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FFXIV Endwalker: Details About The New Reaper Class

Posted: Nov 22, 2021

FFXIV Endwalker will become available on December 7th, and early access will be on December 3rd. With the arrival of Endwalker, new jobs will appear, and Reaper is one of them. So far, IGGM has collected some relevant details.

Reaper is a melee DPS character that focuses on fast and powerful combos, party-wide damage buffs, and centers around summoning an Avatar to boost attacks. The scythe is its main weapon and uses maiming gear. This is a high-strength armor class that was previously only used by Dragoon job. As a melee class, Reaper relies on speed and physical power to bring as much pain as possible to the enemy in a short period. This class is based on rotation, which means there is a smooth pattern to combat that you can learn later.

In addition, the limit break in dungeons and raids is usually reserved by melee classes to maximize damage to the enemy, which means that Reaper has the opportunity to provide the final blow in battle. So investing in FFXIV Gil in Reaper is totally worth it.

Reaper Job & Dragoon Job

If you play Dragoon in FFXIV, it will be easy to play Reaper in Endwalker. Because their gear types are the same. The only thing that needs to be updated is the scythe weapon because it is the exclusive gear of this class. If your maiming gear has been augmented and set with materials, then in FFXIV from Dragoon to Reaper, you can have a simpler time starting from level 80.

Reaper has an advantage in positionals and can deal more damage attacks. In addition, it also has the mobility prowess of "Hell’s Ingress" and "Hell’s Egress", allowing Reaper to use the portal to immediately move forward or backward 15 yalms.

The Reaper class can also use different buffs to guarantee the output damage. Maintaining these buffs at every opportunity will add huge power to Reaper's arsenal.

Although the Reaper class seems to integrate the best aspects of the melee DPS class, it doesn't seem to be that good when it comes to player experience outside of combat. The Reaper starts automatically at level 70, which means that most of the skills have been unlocked.

By the way, Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, so the sales promo on MMOWTS will also start from November 23 and last until November 30. During this period, if you come here to buy any products with code "Thanks", You will enjoy 5% off, so this is a good time for you to buy FFXIV Gil, which can make full preparations for the upcoming Endwalker.


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