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FFXIV: How To Change Retainer Look?

Posted: Nov 15, 2021

In FFXIV, Retainers can provide you with valuable services. If you want to change the appearance of the Retainer, you need to make some preparations, which is a special consumable - Retainer Fantasia, you can only get it through in-game ways.

Retainer Fantasia allows you to change the appearance of Retainers, as well as their nicknames and personalities. However, before using it, you need to make sure that all Retainer's FFXIV equipment and accessories are unequipped.

The main tool and weapon that decide to Retain’s job do not need to be removed. In FFXIV, you can obtain Retainer Fantasia in two ways.

How to get the retainer fantasia?

In FFXIV, the most direct way to change the look of Retainer is to buy Retainer Fantasia from the player Market Board. On average, the price of a vial should be around 20000 FFXIV Gil. But on different servers, this cost is also different, so it should be judged based on specific information.

If you want to use FFXIV Gil to purchase rare items, such as emotes or minions, you can take a passive approach to obtain Retainer Fantasia.

Another way to get it is to farm FFXIV Retainer Ventures. After your reserve reaches level 10, "Quick Explorations" will be activated. This is an RNG-based adventure activity. In this activity, the Retainer always returns with a random item.

How to change a retainer's appearance?

The level of the Retainer determines the "Quick Exploration" reward and the quality of the procured items. In addition, the Retainer can only obtain during the "Quick Exploration" process, one of which is the Venture Coffer. Once consumed, a Venture Coffer will reward you with a few rare General-purpose Dyes or a vial of Retainer Fantasia. After obtaining it, You need to talk to a Retainer Vocate NPC to change the appearance of the Retainer.

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