The good news is that until they release Fu Xuan, you can use Silver Wolf to control your Qingque and Seele. But if you have Bailu, it’s even more effective because now you can plant Quantum on almost any elite boss if you have Bailu and the right team comp.

You just need to switch between Natasha and Bailu according to the enemy’s weakness. I’ll give you another scenario of this team combo to make sure to plant more Quantum by bringing Natasha into your team.

Honkai Star Rail: The Rise of Quantum

Which Characters Are Suitable?

Also, a third slot can be filled with the same element as the enemy’s weak point. In this case, I can take Bronya or Yukong. Same as this case, if you have Bailu, you can choose Bailu, and Fire Trailblazer or Luocha can be the supporter. And you can take Asta, Tingyun or Yukong in the third position.

Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Team Options

Those are all my thoughts on Silver Wolf’s skills and potential Silver Wolf team. Of course these we will test again, hope this helps you. If you are interested in this, try a new Honkai Star Rail Account, which may give you a better understanding of Silver Wolf.


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