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FFXIV: Follow This Guide To Unlock Fisher Job And Catch Your First Fish!

Posted: Apr 19, 2024

Posted: Apr 19, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Do you like fishing in Final Fantasy XIV? Fisher is one of three Disciples of the Land jobs in the game, and it undoubtedly provides one of the unique experiences as a gatherer.

As a fisher, you’ll travel around the world and catch unique fish and creatures of all sizes, each telling its own story about the area and the world in which they live.

Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity in FFXIV, but it can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t worry, though, by following this guide, you’ll unlock your first fish Fisher catches and start experiencing all the content Fisher has to offer.

FFXIV: Follow This Guide To Unlock Fisher Job And Catch Your First Fish!

How To Unlock Fisher?

First, you can unlock Fisher at Fishermen’s Guild, located in the coastal city of Limsa Lominsa. You can join a guild after completing level 10 Disciples of War or Magic job quest. Just talk to Guild Assistant twice to unlock Fisher job and get your first Fishing Rod.

Equip Your Fishing Rod

Next, equip Fishing Rod you got and transfer your job to Fisher. But if you want to get some better gear, you can contact any Fieldcraft Supplier and buy it.

In Limsa, you can contact Iron Thunder to purchase a new Fishing Rod, or Syneyhil in Hawkers’ Alley to purchase armor. In later levels, you can also use Gatherer Scrips to get gear, but this is a bit more difficult.

Start My First Fishing Rod Quest

Once you’re ready, return to Fishermen’s Guild and talk to Sisipu Sipu to begin your first Fisher job quest: My First Fishing Rod. In this mission, Sisipu asks you to use Lugworm as bait to catch five Lominsan Anchovy in the waters outside Fishermen’s Guild.

FFXIV: My First Fishing Rod Quest

Apply Bait

To catch Lominsan Anchovy, we need to use Bait skill. Open Bait and Tackle window, click on Lugworm in Bait window to apply them. The check mark will show the currently applied baits.

Please note that this window will display all baits in our inventory. But if you have unlocked Retainers or Chocobo Saddlebag, the bait stored in it will not count!

Since some baits only work in certain types of biomes, you can check the bait description to see which types of biomes the bait is suitable for.

You can get bait from merchants and Scrip Exchange vendors around the world. They usually sell bait for their area, so if you want to save some inventory space, just check to see what the merchant is selling.

Fishing Tips

With Lugworm applied, we can now start fishing. Run to the edge of the pier outside Fishermen’s Guild until Cast skill lights up, and you can go fishing in the nearby fishing hole.

Each fishing hole has many fish for you to catch. Each fish has one of three bait types and is marked with one to three exclamation points on Fisher of Lights’ head. These baits also correspond to the movement and sound of the rod when a fish bites.

When you see an exclamation mark appear above your head, press Hook skill within 3 seconds to reel in the fish. Sometimes the fish escape and that’s okay! Just cast back out again. No matter what, you can always catch your first fish!

Now let us know more. Cast out and reel in the other fish as before. Every time you cast a bait, maybe another fish will come out of the fishing hole and bite the bait you used. Depending on the bait you use, some fish may bite more often than with a different bait. As you level up and gain new baits and fishing skills, you’ll have greater control over which fish bite and which fish don’t.

Then continue Casting and Hooking until you get all 5 Lominsan Anchovy required by Sisipu. You may also get a bunch of other types of fish, and selling them can net you extra FFXIV Gil income.

Unlock Ocean Fishing

Once you have everything you need, return to Sisipu to complete your first Fisher job quest. After completing the first mission, you can unlock Ocean Fishing, which will be one of the best ways to level up your Fisher.

Final Fantasy XIV: Ocean Fishing Guide

What’s Next?

Now you have unlocked Fisher and caught your first fish. You can continue to upgrade Fisher through Ocean Fishing, Overworld Fishing, and turning in fish to your Grand Companies.

Every time you catch a new fish that’s not in your Fishing Log, you’ll earn extra XP, so be sure to explore any fishing holes you come across and stay up to date on your Fisher job quest. You’ll unlock more fishing hole biomes and even skills to make your fishing even more powerful.

Even after completing the major mission, you can enter new areas and cities and enjoy new baits, fishing holes, and even job quests. Once you reach level 50, you’ll be able to start Big Fishing, another unique aspect of fishing in Final Fantasy XIV.

Regardless, by fishing, you will experience a unique way of seeing the world of FFXIV, traveling to off-the-beaten-track locations and spending time admiring the world of Eorzea. Good luck and happy fishing!


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