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ESO: Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Offers New Rewards And Loot

Posted: Jul 16, 2021

ZeniMax has announced ESO's Pan-Elsweyr celebration, which will be held on July 22, and you will have the opportunity to get new rewards, loot, and Event Tickets. The celebration will last until August 3 at 10 a.m. EDT.

The Pan-Elsweyr celebration is about exploring the land of Khajiit. In the adventuring north and south of Elsweyr, you will get a variety of unique content, including bonus loot from World Bosses and double reward boxes for completing Daily Quests in the area.

To join in, you need to get "A Visit to Elsweyr" for free from the Crown Store. You can also go directly to this area to trigger the event.

Highlights of ESO’s Pan-Elsweyr Celebrations:

* Earn Elsweyr Coffers after completing certain activities such as slaying Dragons; defeating Delve and World Bosses; opening Chests, Safeboxes, and Thieve Troves; claiming a Psijis Portal; harvesting Harvest Nodes; defeating bosses in the Sunspire Trial; opening Dragonguard Sanctum Supply Cache; Looting Monsters and other objects.

* Crafting Materials

* Elsweyr style items

* Zone gear set items

* Transmutation crystals

* Motif chapter style pages from Elsweyr

* Pages for new Ja’zennji Siir Style

After completing the first Daily quest in the area, you will get a Glorious Elsweyr Coffer, which is guaranteed to have a Motif Chapter style page or a Jazennji Siir style page.

In addition, you will find that all daily quests in this area have double reward boxes, increased loot drops from World Bosses, Delve Bosses and Dragons, and loot from Sunspire Trial.

Every day, you can earn a ticket in the north and south of Elsweyr to complete a Daily Quest, which can then be used to purchase Ja'zennji Siir style pages and other items from Impresario - including the first opportunity to buy fragments needed to upgrade to the Unstable Morpholith into the new Dagonic Quasigriff mount.

Once the event is released, IGGM will also pay attention to it, and will check some hot content to share with you, so subscribing to IGGM will let you keep up with current events.

And ESO Gold will also be necessary, which can help get through more difficulties in the event and get as many rewards as possible. If you want to buy ESO Gold, you can give priority to IGGM. Because you can get a 5% off ESO Gold coupon in the coupon center, you will be able to get ESO Gold at a lower price.


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