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FFXIV: Endwalker Delayed By 2 Weeks, Will Be Available On December 7

Posted: Nov 08, 2021

FFXIV Endwalker has been confirmed to be postponed until December 7th. Players are also curious about the reasons for the postponement. IGGM will give a detailed explanation and more.

Director and producer Yoshida apologizes for this. Endwalker was originally scheduled to be released on November 23, but it has now been delayed until two weeks later. Early access will begin on December 3. This also affects the first two patches after the release, including the 6.01 patch scheduled to be released on December 21, and the 6.05 patch scheduled to be released on January 4, 2022.

Because during the test, he realized that Endwalker could be further improved.

When the development is nearing the end, he has experienced everything from quests to battles. He expressed his hope to improve the quality of Endwalker, especially since this expansion pack marks the first major climax of FFXIV so far. So they hope to bring more interesting experiences to players. Because Endwalker will be the end of the first important legend, it is understandable to make it perfect, because it carries the expectations of too many people.

This means that the development team is committed to ensuring that everything in Endwalker is flawless and that every player can fully enjoy this expansion. This is also the climax of the FFXIV story. Unfortunately, this means that they need to postpone the release, because if they stick to the original plan, they will face the risk of unstable updates.

Endwalker will be the fourth expansion of FF14, and will end the main story of the game since A Realm Reborn. It will add two new jobs for players to use, namely the Sage and the Reaper.

The trailer also shows that their inspiration comes from FFIV, as the moon is teased as a major setting, adding a new tribe - Loporrits, which looks like the Hummingway race, and Dragon Estenien seems to play a more important role in the story.

Therefore, fans can only give a certain understanding, just to get a better gaming experience. No matter when Endwalker arrives, IGGM can guarantee that once it is officially released, players can come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil at any time, as long as you need, IGGM can be ready to serve you at any time. Our staff is online 24/7, as long as you use live chat to ask any questions, they will reply to you in a short time.


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