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ESO: How To Start Daedric War Celebration?

Posted: Jan 20, 2022

The ESO Daedric War Celebration is coming, and to make everything go even more smoothly, IGGM is providing a relevant event guide.

Daedric War Celebration is coming, and rewards will be granted in the form of specific spoils, including crafting materials, treasure maps, rune boxes, and other valuables.

Daedric War Celebration Release Date

Depending on your region, you can check the corresponding availability times:

*January 20 at 7 am PT

*January 20 at 10 am ET

*January 20 at 3 pm UTC

*January 20 at 4 pm CET

And Daedric War Celebration will last until February 1st. To make things easier in the event, you can come to IGGM in advance to buy ESO Gold to enhance your character.

How To Start Daedric War Celebration?

You'll need access to the Morrowing, Clockwork City, or Summerset expansion to be able to participate in this limited-time event.

If you already have the expansion, you can unlock the event by starting the “Guidance for Guides” quest from the in-game Crown Store or the NPC Calonir near Impresario tents.

Once you start the event, you have a chance to earn specific rewards by completing the following activities:

* Finishing the event introductory quest

* Slaying Delve and World Bosses

* Slaying monsters

* Opening Treasure Chests, Safeboxes, lootable objects, Psijic Portals, Thieves Troves, and harvest nodes

* Closing Abyssal Geysers

* Slaying bosses within the Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorum, and Cloudrest Trials

As for rewards, in addition to some regular rewards, there are 2 new items:

* Evergloam Champion weapon style pages (New)

* Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet runebox (New)

As the event begins, IGGM will also pay attention to the latest topics discussed by players and provide game guides. You can come here to browse the news at any time.


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