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Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide To Arlan! - Builds & Skills & Teams

Posted: Jun 12, 2023

Today’s guide is about Self-Sacrifice Security Chief Arlan. We’ll discuss his true playstyle through his Stats, Skills, Eidolons, and his best Relics and Light Cones, and then through his Team Compositions.

Stats & Comparisons

Arlan is a 4-Star gacha unit and is a Lightning character who follows Path of Destruction. His Path of Destruction consists of flexible DPS units that are often tankier than standard DPS units and have some survivability.

At level 80, Arlan has a high base health of 1199 and a low base defense of 330. He has a base attack of 599 and a base speed of 102. His energy cost is 110.

As a Destruction unit, he has a Taunt Value of 125, which equates to a 26% chance to be hit on a standard team. This makes Arlan the player with the highest base health in the game. But his base defense is also the lowest in the game. It’s a balancing thing, since chief defense is better for him than HP.

Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide To Arlan

Basic Attack

Lightning Rush is his basic attack. It will deal the standard amount of Lightning damage to a single enemy. His basic attack will cause 30 Toughness damage, restore 20 energy for Arlan, and restore 1 skill point for the team.


His skill is Shackle Breaker. Arlan will consume 15% of his maximum health, dealing massive Lightning damage to a single enemy. If his health is below 15% of his max health, his health will drop to 1 without killing him.

What’s really cool is that Arlan consumes HP instead of skill points. At the cost of HP, he can do a lot of damage without sacrificing team skill points.

Honkai Star Rail: Arlan Skills


Frenzied Punishment is his Ultimate skill. This is an explosive type attack that deals with a large amount of Lightning damage to the selected target and considerable Lightning damage to adjacent enemies.

This ultimate deals with 60 Toughness damage to all targets it hits, costs 110 energy, and returns 5 energy when used.

For tracking priority, his skill is the one he uses spam for boosting, so it’s best to max it out first. Then his Talent and Ultimate becomes the next priority. As we’ll see, his Basic Attack can be useful, but doesn’t need to be boosted. Now let’s look at his Eidolons.

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Like many other 4-Star characters in the past. Arlan’s E3 and E5 are not mentioned here, because it will only improve Arlan’s skill level to a certain extent.

His Eidolon 1 is To the Bitter End. When his health is below 50% of his maximum health, skill damage increases by 10%. The skill multiplier is high, and when the blood volume is lower than 50%, it will always float in the air, and the starting effect is good.

His Eidolon 2 is Breaking Free. Using his Abilities or Ultimate removes 1 of his own debuffs.

Honkai Star Rail: Arlan Eidolons

If the enemy manages to put a DoT on Arlan, his abilities can be used to remove it, ensuring DoT never becomes a problem for him. The only problem is the crowd control effects, as they prevent you from using Ultimate.

His Eidolon 4 is Turn the Tables. When hit by a critical blow after entering combat, it will not knock Arlan down, but heals for 25% of his maximum health. When used, or 2 rounds after the start of the battle, it will cancel this effect.

Combined with his passive damage eliminator means your Talents in the second fight will be immediately at high value without any risk of dying. No need for upgrades means Arlan can deal a lot of damage early on.

His Eidolon 6 is Self-Sacrifice. When he drops below half health, it increased his Ultimate damage by 20%.

But the damage multiplier that the targeted enemy takes, which is 320%, will now also apply to adjacent enemies. And he can also give himself a massive self-damage buff.

Best Relics

For his best Relics, you’d probably go with Band of Sizzling Thunder. Its Lightning damage is powerful. It has a 20% attack buff that will be applied to its skills. And the attack buff can boost anything in between Base or Ultimate. For his Planar Ornaments set, you can choose Space Sealing Station or Inert Salsotto.

Honkai Star Rail: Arlan Best Relics

Best Light Cones

For Light Cones, don’t choose Healing Light Cones. They are decoys and have anti-synergy with his kit. ATK’s buff cone is powerful because his base DMG bonus is already high.

For 4-Star Light Cones, I would recommend A Secret Vow. It will give you an 80% DMG bonus for maxing out his potential. And The Moles Welcome You. This gives him a 72% attack damage buff, bringing his damage to 6791, almost surpassing his signature Light Cones.

With his Eidolons, ATK bonus becomes stronger due to more self DMG buffs. Therefore, On the Fall of an Aeon would be his best Light Cones. And it’s free 5-Star Light Cones.

If your The Moles Welcome You be one stack higher than A Secret Vow, it will be better than A Secret Vow. There are also 3-Star Light Cones, Mutual Demise. It’s a nice early game boost, and he can always trigger it and get 24% crit chance for free.

Honkai Star Rail: Arlan Best Light Cone

Team Compositions

Now let’s discuss his Team Compositions. Most people treat Arlan as a unit that provides skill points and then take him away because he needs someone else to protect or heal him.

But Arlan’s true playstyle is as a second DPS without a healer. So you need Gepard or Fire Trailblazer. Gepard does not require skill points, so the skill point statement is incorrect. Fire Trailblazer costs skill points, but it’s not only good for Arlan, it also helps a lot with the survivability of the complete team.

You can bring an Abundance, such as Bailu. In addition to Preservation, you’ll want to bring a primary DPS that likes skill points, such as Seele.

Finally, since there is no Abundance device, you can bring buffer or debuffer. This solo sustain combo means you can take some baffling damage. In the guide, debuffs like Silver Wolf and Pela will greatly benefit dual DPS setups. Because their damage boost depends on the enemy’s turn, not the ally’s, effectively boosting the entire team.

Honkai Star Rail: Arlan Team Compositions

Final Thoughts

This being Arlan, you always need a Preservation unit by his side. So hopefully my guide helps you understand how to build them. Of course, we recommend that you try to play a Honkai Star Rail Account yourself, which will allow you to get started faster. Good luck.


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