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FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Challenge Triple Triad Open Tournament!

Posted: Jul 05, 2023

Do you like Triple Triad and want to know how to use it to make a lot of MGP quickly? Have you tried Open Tournament? If not, you are missing out on one of the fastest ways to earn MGP in Gold Saucer.

How To Take Part In Open Tournament?

Currently, Open Tournament is in Gold Saucer and takes place every 2 hours, like Ocean Fishing Boat, and lasts 30 minutes. You can talk to NPC here to find the schedule and find out when the next Open Tournament will be held.

Then, when the time comes, you’ll talk to him again and line up for Tournament. After a certain amount of time or when all seats are filled, it will automatically place you in Tournament. There are only 3 races each, so if you’re lucky and line up right away, you can play 4 races in the space of 30 minutes. This means your rewards will add up quickly.

FFXIV: How to Win Triple Triad Open Tournaments?


When you join a race, like Chocobo Racing, it tells you how many players are lining up. When you first enter, you must choose a set of cards from each row. It limited your choices to the cards shown.

This is where you need to pay attention to what you choose. If you can’t decide, there is a “Recommend” button. For example, you might choose pairs of cards that cover all 4 directions. That way, you won’t be stuck with every card that has less than 2 at the bottom.

Even if you make a mistake, you cannot switch cards between games. They will give you ample time to consider your options. When you decide, you will actually start the game. Here you will see who it matched you with in the first table. I’m not sure if this is a guaranteed thing.

But there is something you should know. If you played another character, you might become a Red Deck. This can get you into trouble, especially if you need to go first. So you need to check the names to make sure which side you’re on. That way you don’t make the same mistake I did and waste a lot of game time waiting for the other side to make a move.

FFXIV: Complete Beginner's Guide to Triple Triad


After the Tournament is over, they will count the points. Ranking is determined by the points you have. Second depends on how many cards you have captured or have captured. For example, at the end of three games, if the two sides have two wins and one loss, and the first place tied, the side with the most catches wins.

When you’ve played all 3 games, you’ll be awarded a rank with corresponding rewards, namely MGP, FFXIV Gil and Mystery Cards. Of course, the amount of MGP you receive will vary based on your rank. If you rank first, you can get 2500 MGP. If you can complete 4 Tournaments in 30 minutes, it means you can get 10k MGP fast!

Also, if your Mystery Cards don’t open, you can also sell them for extra MGP. So that’s a nice little bonus. Maybe that’s not the best reward in Triple Triad, and winning isn’t your goal. But that doesn’t mean taking part in Open Tournament is a waste of time.

FFXIV: How to Get MGP?

Why Is Triple Triad Open Tournament Worth Playing?

Lower ranked players can still earn some pretty good FFXIV MGP and card rewards. It rewards you with some MGP depending on your server, and how well you play with other players.

On average, you can get about 1700 MGP for a game, plus card rewards, more than 34k MGP. I know Fashion Report will give you 60k per week, but that’s in addition, not in replacement. You can take as many of these Open Tournaments as you want, as they always take place every 2 hours. We can only claim once Fashion Report a week.

If your goal is to get fancy clothes fast, or maybe to maximize your wins from “Make it Rain” event. Consider adding this to your daily to-do list. Picking one or two Open Tournaments to play during the day can quickly add thousands of MGP to your bank!


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