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FFXIV Patch 5.41 Introduced New Diadem Monster Items

Posted: Jan 20, 2021

Recently, FFXIV received a minor update to patch 5.41, and one of the most controversial locations, Diadem, has been improved.

As the raid and the progress of the dungeon have attracted much attention, Diadem has always been a strange location in these years’ expansions, and its content has always been reworked.

The developer's initial idea was to use Diadem as a living battle area, which could become a huge playground for Shadowbringers, where gathers can obtain new items and help craft the community. These changes were involved in a special storyline, restoring Ishgard to its previous glory, and ending some parts of the Heavensward plot. Although Diadem focuses on gathering, there are still some roaming monsters appearing in this area. This is not direct combat, you can get new special drops by destroying enemies.

Requirements for heading to Diadem

For gathering classes, you can go to Diadem as long as you reach level 10. However, they must defeat all Heavensward and reach at least one combat class reach level 60.

New Diadem Items

Now Diadem includes new nodes and monsters with special items, some of which are just high-level 4 versions of pre-existing items, and others are new additions that need to be found. Disciples of the Land can also use the Aetheromatic Auger skill, which can be used to kill non-hostile enemies.

These items can’t do much by themselves, but you can talk to Flotpassant in Firmament and convert the item to “approved” status. You will get a reward - Skybuilder Scrips. You can use these Scrips to buy items, emotes, mounts items related to fashion.

Approved Item Can Be Crafted

Items found in Diadem can be approved by Firmament staff, so you can collect new items for crafting. Potkin in Firmament will ask crafters to use the following new materials to craft specific weekly items and provide Scrips or experience points:

With the drop of these new items, Ishgardian Restoration will have a large number of Disciples of the Land to contribute to it.

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