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FFXIV: More Details About New Sage Class

Posted: Feb 09, 2021

As early as a few days ago, FFXIV’s next expansion - Endwalker, was announced, which undoubtedly made fans even more excited, and the most interesting of these is the emergence of a new class - Sage. So before Endwalker arrives, it is good to know more about Sage in advance.

The Sage class has a long history in the Final Fantasy series, as early as FF3, Sage has appeared, and has appeared in several spin-offs, and inspired similar classes. So FFXIV fans also want Sage to join in, and now their wishes are about to come true. At the FFXIV fan fest last weekend, the official announced Endwalker and confirmed that Sage is about to appear. As for the other new class, it is still unknown.

Weapon of Sage

The Sage is a new healer class in FFXIV. This class mainly focuses on creating obstacles in combat and improving the defenses of teammates. Sage will use a projectile weapon called Nouliths, which hovers around the player like a magic missile.

From the current point of view, Sage seems to be a promising new job. So far, there are only three healing classes in the game, Sage is about to appear in the game as the fourth healing class, which makes fans very happy.

Similar to Astrologian

It seems that Sage's function is similar to that of Astrologian, and its role is to heal and prevent the teammates from taking damage. New classes factor will also appear in the main scene, so it’s interesting to see Sage in FFXIV.

Endwalker will be released in the fall of 2021, which also means that the story of FFXIV is coming to an end.

As the release date of Endwalker approaches, Square Enix should reveal more relevant information, and IGGM will also update relevant news in time.

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