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FFXIV: A New Healer Job Will Appear In The Next Expansion - Endwalker

Posted: Feb 06, 2021

Finally, the next expansion of FFXIV - Endwalker, has been announced, and a new job has been revealed, it’s The Sage. To solve the problem of the lack of healers in MMO, Sage will bring 4 available jobs. Compared with White Mage and Astrologian, Sage and Scholar have more in common, so fans of barrier-style healing will find themselves a new main job.

The Sage will be a dedicated healer and will be ranked fourth in the game. Their weapons are Nouliths, which is a vial charged with ether that can sling magic. The starting level of The Sage is 70, so you need to level through FFXIV: Shadowbringers before starting Endwalker. Game developers designed Sage as a barrier-type healer, using a powerful shield to prevent damage. They essentially channel the ether to temporarily change their spells, giving them more flexibility. In short, they are more like a preventive healer than a reactive healer. Because Sage and Scholar have a similar healing niche, in Endwalker, the Astrologian will become a purer healer to match the White Mage.

Once FFXIV: Endwalker goes live, Raid Finder will be updated so that you will be able to distinguish between pure healers and barrier healers. When you are at level 70, you need at least one combat class, and you must have FFXIV: Endwalker to unlock the Sage job. You will unlock The Sage job in Limsa Lominsa.

There will be a second job in Endwalker, but it has not been officially announced. But some fans speculate that it will be Necromancer. As for whether it is true, it will be confirmed until May.

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