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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Through Falkreath Hold Dungeon Fast? - Boss Mechanics Explained

Posted: Aug 14, 2023

Posted: Aug 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Here I will bring you Falkreath Hold guide in ESO. We should note that in this guide, we will only focus on the bosses in the dungeon. Because we are often not trapped by trash enemies, but trapped in the boss.

Morrigh Bullblood

Let’s tackle the number one boss, Morrigh Bullblood, right away. First, you should have the tank taunt in your team, all the mobs that are with her, put them all in one pile. Especially Taunt the bull because he’s hard enough to hit anyone else in the team with one hit. It can even kill you if you don’t block it.

Elder Scrolls Online: Falkreath Hold Boss Mechanics

You can focus on the boss when the added value drops. She is a Dual Wield Melee boss. She will summon Siege Weapons. If you see a giant AOE signal on the floor, get out of the way.

She will also summon a Siege Shield. Once that happens, go into it. Because outside of it, Siege Weapons will bombard everyone on the ground. You just stay in Siege Shield with her and fight her tank until she dies. Then, you only need to find Lockpicks. You can go to the second boss, Siege Mammoth.

ESO: Falkreath Hold First Boss Morrigh Bullblood

Siege Mammoth

Siege Mammoth’s only goal in life was to break the gates. He has a lot of ground attacks, but you can block them. For Healer and Damage Dealers behind him, there are a lot of flame circles to dodge. But that’s pretty much all you need to worry about. You just dodge all fire and keep shooting.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to worry about in this fight. Once he’s dead, you can loot all the loot, including ESO Gold, Lockpicks, Manganese, and Starmetal. You can then walk through the gates into the besieged city itself.

ESO: Falkreath Hold Second Boss Siege Mammoth


Once you make your way into the town center, you’ll face the third boss, Cernunnon. Or more specifically, his three little Attendants, whom you have to deal with first.

You can tank Taunt Melee minions and Ice Mage first. You can also Taunt Archer over there and have him shoot you. Then, DPS can go over and hurt him, and you stack the other two and can knock them down easily.

When these guys die, they leave a little green circle under their feet. Players must step inside to absorb their souls, then run to one of the three small green circles at the edge of the room. Once all three are taken, the boss himself will emerge from the ground.

Watch out for a large circle at your feet, foretelling that Ice Comet is coming. Everyone has to spread out and block because when Ice Comet falls, it does a lot of damage.

ESO: Falkreath Hold Third Boss Cernunnon

When the boss hits 50% health, his Attendants return, but this time they’re even more powerful. Pay special attention to melee Attendants. You’ll see a huge red AOE spread from under his feet and explode.

Other than that, it’s the same thing again. Kill them and take their spirits to the small green circle at the edge of the room, and the boss will return. Note that if you take too long, Attendants will be revived, enraged, and harder to deal with.

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Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor

Next up, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor was actually a fight that looked a lot easier. All require a synergy of one urn to create a large glowing circle around them. This allows them to work synergistically to cleanse the corpse.

There will be a lot of dead bodies in this battle. Once you’re done cleaning up, the boss will get up from his chair, and he’ll summon a few Archer mobs to help him.

Just remember not to let the dead bodies be scattered all over the room. Because when the circle under your feet fills up, it explodes. The strength of the explosion depends on the number of bodies on the ground. So clean up as much as you can before the explosion happens. Anything more than two or three corpses in the room are almost guaranteed to be exterminated en masse.

ESO: Falkreath Hold Fourth Boss Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor

Domihaus The Bloody - Horned (Hard Mode)

Finally, came the last boss, Domihaus The Bloody-Horned. Let’s activate this Hard Mode by blowing this horn.

He will summon four different Atronachs. You can have the tank taunt them and lock them together, which makes it easy to beat them together. Once all the mobs are dead, the boss will come back to life.

Note that when he yells “Grovel,” everyone needs to hide behind the same pillar. If you’re not all hiding behind the same pillar, any pillar with a player behind it will explode. The boss then turns into stone again, summoning a group of mobs.

ESO: Falkreath Hold Final Boss Domihaus the Bloody-Horned

The same thing happens again. The tank locks them all up and kills them. Then everyone gathered around a pillar again and waited for the shout. Remember that working as a team all stands behind the same pillar. That way, when a prop explodes, all you lose is one prop, not multiple.

This pillar mechanic occurs at 70%, 50%, 30%, and 10% of its health, and may occur again at 5%. It depends on the mechanics that are happening. You won’t have too much trouble as long as you pay attention.

This is where Falkreath Hold dungeon ends. Anyway, hope this helps you quickly understand the mechanics of all the bosses in Falkreath Hold dungeon and defeat them easily. Good luck.


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