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FFXIV: Why Do We Need To Use Explorer Mode? - Two Reasons

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Source:  IGGM

I wanted to take a few minutes today to review what I think is an important and underused feature in Duty Finder. Not only will it help you seriously improve your screenshot, but it will also help those new to tank learn how to navigate labyrinthine dungeons.

This important feature is “Explorer Mode” option. Here I will take you to understand this function and tell you why you should use Explorer Mode in FFXIV.

How To Access Explorer Mode?

If you want to access Explorer Mode, the first thing you need to do is go to your Duty Finder options and click this button there. Once you’ve done this, you can go back to this Duty Finder menu to see which dungeons currently have this feature.

FFXIV: Why Do We Need To Use Explorer Mode?

Why Use Explorer Mode?

As of now, this feature only works for dungeons and doesn’t do much for trials or raids. But entering dungeons in this Explorer Mode will give you two distinct benefits.

Explore The Entire Dungeons Safely

First, you can explore the entire world without worrying about monsters hurting you. You have plenty of time to inspect around and explore what interests you. You can even do this while riding to save even more time.

Also, Explorer Mode welcomes minions. I hate how often I get lost when using tanks. But now the secret is out. I can use this mode in some spare time to explore some of the trickier dungeon layouts. In this way, we can avoid accidental death in the official game as much as possible, and avoid unnecessary waste of FFXIV Gil.

We can also go and see some parts of the dungeon. Because many players cannot understand the complete picture of the dungeon due to various reasons when they enter the dungeon for the first time.

It might surprise you how many details are hidden in this Explorer Mode. So, you must not miss this guide, otherwise you will miss many details in a typical operation.

FFXIV: Duty Finder Setting

Easy To Take Screenshots

The second is that you can take some stunning screenshots through this Explorer Mode. You can also use it in the dungeon menu here to train dummies. You can try any attack you want. We can see what Limit Break does by clicking “Limit Break 1,” “2” or “3” button.

Also, when you enter a Group Pose, it defaults to showing the last move you performed, even limit breaks. It will make your minions disappear and control the timing until you get the perfect shot. It can capture backgrounds where few people have pictures. There are even action shots that defy all reason, including Warrior of Light, like you’ve never seen before.

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When you’re done, just click on that Duty Finder info here and away you go. You can run a dungeon with a pre-made party in Explorer Mode. But when you decide you want to actually start playing those Duty Roulettes, you’ve always wanted to play. Just remember to click it again.

That’s all I know about Explorer Mode in FFXIV, and the two reasons why we use Explorer Mode. Do you use this feature? If you do, I’d like to know which dungeon is your favorite to use in Explorer Mode. Anyway, hope this guide was helpful and see you in the game!


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