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ESO: Where To Find All The Striking Locales In Elsweyr and Blackwood?

Posted: Jul 24, 2021

Discovering the striking locales of ESO in each region always rewards Achievement hunters. The eye-catching locations mean that there are some special places in each area of ESO. Similar to the new interests points, if you succeed in finding all the Striking Locales in an area, you will get an achievement that has awarded you for your efforts in exploration.

Now, to make it easier for players, IGGM lists the location of each Striking Locale in the Blackwood and Elsweyr regions. Just go to the locations and get the achievements at the end.

ESO Striking locales


* Fort Blueblood - An Imperial fort located east of Leyawiin in Blackwood.

* Ojel-Bak - A pit in the heart of Sul-Xan territory, in southern Blackwood.

* Plateau of the Traveler - An overlook and old Ayleid ruin located southeast of Glenbridge.

* Salvitto Estate - Located in a small county at the north of Gideon next to the lake.

* Shrine to Nocturnal - Located east of Fort Redmane Wayshrine and south of Arpenia.

Northern Elsweyr

* Defense Force Outpost - A military outpost in northern Elsweyr. It has been attacked by undead.

* Moon Gate of Anequina - A striking locale located east of the Valenwood Gate in Northern Elsweyr.

* Sandswirl Manor - An Imperial style manor in Northern Elsweyr.

* Shadow Dance Ruins - The remnants of an ancient Khajiiti shrine in Northern Elsweyr.

* Sleepy Senche Mine - A disused limestone mine found in Elsweyr.

* Star Haven Adeptorium - A settlement housing the religious adepts in Elsweyr.

* Valenwood Gate - A border gate located in the southwestern corner of Northern Elsweyr that connects to Grahtwood.

Southern Elsweyr

* Doomstone Keep - A ruined castle and Striking Locale in Southern Elsweyr.

* Khenarthi’s Arch - A natural rock formation and Striking Locale in Southern Elsweyr.

* Pridehome - A temple dedicated to Alkosh in the Tenmar Forest.

* Purring Rock - A rock formation in southwestern Southern Elsweyr that has a shrine tucked beneath.

* The Forgotten Mane - A monument in Southern Elsweyr located south of Khenarthi’s Breath Temple.

* Zazaradi’s Quarry and Mine - A quarry located west of South Guard Ruins in Southern Elsweyr.

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