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FFXIV: Level Up Your Character To The Level Cap Of 90 To Prepare For Dawntrail!

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Recently, Final Fantasy XIV was finally confirmed to release its expansion, Dawntrail, on July 2, 2024. And in this expansion, the character’s level cap will be increased from 90 to 100. So, as the release date gets closer, it’s urgent that we quickly upgrade our characters from level 80 to level 90.

That’s where this guide comes into play. Here, we’ll provide some ways to help you farm XP and help your character reach the current level 90 cap as quickly as possible. Whether you’re new to FFXIV or a veteran returning to the new expansion, this guide will help.

Before jumping in, I want to remind you that purchasing some FFXIV Gil in advance will make your upgrade process twice the result with half the effort! Without further ado, let’s get started!

FFXIV: Level Up Your Character To The Level Cap Of 90 To Prepare For Dawntrail!

Leveling Roulette Dungeons

First, our priority is to participate in Leveling Roulette. Leveling Roulette in FFXIV contains a variety of dungeons and is one of the best ways for you to earn XP, Gil, and Company Seals.

Especially later in your journey, Leveling Roulette dungeon will also be a significant source of Allagan Tomestones. This is also key to getting powerful gear for other jobs you decide to upgrade.

In addition, this is also a good way to complete the weekly challenge log, as challenging “Feeling Lucky” and “Dungeon Master” can be a good experience point increase. Just run it every day to get rewards, and you’ll also get tons of XP from challenge log entries.

However, the downside is that you need to queue to enter the dungeon. Don’t worry though, the best way to shorten your queue is to join right after the daily reset, as this is when the most people are online.

FFXIV: Leveling Roulette Dungeons

Complete Daily Reputation

While you’re waiting for the queue to pop up, you can start with priority two, Daily Reputation quests. However, there are only two reputations you need to focus on: Pixies from Shadowbringers and Arkasodara from Endwalker. If you’re lucky enough to complete Leveling Roulette dungeon before completing your daily reputation, join Frontline Roulette now.

Frontline Roulette

Frontline is a large-scale PVP mode that features three teams of up to 24 players each.

But many friends are hesitant to join PVP, worried about wasting time because of failure. But actually joining the queue with 23 other allies, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Because no matter what, over 80% of people join this queue just to get Roulette reward.

And adding Frontline is a benefit for everyone, since it requires 72 people to start the game. So, put one of your spells in your hot bar, follow the crowd, and you’ll be fine.

FFXIV: Frontline Roulette

Spam Dungeons Of Similar Levels

Let’s move on to the next leveling method, which is finding the dungeon closest to your level and spamming it. The only enemy here is queue time. Likewise, joining immediately after the daily reset will significantly reduce queue times.

There is an option here to use AI for teammates, which I recommend doing if you plan on upgrading multiple jobs.

Essentially, you have to level them up from level 71 to level 90 by running dungeons with them. It’s called Trust system and you can find it under Duty Menu.

Some dungeons allow you to sync them to the desired level, so you can spam a level 89 dungeon, for example, even if you’ve never accessed them before.

Bozjan Southern Front

Finally, for those of you who are complete strangers, there is a somewhat hidden place called Bozjan Southern Front. This is level 71 Field Operations introduced by Shadowbringers. What can you do there that’s worth your time?

How to Unlock The Bozjan Southern Front in FFXIV?

You can do this by finding a group in chat and start doing FATEs with them. Normal FATEs, also known as Skirmishes, award you a small amount of XP, while Big FATEs, also known as Critical Engagements, award you a large amount of XP.

The nice thing about it is that you can grind as much as you want in there. I need to remind you that many people have focused on farming Bozjan Clusters but have not been awarded XP because XP only comes from completing FATEs.

That’s all for today. If you’re a veteran and find yourself here, be sure to share your own tips on how to level up effectively! Good luck!


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