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Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Guide Series Part Two - Refinement, Creation, Deconstruction & Improvement

Posted: May 11, 2023

If you have already read my crafting guide part one, I hope you all had a successful scavenge for crafting materials. It’s time to start part two of our crafting guide. This time going through what to do with those materials and how to craft something with them. Specifically, this guide will focus on blacksmithing, woodworking, clothing, and jewelry crafting.

Head over to your nearest crafting area in your city. You have your raw materials in hand and are ready to begin. Let’s begin showing you the blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking station. Now, there is a neat trick with these three tables. Let me show you something that will make your lives and learning experience so much easier.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guide Series Part Two Refinement, Creation, Deconstruction And Improvement

Take Blacksmithing Station As An Example

This is the Blacksmithing Station. In due course, we will go through each of these categories and what each one does. Today’s focus, though, is on refinement, creation, deconstruction, and improvement. Everything I talk about in regard to the blacksmithing station applies to the woodworking station and the clothing station. They are identical in every way, just apart from the materials they use and what you can craft.

ESO Blacksmithing Station

So, keep that in mind: apply the same teachings to the other two stations.


Let’s take a look at the refinement.

This is where you take your materials that you harvested and refine them into the material you used to craft with. With crafting, you require 10 of a harvested raw material in order to refine it into the actual craftable material.

So, take your ore, hide, cloth, or wood and refine 10 of those materials into its refined form. This is what we used to craft with.

ESO Refinement


Now, you have your materials, you can move over to creation. Creations have four different sliders that you need to look at. You have type, material, style, and trait. We will be saving traits for another guide, as it isn’t important for this stage.

Now, type is where you choose the type of item you want to craft, whether it be a particular weapon or piece of armor, a staff, or maybe some medium armor. This is the slider where you choose exactly that.

Material is where you choose the material you’re going to craft that specific item with. Now, remember in part one, I mentioned that the material you’re harvesting in the world changes depending on your level and crafting level. As you can see, this is where you choose that leveled material.

ESO Creation

Style is a fun one. It doesn’t really have any impact on the item’s damage or armor rating, but instead is the design of the item. This links to motifs. But for the purposes of this guide, you will use your current racial style. However, you’ll need a style material. They can be purchased from any crafting NPC in the game by using your ESO Gold. Just purchase the style material that links to your race.

To clarify, you have refined your raw material into the material you need to craft in. You have chosen that material and the item you want to craft. You have also added a bit of flair by choosing the style you want to craft it in. And you have crafted your very first piece of armor or weaponry. It’s that simple.

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Next up is deconstruction.

So, harvesting materials to refine isn’t the only way to gather materials. You ever notice while out adventuring, your inventory may fill up with useless bits of weaponry and armor.

You can deconstruct all those items at the correct crafting station. It will then give to you some, not all the materials that went into crafting it. Isn’t it saves you the refinement process?

ESO Deconstruction


Let’s discuss improvement.

Now, when you craft anything, you’ll craft it to what’s called normal quality. As you gather upgrade materials that are colored to match their upgrade color, you can use the upgrade materials at the specific crafting station to increase the armor rating or damage of your item.

But how do you get upgrade materials? It’s super simple. Upgrade materials are found through refining raw harvested materials and you’ll get them as a byproduct of that refinement process or you can get them by deconstructing an improved item.

Now, it requires more than one of each upgrade material to upgrade your gear. Keep this in mind.

ESO Improvement

What Make Jewelry Crafting Different?

As I said, apply this logic to all three: blacksmithing, woodworking and clothing, you should now be comfortable refining and crafting anything with those three stations. So, let’s talk about jewelry crafting and why it differs only slightly.

Apart from the obvious difference, being the material, but that’s the same with the others. The difference under creation is that jewelry doesn’t require a style material. The rings and necklaces you create don’t have styles, so don’t worry about the style step. Skip it.

The only other difference with jewelry crafting is the upgrade process. Now, the colors are still the same and you still create items in the normal quality. The difference here is the upgrade of materials themselves. When refining or deconstructing an improved item, you don’t get the upgrade material straight up like you would for blacksmithing, clothing, or woodworking.

ESO Jewelry Crafting

In fact, you will receive something called dust that is colored to an upgrade material. Just like refining your raw materials into your crafting materials, you need to refine 10 of these colored dusts into one colored plate. It is with these plates that you then upgrade your rings and necklaces. Essentially, jewelry crafting just added another step to upgrading.

So, that concludes part two of my crafting guide. At this point, you should be capable of harvesting materials to craft with, taking them to the specific crafting station, refining them down into a usable material, creating your desired item to your desired style, deconstructing any unwanted items and also upgrading your gear to your liking.

In part three, I will be going through what to do with your harvested provisioning, enchanting, and alchemy materials and how to turn those into useful items. Please continue to follow us.


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