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FFXIV Patch 5.45 Will Launch On February 2nd!

Posted: Jan 29, 2021

FFXIV patch 5.45 is on its way, it will bring some new additions to the game, so you can look forward to new content.

New content

This update will mainly focus on two things: one is to expand the Save the Queen Relic Weapon questline, and the other is to add more things for the Blue Mage!

Save the Queen Relic Weapon

Regarding the questline, a new proportional battle called Delubrum Reginae will appear in the game, which will take place in the ruins of Queen Gunnhidr’s Kingdom.

Blue mage

In addition, the blue mage class will become more interesting. First of all, this patch will introduce some new spells for the blue mage to learn. Also, the level cap of this class will be increased to 70, and they will get a new set of gear.

The most important thing is that the Skysteel Tools upgrade questline will get some new supplements in this patch, but the specific information is still unknown.


On the same day, a special showcase stream of FFXIV will also be staged.

Livestream start time:

  • February 2: 5:30 AM PT

8:30 PM ET

  • February 3: 1.30 AM GMT

2:30 AM CET

10:30 JST

Square Enix has been promoting this showcase since November last year, and promised that there will be some cool announcements! So in the upcoming days, you can continue to pay attention to relevant news, or you can directly subscribe to IGGM, because we will often update the news related to FFXIV in time.

And you can also buy FFXIV Gil on IGGM. The more FFXIV Gil you buy, the more discount you will get, so it’ll be more cost-effective!


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