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FFXIV: The Complete Guide to Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon!

Posted: Jul 24, 2023

Posted: Jul 24, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Haukke Manor (Hard) is an optional level 50 dungeon in FFXIV. In this dungeon, you’ll explore the haunted mansion during Lady Amandine’s absence. Let’s take a look at each of the bosses you’ll encounter in this dungeon and how to defeat them. 

As you explore throughout Haukke Manor (Hard), you’ll find some keys. You can pick them up and use them to unlock doors later. Normally, you only need two keys to get through this dungeon. There are a few other keys that will open doors to additional Treasure Coffers.

After entering Haukke Manor, you need to go up the stairs and turn right and start walking down the corridor. Be aware that Manor Maidservants will roam the halls of Manor and will attack you if you get too close. You need to kill all Manor Maidservants and collect keys before they drop. You then interact with the locked door to continue and repeat the process for the next two rooms.

You’ll then turn right and continue down the corridor until you find two Gargoyles that transform. After you kill it, the door to the first boss will open.

FFXIV: Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon Guide

Manor Jester & Manor Steward

The first bosses of Haukke Manor are Manor Jester and Manor Steward. Manor Steward is easy to beat. Manor Jester is the real boss. Every spell cast made by Manor Jester can be interrupted.

Void Blizzard III is Manor Jester’s tank killer. They cast void Blizzard on a random player and slowly inflict the debuff. A Summoning Circle will appear on the ground. And all skeletons in this Summoning Circle will be resurrected, regardless of whether we killed before them.

The boss will also cast Icefall, leaving a frozen puddle because will give you Ice debuff if you stand in it. After defeating the boss, you’ll need to interact with Crystal Ball in the next room to teleport to the next section of the dungeon.

When you enter the area, you’ll stare down a vast corridor lined with glowing statues. The tank needs to sprint and attack everything that comes out of the wall. Also, sprint all the way through the area until you reach the locked door around the corner.

You need to kill all Sentry enemies and pick up the key to open the locked door. When a Sentry enemy is below 20% of health, it becomes non-hostile. You can follow it to where the magic shield dissipates, and you’ll be able to enter the second boss’ room.

FFXIV: The Complete Guide to Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon


The second boss you encounter in Haukke Manor is Ash, who can use a variety of AOE attacks. Of these, Abyssal Swing is a hack and slash tank killer, so don’t side with the tank. Abyssal Transfixion is a random single target hit that will make us Paralysis.

The boss will then quickly cast Prime Guillotine. This summons a light blue aura on the ground. If you get hit by these, you’ll take Silence debuff and cannot make magical attacks for a few seconds. But debuffs can be restored.

Bosses also cast Abyssal Charge. This summons blue spikes on the ground, which fire at us in a straight AOE pattern. You just need to move between the blue auras to dodge this mechanic.

Also, the boss will turn towards the player and hit them with a Tenebrous Missile. This leaves a waving Death Scythe on the ground. If you get hit, it knocks you back and gives you a heavy debuff.

After defeating the boss, you can enter the next area by exiting the room and interacting with Crystal Ball in the far left corner of the room. Go through the open door, down the hallway, and around the corner to the left. A group of mobs will come out of the first door on the right. You need to kill everything, then pick up any FFXIV Gil that drops. Finally, reach the entrance to the last boss’ room.

FFXIV: Haukke Manor Hard Unlock Quest


The last boss is Halicarnassus. This boss has a lot of attack mechanisms. First off, Void Fire II is an interruptable cast that creates a small AOE around the player. Just move out of orange to dodge it. When the boss drops below 80% health, it will summon Sentry.

Void Fire IV is the larger-scale version of Void Fire II, but this time it’s uninterruptible. Void Thunder III is a tank killer. The boss also has a straightforward AoE called Dark Mist. If you get hit by this AoE, you will get Fear debuff. This means you can’t move and use attacks for a few seconds, so make sure you dodge Dark Mist AoE in time.

After you get the boss below 60%, two Sentry enemies will appear. Again, if you want to get their health down as quickly as possible. It’s better to focus on one before the other.

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You can stop DPS the boss when he gets below 35% of health. Wait for Lady Amandine to respawn and take her down quickly. If you keep the boss’s DPS below 25%, the ensuing Blood Rain will instantly kill everyone but the tank and replenish the boss’ health significantly. Even the best tanks won’t be able to take on the boss alone from here.

After Halicarnassus will cast Beguiling Mist, it will cover the entire arena in orange. When she starts casting this, make sure to run away from her and spread out. She would target someone with Void Fire IV. It was inevitable for that person. You can use Limit Break to continue knocking down bosses though.

The above is the complete process of my challenge to Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon and defeating all bosses. Finally, I hope this guide can help you pass Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon smoothly, and don’t forget to pick up the rewards!


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