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Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide To Fire Trailblazer! - Traces, Eidolons, Light Cones & Relics

Posted: Jun 14, 2023

I’m here today to bring you my guide to the outstanding Fire Trailblazer. I will be reviewing their Traces, Talent, Eidolons, recommended Light Cones, Relics.


So usually I start a character with their normal attack, but Fire Trailblazer has a specific mechanic. So I will start with their Talent first.

Treasure of the Architects. This is their talent. After taking a hit, they receive a stack of Magma Will, stacking up to 8 times. When you have no fewer than 4, their basic attack becomes an enhanced attack that deals with damage to a single enemy. But so are the people near it.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Fire Trailblazer Guide

When using your basic attack, skill or ultimate, it gives all allies a shield which lasts up to 2 turns. Reaching Magma Will above tier 4 is easy to do. Even the shield is small because it doesn’t block that much damage. It’s still amazing because you’re able to consistently reapply every move.

Ice-Breaking Light. This is their normal attack. They deal some Fire damage to a single enemy, and also gain a stack of Magma Will.

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Ever-Burning Amber. This is their skill. It boosts the Fire Trailblazer’s damage quickly, and they also gain 1 stack of Magma Will. It has a 100% base chance to Taunt all enemies for 1 turn. Plus, it works for enemy lock-on actions as well. Thus, it allows your other characters to attack freely without any impact.

War-Flaming Lance. This is their ultimate. It deals fire damage to all enemies. Plus, your next normal attack is instantly empowered and doesn’t consume Magma Will.

For skill upgrade priorities, I recommend skills, talents, ultimates, and finally basic attacks. If you want to try, perhaps a new Honkai Star Rail Account is a good place to start.

Honkai Star Rail: Fire Trailblazer skill


So, for Fire Trailblazer Eidolons, they buffed up their gear across the board. I’m going to skip their E3 and E5 as they only give skill levels separately.

E1: Earth-Shaking Resonance. First, your basic attacks deal additional fire damage equal to 25% of their defense. On the other hand, their enhanced basic attacks deal additional fire damage equal to 50% of their defense.

E2: Time-Defying Tenacity. Just adding to their Talent’s shield application. It now blocks extra damage equal to 2% of their defense plus 27%. Especially when defensive size becomes more prominent in the mid to late game.

E4: Nation-Building Oath. Immediately after entering combat, they will have 4 tiers of Magma Will. This gives you immediate access to enhanced basic attacks.

E6: City-Forging Bulwarks. Use their enhanced basic attack or ultimate Fire Trailblazer. You will gain a 10% defense boost, stacking up to 3 times. Overall defense increased by 30%.

Honkai Star Rail: Fire Trailblazer Eidolons

Light Cones

Fire Trailblazer belongs to Preservation Path. There are tons of Light Cones to choose from here.

For 5-Star Light Cones, I recommend: Moment of Victory. This will increase their DEF and Effect Hit Rate. Combining their skills, Taunt becomes even more powerful. When they are attacked, it also increases their defense until the end of their turn.

For 4-Star Light Cones, I recommend Day One of My New Life. It increases their defense. Additionally, it increases the damage resistance of all party units when entering combat. This is their best slot 4 star cone.

And This Is Me! It will increase their defense. Their damage also increases defense when they use their ultimate. It can only apply once this effect per enemy target.

Honkai Star Rail: Fire Trailblazer Light Cones

We Are Wildfire. At the beginning of the battle, the damage dealt to all units of one’s own side is reduced, which lasts for 5 rounds. Meanwhile, allies will replenish HP, providing damage mitigation and healing.

Trend of the Universal Market. It increases their defense, but also increases their defense from being hit. They deal with some damage over time, up to 2 turns. Honestly, I really like this because it establishes a super cool style of play.


Because Fire Trailblazer is a very practical Tank unit. As of now, I only recommend 1 Relics set, and that is: Knight of Purity Palace. This will increase her defense by 15%. And it increases the maximum damage you can mitigate by 20% of the shield she creates.

Honkai Star Rail: Fire Trailblazer Build Best Light Cone & Relic

Final Thoughts

Fire Trailblazer has to be one of the best characters and the best free protagonist unit I’ve come across in any Gacha. They are easy to build and do not require much investment. They can literally help, support and lead your team through everything that is currently available on Honkai Star Rail.

On top of that, they have some of the best Eidolons in the game and will only enhance them further. Take my word for it. They won’t let you down.


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