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Five Unlimited Gold Farming Locations In WotLK Classic - Level 71-85

Posted: Nov 21, 2022

Today, I would like to share with you five locations suitable for players from level 71 to 85 to farm gold by brushing monsters. Especially in the fifth place, the monsters refresh so fast that there is no time to pick up things. Those who do not have a full level can go there for leveling while brushing monsters. Players who have a full level can go there for farming gold and materials, which will benefit endlessly. Not much nonsense, let's start directly.

The first location is in Dragonblight, which is the northwest of Naxxramas. The number of monsters here is moderate, not so dense, nor so rare, so this place is more suitable for players of level 71 to 72 to farm gold by brushing monsters. When you finish fighting a bunch of monsters, a bunch of new monsters will be refreshed here. If you have reached level 71, but do not want to level up by doing tasks, this is also a place worth recommending.


The second position is suitable for players from level 72 to 77. The location is also Dragonblight, which is in the south of Naxxramas. Here is a basement, which is characterized by particularly dense monsters. If you come here alone, it's too late to brush monsters. Since the monsters here are dense and refresh quickly, you need to use a perpetual machine class like Druid that can brush monsters infinitely to help you.

The third location is on the west side of the Shadow Vault. This location is more suitable for players above level 77. There are a large number of Vrykuls here. And the characteristic of this place is that monsters have a high concentration of experience, and one of them has at least 1,000 experience. At the same time, the refresh time of each monster is also very fast. Generally speaking, if you are here alone to brush monsters, it will be too late. You can choose to come here to farm gold after level 80. This is not only very efficient, but also has a chance to pick up advanced equipment.

The fourth location in the Storm Peaks, which is a bleak mine. This location is more suitable for players above level 77. The characteristic here is that the monsters are neutral yellow monsters, so you don't need to worry about pulling too many monsters at once. They also have a fast refresh time. Here, you can fight as many monsters as you can according to your strength. If you come here to brush monsters at level 80, you will be even more pleasantly surprised.

The Shadow Vault and Icecrown

The fifth location is called the Icecrown. This location is suitable for players above level 77. Due to the large amount of mobs here, this place is a true infinite spawner. Although these mobs have low experience, they have very little HP. You can pull 30 to 50 monsters together to fight together. At the same time, the spawn time of monsters is also very fast, so fast that you don't have time to pick up the things they drop. Then let's take a look at the dropped gold, each of which is between 10 silver and 70 silver. Although the drop of a single gold is not very high, there are really a lot of them. It's very easy to brush monsters here. You don't have to worry about your own health and anything else.

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