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FFXIV 5.45 Guide: How To Get The New Mounts, Hairstyle, and Emote

Posted: Feb 03, 2021

FFXIV Patch 5.45 brings players a major update to the Bozjan Southern Front, and a lot of new things also come in. The new Relic weapon tier is the most obvious, but 5.45 brings some other items that you should also be interested in.

How to get the Mounts?

Gabriel Mark III

An upgraded version of the Gabriel Mark II mount - Gabriel Mark III,which can be said to be very attractive. To get it, you can only get it by getting lucky with the personal final chest in the Delubrum Reginae. The mount has a chance to enter the coffer at the end of the dungeon. Or, if you have a lot of FFXIV Gil, you can also buy it from the Market Board.


The community is always looking for the new Cerberus mount, which is a four-person mount. You can only get it by the new Bozjan 24-man Delubrum Reginae. You will be able to get it from Achievement Exchange in Old Gridania.

How to get the new hairstyle?

Early to Rise

This new hairstyle looks great, but only those who are lucky enough to get it from the personal final chest in Delubrum Reginae, so wish you have good luck.

In addition, if someone lists it on the Market Board and you have enough FFXIV Gil, you can also buy it from there.

How to get the new emote?

Malevolence emote

The new emote is bound to the Ballroom Etiquette - Dark Entreaty, which you can purchase from the Resistance Quartermaster at base for 59 Bozjan Clusters. Bozjan Clusters will randomly drop on Bozjan Southern Front, so you can search for it there.

Of course, you can also buy this emote on the Market Board.

These are not all rewards for the new Bozjan content. The new ilvl 510 armors look like FFXII judges. You can also get these through Delubrum Reginae, but it must be enhanced to be dyed will likely be necessary and for further Bozjan dungeons and updates because of their +5 Haste.

So in simple terms, if you don't want to spend extra time acquiring those in the game, you can buy them with FFXIV Gil. This also shows that FFXIV Gil can help you solve most of the problems you encounter in the game. So, if you have the intention to buy FFXIV Gil, you can choose to buy them from IGGM.

For those players who don't want to spend time in the game farming FFXIV Gil but want to experience the game to the fullest, buying is the best choice. Therefore, it is important to choose a website with cheap FFXIV Gil, fast delivery, and no fraud. Fortunately, IGGM can meet all the above conditions!


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