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FFXIV: Square Enix Is Giving Away The Infamous Grape

Posted: Jul 05, 2023

Square Enix celebrates Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker expansion with a fan-favorite and collectible grape toy.


It's July now, as fans of Final Fantasy 14 are familiar with, the annual Las Vegas Fan Fest is coming. The ever-popular Endwalker grape was mentioned in Square Enix's Goody Bag rewards for attendees this year.


For fans, Endwalker's grape rumour, as hilarious as it is fruitful, and it was a huge hit. But those of you who've never played Final Fantasy 14 may not know what the hell the joke is. Still, this is Final Fantasy 14's internal Fan Festival, and the inclusion of this joke about grapes was to be expected.

FFXIV Festival

When the latest expansion for Final Fantasy 14 launches in December 2021, players are left wondering how MMO's current story saga will end, but have been waiting for answers. However, there have been some surprises in MMO's new content that have drawn a lot of unexpected attention from fans.

What Is The Joke?

Among the new content, Square Enix added a vineyard to Endwalker that players can visit in-game as part of the expansion's story. Originally this part was very novel, but the grapes in the vineyard looked like the grapes in Nintendo 64 game, which also caused a lot of debate. As a result, the grape ended up being a laughingstock for the community and Final Fantasy 14 development team.

FFXIV Grapes

Squishable Endwalker Grapes

While Endwalker's infamous grapes have been renewed and now look quite plump and flavorful, quite different from what they used to be, the memory of the lumpy grapes lives on. Square Enix then showed all attendees of Las Vegas Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival a Goody Bag with a special collection of grapes inside. Square Enix calls the item "Squishable Endwalker Grapes," which means it's either a small plush toy, a stress ball-like object, or an inflatable object. It's not huge, about the size of a fountain pen, but it's undeniably special.

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What's In Fan Festival Goody Bag?

I believe that many fans are as curious as I am about what is in this Goody Bag, and some fans ask if there is FFXIV Gil, let me tell you next. There are many interesting goodies in the Goody bag at the Fan Festival this year. Among them is a complete bag with multiple zippered compartments, embroidered Final Fantasy 14 logo and adjustable shoulder straps.

The bag contains:

  • Grapes
  • A Final Fantasy 14 10th Anniversary Pin
  • Loporrit Carrot Pen
  • Grebuloff Magnet
  • Azem Crystal Keychain

FFXIV Goody Bag

It's a treasure trove full of interesting items that Final Fantasy 14 fans will love.

The Goody Bag is just a part of Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival, taking place on July 28-29 in Las Vegas. Fan Festival will feature a cosplay contest, panels, special guests, and if fans are lucky, maybe the event will also feature an announcement about MMO's next expansion.

FFXIV Festival 2

Endwalker has proven to be a hugely popular expansion for Final Fantasy 14, but even with the powerful patch that followed, fans are still wondering what's next for MMO. Believe that Fan Festival held in Las Vegas in July will give everyone a glimpse of the next chapter of Final Fantasy 14. Everyone can boldly guess whether this infamous grape is still there.


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