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FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Make It Rain Campaign 2023! - Quests & Tips

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Make It Rain Campaign 2023 recently returned for Final Fantasy 14 and runs until July 17. So here I will also share with you my detailed guide to Make It Rain Event.

Players can get rich rewards after completing Make It Rain Campaign quest line. Includes Manderville minion and in-game achievements during the event. If you want to take part in Gold Saucer Minigame, you need to pay an additional 50 Gold Saucer Points. But here’s your chance to grab some seasonal items from it.

For any new players, want to take part in the event. You must be at least level 15 and have completed Envoy quests in the main scenario, which are the first quests to unlock Airship Travel. Also, you’ll need to know how to get to Gold Saucer. If you haven’t started the quest yet, you must not miss this guide. Let’s get into the questline walkthrough as usual and I’ll wrap up the story.

FFXIV: Make It Rain Campaign 2023 Event Guide

Quest 1: A Golden Opportunity

You can get the first quest from Kipih Jakkya, a reporter from Raven, at Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza. Her assignment was to cover Gold Saucer celebrations. She recruits an assistant and asks you to meet her at Gold Saucer entrance.

Next you’ll meet Kipih Jakkya at Gold Saucer entrance Square and talk to attendant Alia. Alia will tell you more about the current festivities and invite you to a friendly match. If you win the contest, you’ll be able to have an exclusive interview with Godbert Manderville himself.

You’ll team up with Kipih Jakkya on a scavenger hunt. Your task is to find two Manderville minions in Gold Saucer. You can find the first minion at Manderville Lounge on the second floor of Wonder Square. The second minion you can find above the bench on the west side of Round Square. After finding both minions, you and Kipih Jakkya win the game. This also means you have completed your first mission.

FFXIV: Gold Saucer Unlock Quest

Quest 2: Hearts Of Gold

After talking to Alia again, you’ll start the second quest, Hearts of Gold. You will meet Godbert Manderville, who will give you a personalized Gold Saucer tour.

When you’ve played enough, Godbert Manderville will give you the chance to learn about the four main Gold Saucer Squares. After this tour, you will know that the main reason for opening Gold Saucer in Manderville is to provide a place for people to relax and relax. You can then complete this quest by talking to Alia. This will earn your Manderville minion and an in-game achievement.

Event Vendor & Tips

After completing all completion questlines. You’ll be able to talk to the campaign attendant at the entrance Square, who will sell Gold Saucer. You can also get some Mini Game Machines within the game.

Plus, you can get some discounts on seasonal items from past events and the regular items mentioned at the beginning. All Gold Saucer Minigames will require you to pay at least 50 additional Gold Saucer Points.

FFXIV: Manderville minion

Among them, I recommend you play Cuff-A-Cur at the entrance Square. It only takes a few minutes to play Gold Saucer Minigame once a day. You’ll earn a measly FFXIV Gil from even the worst-case scenarios, and you’ll always be ahead. And the secret to getting Gold Saucer to stop every day is to find it from the three major city-states.

Godbert Manderville Minion

Manderville minion is sure to be an item that many players will want to add to their collection. When it’s idle, it performs one of Manderville’s signature moves, and it’s a lot of fun.

That concludes my detailed guide for participating in Make It Rain Campaign 2023 and completing all tasks. Hope this guide can help you pass the level smoothly and get the best rewards. Start your Gold Saucer journey now.


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