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FFXIV: A Complete Walkthrough Of Viper Weapons Featured In The Dawntrail Benchmark

Posted: Apr 15, 2024

Let's delve into the recently released Viper Weapons in FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark. An interesting thing that some may overlook is the option to select a gear set when creating your character in the Benchmark. This choice affects the weapon your character starts with in the Benchmark.

FFXIV: A Complete Walkthrough Of Viper Weapons Featured In The Dawntrail Benchmark

Viper Weapons Overview

As a Viper, you may be particularly intrigued by the variety of weapons available, including some unexpected ones. Let's explore them together.

  • Level 100 Artifact: This is the iconic weapon often seen in promotional material. It's likely the starting weapon players will receive when selecting their initial gear. This weapon will likely be used to open the Coffer at Level 80 when unlocking the job.
  • Edenmorn Weapon: An intriguing addition as it introduces weapons from older raids, a departure from previous patterns.
  • Omega Set: Despite being from an older raid, it offers a unique weapon set, adding variety to the choices available.
  • Genji Set: Featuring an ornate weapon, this set originates from mid-tier Stormblood raids, showcasing the creation of entirely new weapons for this set.
  • Grand Company Set: This set could serve as a leveling weapon or potentially be the Level 90 artifact obtainable from the vendor in Sharlayan, as seen in previous expansions for new jobs.
  • Alexander Weapon: While also part of the Dwarven set, its inclusion in multiple sets suggests a desire to offer more options to players.
  • Ironworks Weapon: An unexpected inclusion, given its Level 50 gear designation. Its presence for a Level 80 job raises questions about its relevance.
  • Dreadwyrm Set: A classic addition from previous expansions, maintaining its presence in the lineup.
  • Hellhound Set: Originating from PvP content, its appearance in the Benchmark adds an interesting dynamic to the available weapon sets.

FFXIV Hellhound Set

Expected Weapon Set

Let's outline the weapons that players can expect to see:

  • Deep Dungeon Weapons: Each job typically receives weapons from deep dungeons such as the Palace of the Dead, Heaven-on-High, and the Eureka Orthos weapon set. These sets are consistent across all jobs.
  • Level 80 Weapons: Players can anticipate weapons from various sources at Level 80, including the Edenmorn, Omega, and starting weapons. The Augmented Cryptlurker, obtained from Tomes, will probably be a favored choice upon unlocking drops.
  • Endwalker Weapons: As players progress through Endwalker, they can obtain weapons from dungeon drops like the Tower of Zot, Tower of Babil, Vanaspati, and Ktisis Hyperboreia. Crafted weapons will also be available between these dungeon drops.
  • Level 89/90 Artifact Weapons: Depending on game design, players may acquire Level 89 or 90 artifact weapons either through quests or from a vendor in Sharlayan, where they obtained their Level 89 gear in Endwalker.
  • Level 90 Tome Weapon: This Augmented Credendum weapon will become the new standard at Level 90, accessible through current Tomes.
  • Orthos & Enaretos Weapons: These weapons from Eureka Orthos will also be part of the weapon lineup.

FFXIV Eureka Orthos

Old Ultimates Weapons

Regarding these unexpected weapons, like the Edenmorn weapons and the Omega weapon, is that they serve as base weapons for new ultimate weapons in the future. Obviously, the Omega weapon would make sense as a reward for top content. It could be a base weapon for that in the future. Similarly, the Edenmorn weapon is likely a base weapon for the new Eden Ultimate that's forthcoming.

However, things get interesting when we consider other weapons. For instance, the Genji weapon,which is not something expected from a leveling weapon. This could potentially be a base weapon for DSR, if this trend continues. It's possible that we might see weapons for every Ultimate for every job, as currently, some jobs don't receive rewards for certain Ultimates.

The Alexander weapon could be a reward, serving as the base weapon. The Ironworks and Dreadwyrm weapon are likely base weapons as rewards. I believe the developers might start providing rewards for these new jobs in Old Ultimates.


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