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FFXIV: How To Complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons Solo With Blue Mage?

Posted: Jul 22, 2023

With the level up to 80, there are now a ton of cool new spells to hunt actively, many of which are dungeon related. While you might join Blue Mage spell hunting groups, many people prefer to do this part alone with Blue Mage.

So I’m going to introduce you to a simple guide. This guide focuses on how to complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons for a single player using relatively few spells. That’s where we’re going to start now.

FFXIV: How To Complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons Solo With Blue Mage?

Blue Mage Spells

Unless you’re completely new to Blue Mage, you should already have most of the spells you need. Our spell list contains all Blue Mage built Aetheric Mimicry, especially Healer Mimicry. Because it will help us improve our survivability. Because under the effect of Healer Mimicry, Pom Cure’s Cure potency can be increased to 500 points.

Two other key spells that alone can do Mighty Guard and sustain Basic Instinct follow this. It increases your Gear Durability and damage after combining spells. We also have another Ram’s Voice and Ultravibration, which is standard for any dungeon build. Even without Ultram, it’s a powerful form of CC that can take on monsters.

FFXIV: Aetheric Mimicry

Speaking of which, another pleasant addition is Bad Breath. This reduces damage and provides additional CC while in Paralysis state when the enemy is no longer frozen. Our next spell is Missile, and there are a lot of bosses that are susceptible to it, so it’s a no-brainer for us.

Turn to our damaging spells. We have Bertha Randall and Song of Torment, two powerful spells that allow us to deal damage to enemies while staying alive. But you also need to bring Bristle to enhance them.

Finally, we have Goblin Punch, which is easily our top pick, as it quickly buffs our Mighty Guard. Now you may notice that we still have a lot of slots available. Although I will note, you can fill these with whatever damage or utility you have at your disposal.

FFXIV: Blue Mage Spells & Where To Find Them?

How To Complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons?

Next, after we get into Shadowbringer’s Dungeons, you want to make sure “Undersized Party” and “Level Sync” options are turned on. Only after that can you actually enter the dungeon. 

Once you’re in an instance, it will ensure you can always learn spells. But you need to invest some FFXIV Gil to ensure that Mighty Guard and Basic Instinct are activated. After this, you are ready.

First, we can pull with Ram’s Voice and Ultravibration to deal with these enemies with ease. As for the next set, you have a few options, and you can wait for your Ultravibration to cool down. Or you can fight each enemy individually, and there’s not much difference in the amount of time required between the two methods.

If you are not currently using any extra DPS spells and choose to fight. Then you can attack enemies with Ram’s Voice and Breath of Magic. When they’re immune to freezing, use Bad Breath, CC, and Pom Cure as needed, whichever you choose.

Once you’ve defeated these enemies, you’ll see a boss. When seeing Stacking or Tank Buster while your level is below 50, as long as you are actively healing and don’t Greed, then you won’t die. This means it’s just a war of attrition, and as long as your DoT stays active, the boss will eventually die.

FFXIV: Every Armor Set From Level 80 Shadowbringer’s Dungeons

Then you can focus on DPS, whether it’s spamming Goblin Punch, or using any other destructive abilities at your disposal. This is how every dungeon develops. The biggest difference is the difficulty of the bosses. Some bosses will have more difficult mechanics and others will have easier mechanics, depending on the situation.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know to complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons solo. This guide assumes you have a minimum of spells. Because the more spells, the easier the challenge.

The hardest part of actually doing this is really just understanding the mechanics of a particular fight. Anyway, hopefully this guide will help you finish Shadowbringer’s Dungeons faster. Good luck.


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