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ESO Guide: Where To Find The Western Skyrim Skyshard?

Posted: Mar 25, 2021

In ESO, there are a total of 18 Western Skyrim skyshards. If you collect 3, you will get 1 skill point as a reward. You can upgrade by locating as many skyshards as possible.

Most locations are easy to find, but some are tricky, so this article will introduce the 18 locations of skyshard, which will give you a hand.

Storm Hawk’s Altar

After reaching Storm Hawk’s Altar, you will find the skyshard about 100 meters northeast of the Altar. Move to the northeast, and when you see the edge of the cliff, the shard is behind a tree on the northern edge of the cliff.

Frozen Coast

After reaching the Frozen Coast, you need to move south from the center of the island and move southwest along the cave system. In the cave, you need to stay the right until you reach the coastline, after which this route will lead you to the shard.


You need to go south through the tunnel system to the top of the mountain, and the shard is on the right side of the cave entrance.


You can find the shard next to the cliff altar.

Dragon’s Belly

It is located to the east of Lendoran Ruin and you can find the shard on top of the huge rock.

Circle Of Champions

You can find the skyshard at the top of it. The shard is located to the southeast of the Mor Khazgur Giant Camp and the Mor Khazgur Shrine.


You can find the shard on the cliffside to the east of it. But if you walk from the fork, you will find the shard on the hill southwest of the fork.

Chillwind Depths

You first enter the Frostvenom Spider’s Nest in it. Once you enter, you should look for the path covered by the spider webs, and it will guide you to the shard.

Hunter’s House

There is an altar on the east side of it. Skyshard is located to the south of the altar, on top of a boulder.


Go south from Morthal and head southwest after reaching the fork. The shard is located in the snowy mountains.


Shard is located in the mound in the center of the city. Just walk the path leading south.

Greymoor Keep

You will find the shard outside its southeast wall.

Midnight Barrow

It is located to the southeast of Greymoor Keep, and you can find the shard at the bottom of the stairs in the northeast of the midnight barrow.

Dusktown Wayshrine

It is located at Swarf’s Bane Ritual Site, south of Greymoor Keep. Once you reach the site, you approach the south of a small inlet and you will find shard in the purple crystal.

Lightless Hollow

You can reach the water directly from the south of Wayshrine and you will find the shard at the top of the waterfall.


You need to walk on the road to the northeast, there is a broken bridge at the end of the path, and the shard is located in the crescent pool.

Dark Moon Grotto

Dwarven Ruins is located to the southwest of it. Once inside, you will see the shard behind the rocks on the west of the ruins.

The Scraps

You can find the skyshard in a place that looks like a cell to the east of the dungeon.

This is where all skyshards are located. If you are struggling with this, then this article is very useful. IGGM will also frequently update ESO's relevant game guides, so that you can complete some challenges more smoothly.

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