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Elder Scrolls Online: Top 5 Grinds That Help You Get XP Fast! - QuakeCon 100% XP Boost Weekend

Posted: Aug 11, 2023

Posted: Aug 11, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Cinemax has given us an impromptu five days of 100% XP boost. Pull out your Scrolls and Ambrosia, it's time to grind for that sweet sweet XP. 

Arguably, the best XP grind is the one you actually enjoy doing or at least aren't bored to death doing. So, keep that in mind as we go over some of the best ways to get XP.

Elder Scrolls Online: Top 5 Grinds That Help You Get XP Fast! - QuakeCon 100% XP Boost Weekend

1. Alik’r Desert Dolmens 

The Alik’r Desert Dolmens circuit.

The key advantages of this dolmen circuit are that all three dolmens are right next to way shrines. So, it is a quick and easy loop.

There are always other players running the loop. And you don't need a combat ready build. You just have to get a little bit of damage on everything. This allows you to slot a bunch of weird skills that you may not even be able to cast, but allows you to get XP via the skill being slotted, Dual Wield abilities on a two-handed bar, for example.

The downside to this grind is that it's boring. But if you don't mind a dull grind or doing other things at the same time, it is a good choice for fast XP.

2. Spellscar, Craglorn

Spellscar in lower Craglorn is a very open and popular zone with tons of zombies and high respawn times. You can pull large groups and use AoEs to rack up XP quickly. 

The issue with this grind spot is that it's so popular. Everyone knows about it. And it will most likely be cramped during an XP event.

3. Skyreach, Craglorn 

Skyreach Catacombs in upper Craglorn are not the best. But it has something important that Spellscar doesn't have.

It is instance based. So, you can reset quickly and refresh the mobs without anyone having the chance to disrupt your grind. 

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4. Blackrose Prison (BRP) 

Blackrose Prison is a group arena in Murkmire, which requires either the purchase of the DLC or ESO Plus.

This is the best XP for time spent that there is. But it is not easy and newer players would have a challenge here.

The most efficient XP comes from a two-player group on Normal difficulty, clearing all waves of enemies until the boss spawns. Once the boss spawns, you'll leave the instance. Reset by flipping the difficulty to bet and back to normal. Port back in and repeat.

Since this one is done with a friend, it is a little less boring than the previous options. But it won't level your fighter skills where the others do.

5. Master Writs 

The last one is mastering Crafting Writs. This method can get expensive unless you've been stacking up for an XP event like this one. If you think this method is too troublesome, you can also choose to buy a large amount of ESO Gold directly on this site.

You can level a character within a couple of hours by doing only Master Writs. Alchemy and Enchanting are the best ones because leveling takes the least effort. And no Style Pages or recipes are needed to complete them.


The 100 XP boost is automatically applied for the next five days.

Remember to wear your training gear and use your XP Scrolls or drinks to stack the buff higher.

You also get 10% XP if you have ESO Plus and 10% from being grouped with one other person.


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