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FFXIV: How To Get More XP In Wondrous Tails? - Weekly Activity Guide

Posted: Jul 28, 2023

Posted: Jul 28, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Have you heard of Wondrous Tails, the weekly activity in FFXIV, but don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you haven’t heard of it, but the generous XP rewards offered to you in Wondrous Tails are sure worth your while! In either case, I’m here to give you a quick guide to Wondrous Tails for all players.

How To Unlock Wondrous Tails?

First, you need to go to Idyllshire and reach level 60 in War or Magic class to unlock Wondrous Tails. Then we can receive the quest “Keeping up with the Aliapohs” from that Unctuous Adventurer.

FFXIV: How to unlock Wondrous Tails?


Then we need to talk to Khloe Aliapoh here to get your first journal. You will see 16 objectives in the key items of the log. Below level 80, these objectives will include Dungeons, Trials, and Duties at level 60 and below. Keep in mind that not everything that appears in the book is necessarily something you’ve done before.

Beyond level 80, your books will contain objectives of level 90 and below, and each book requires a level 90 dungeon. In most cases, however, all books will be slightly different. But it’s not impossible to get a book that’s exactly like everyone else’s. I’ve been finishing books weekly with static for a few years now, and sometimes a couple of people in my company will have the same book.

We should note that you need to complete all objectives to get Arrow, and you can apply for a sticker for it. Press it, and the sticker on the right will be randomly assigned to one square.

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Your weekly rewards are based on the number of complete lines you get, and you always have 9 attempts. You can complete these objectives in sync with the party, or individually in smaller parties. Of course, you can also accomplish these objectives using any class you like.

Although most objectives require you to clear an entire Dungeon, Trial, or Raid. But some objectives only require you to enter the portal, not to complete the entire task or a specific part.

FFXIV: Wondrous Tails Guide

Second Chance Points

To help you, there are two options under objective, you can take advantage of these Second Chance points. Every time you complete a mission with a player who didn’t complete it before, you get a Second Chance point. If the number of newcomers exceeds 1, you will not receive additional rewards.

You start accumulating these once you unlock Wondrous Tails, but they can store up to 9 of them. You won’t receive more unless you spend some. We can use 1 Second Chance point to retry the objective. 

Use this when you’ve unlocked all the objectives, or when you have a lot of points and want to retry some short objectives to complete the journal quickly. As long as there are 3 to 7 stickers already on the board, you can shuffle your stickers to 2 points. Use this strategically to give yourself a chance to line up when it looks like you might not line up.

Personally, I usually save until I have 7 stickers. Once you get a line or all 9 stickers, return the journal to Khloe Aliapoh.


Also, remember that every book has an expiration date. They only last two weeks before they get dusty enough for her to read, so make sure you put them in before then. Based on the number of lines you get, Khloe Aliapoh will give you a choice of prizes.

FFXIV: Master Wondrous Tails - Quick FFXIV Guide for All Players!

Before you accept any rewards, please confirm the class you want to get half XP from. After this point, you won’t have a chance to choose, as they will be automatically assigned to the class in which you submitted the book. I’m sure anyone who’s played this FFXIV long enough has done it at least once.


For rewards, in addition to FFXIV Gil and Allagan Tomestones, there is a Certificate of Commendation for Khloe’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you want to know what items you can redeem with these Certificates of Commendations before you decide. You can talk to Khloe Aliapoh and visit the store menu for these Commendations.

Finally, choose your reward, earn your XP, and repeat for the next week. Every week she resets she gives you a new book. This means that if you miss a week, you can turn in 2 books in one week. So hurry up and try it out.


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