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FFXIV Guide: How To Unlock The Masked Carnivale?

Posted: Jan 23, 2021

Masked Carnivale is a combat arena for the blue mages in FFXIV. You need to fight against many enemies with special strengths and weaknesses. Adjusting your blue mage spells according to the enemy's weakness is the key to ensure that you win.

Once you complete the Masked Carnivale stages, you will get FFXIV Gil, Allied Seals, Allagan tomestones and the new blue mage spells.

First of all, to start the Masked Carnival, your Blue Mage needs to reach level 50, and you have completed every quest along the way. "Every quest" means that the Blue Gold quest requiring you to learn the spell “Glower” from Aurum Vale (Coincounter boss) is also included.

Then, talk to Maudlin Latool Ja at Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0) in UI’dah. Complete the "The Real Folk Blues" quest.

Finally, find the Celestium attendant at Step of Thal (X:11.5, Y:13.2), and talk to him, then you can get the Masked Carnivale challenge stages on your blue mage.


As long as you want to participate in the Masked Carnivale, you can talk to the Celestium attendant at any time. There are many stages to take on solo, and each stage has corresponding special conditions and rewards. You just need to defeat the enemies and use their weaknesses to get rewards.

If you participate in Masked Carnivale every week, you can get rewarded FFXIV Gil, seals and tomestones. This will not only test your skills as a blue mage, but also allow you to earn Allied seals.

The above is about how to unlock Masked Carnivale. If you are a loyal player of FFXIV, you can choose to subscribe to IGGM, because we will update relevant news and game guides frequently.

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