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FFXIV Patch 6.45: How To Upgrade Your Splendorous Tool To A Brilliant Tool?

Posted: Jul 22, 2023

This is a crafting guide going over the next step of the Splendorous Tool questline introduced in patch 6.45. At the conclusion of this stage, your Splendorous Tool will be upgraded to a Brilliant Tool.

The Brilliant Tools have two crystals that rotate around the tool. Whenever you move around, you can see the streaks of light left by the crystal.

Besides how they look, here are the stats that are included on the Brilliant Tools:

  • Item Level: 630
  • Craftsmanship: 1232
  • Control: 655
  • CP: 7

In this guide, you’ll find an overview of the upgrade process as well as the crafting macros that are used to craft the Connoisseur Collectibles. Once again, we have a splendid opportunity to put our crafters to work.

FFXIV Patch 6.45: How To Upgrade Your Splendorous Tool To A Brilliant Tool?

What You’ll Need/Unlocks/Overview

Let’s go over what we’ll need to get a Brilliant Tool:

  • Minimum Stat: 3700 Craftsmanship
  • HQ Jhinga Biryani
  • Craftsman Draught
  • Squadron Rationing Manual (Optional)
  • DoW Retainer to Farm Mats (Optional)

First are the minimum stats needed to craft the Connoisseur Collectibles, as well as your crafting essentials.

To unlock the next stage of the Splendorous Tool questline, we are headed to the Crystarium to speak with Grenoldt to pick up the quest “The Joy of Zoi”. The best part of these cutscenes is that they mentioned that the tools were selling like Coffee Biscuits.

If you were around in Shadowbringers, you get this reference. If you weren’t around, this area of the Crystarium was filled with crafters, making Gillians upon Gillians off of Coffee Biscuit love quests. It was really good times before leves got nerfed.

After the initial quest, the process of getting a Brilliant Tool is divided into two enhancement quests: A Tool of Her Own and A Tool without Compare.

For each respective quest, you’ll need to turn in a minimum of 30 Collectibles for the tool that you’re working on. The White Script crafting mats are sold by our buddy Quinnana. Be sure to prepare enough FFXIV Gil. The new materials are going to cost 60 White Crafting Scripts.

So, that’s really it for the overview. It’s gonna take 28,800 White Crafting Scripts to get all eight crafting tools.

Splendorous Tool - Brilliant Tool Crafting Macro - Difficulty 4620

Based on my stats, I was able to complete this step without using any high-quality materials. If you aren’t using a penta-melded set of gear, I do recommend using high quality crafting mats then modifying the macro to fit your stats.

Let’s go over the 4620 difficulty macro that we’ll use to get a Brilliant Tool. While I set up the buffs for the Progress phase, just to let you know this macro is 26 steps. Because I did not use any high-quality mats. So, the Progress phase is pretty much done here after the second Groundwork.

FFXIV Splendorous Tool

Now, to move on to the Quality phase, which is the majority of this macro. So, I’m going to start with an Innovation and then I’m going to use Preparatory Touch to take advantage of this last step of Waste Not.

I have three steps of Innovation left, so I’m going to use the one-two-three quality combo of Basic Touch, Standard Touch, and then Advanced Touch. That’s going to give me five stacks of Inner Quiet. So, I am halfway to 10.

My next step is going to be to re-up manipulation and then also re-up Innovation. And then now I am going to use Observe and then Focus Touch and then another Observe and then another Focus Touch.

When every time I use Observe, I gain back five durability so that combo there actually saved me some durability. I have seven stacks. Now I’m going to use Innovation again and then the one-two-three quality combo to get 10 stacks of Inner Quiet.

With 10 stacks and the last step of Innovation active, I’m going to use the job action Trained Finesse. And that’s going to take me to a point where I can set up my quality finisher.

So, let’s head over to the Efficiency Calculations window. So, you can see the value of my quality finisher. I’m going to use Innovation, Great Strides and then as you can see, that’s more than enough to reach max Collectibility.

After this Byregot’s Blessing, I’m going to be at max Collectibility. Now, for a Careful Synthesis and the craft is done.

Splendorous Tool - Brilliant Tool Crafting Macro - Difficulty 5280

For A Tool without Compare, I had to use two high quality crafting materials in order to reach max Collectibility every time.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to craft the collectibles for this step without at least one high-quality material. I used high-quality materials for the first two items in every 5280 difficulty recipe.

FFXIV materials of Connoisseur's Chandelier

Now, let’s go over the 5280 difficulty crafting macro for the Brilliant Tools. I already have Muscle Memory active. And since I used two high-quality mats, the collectible starts at 437 Collectibility. So, I’m going to use Manipulation, Veneration and a Waste Not II.

The Waste Not together with the Manipulation is going to help me conserve durability while I increase Progress. I have Muscle Memory active as well as Veneration and together they’re going to buff this next Groundwork.

So, I’m going to use groundwork here and then I’m going to use Groundwork one more time, then follow that up with a Careful Synthesis. After I use the Careful Synthesis, I say this with all my crafts. I am now one job action away from completing the craft.

Now, to increase quality starting with Innovation sense Manipulation and Waste Not II are active, these Preparatory Touches are only going to cost a five durability.

Next, use two more Preparatory Touches. These are going to cost 10 durability because Waste Not II was active there. My goal is to get 10 stacks of Inner Quiet, so I’m going to use Innovation and the Innovation is going to buff these next two Prudent Touches.

After these two, I have 10 stacks of Inner Quiet. Now I can do my quality finisher, I’m going to use Great Strides. I’ll go over to the Efficiency window and this is more than enough to reach max Collectibility. I’m going to use Byregot’s Blessing. Then, I will follow this up with a Careful Synthesis and I am done.

I just gotta do this 24 more times and then I’ll have a Brilliant Tool.


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