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Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Guide Series Part One - 7 Individual Crafts & How To Gather Up Materials For Them?

Posted: May 08, 2023

Posted: May 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Crafting is such a key component of ESO. It is very important in every way imaginable. To some new players, it is also unknown territory, and that’s where I come in. 

I have created a five-part series in which I go into detail about crafting. Each part will be on something different, but I’ve kind of done it in relative order. Part one being where you would usually start on your crafting journey and part five being the end. So, reading them in order would be most beneficial. Only in this way can you better understand crafting, and then use crafting to earn more ESO Gold.

Let’s start with part one. This part is going to be about each of the seven individual crafts and then how to gather materials for each one.

ESO Crafting Guide Part One

7 Individual Crafts

Crafting is split over 7 different crafts that each will help in a different way. Now it is easy to level all crafts at the same time and become a master of them all. So, don’t think you have to focus only on what suits your character. You can very easily be a master at all. So, let’s go through each of them.


This allows you to craft heavy armor and also metal weaponry, like swords, maces, axes and daggers and the two-handed variants of those as well. 


Clothing allows the creation of light and medium armor, which are perfect for those who like to do some damage, whether Magicka or Stamina


This craft will help with the creation of all four magical staffs, shields and also bows. You don’t need to worry about creating arrows for those bows.


The magic of enchanting allows you to create powerful glyphs to place upon armor or weaponry to add some extra potency, whether that be some fire on your sword or perhaps some extra Magicka for your armor.

ESO Jewelry Station


Creating potions and poisons to use in combat that can give you the edge over your opponent.


Fighting on a full belly is always preferred. Provisioning will allow you to create food and drink that will give your character a boost to their resources or recovery.

Jewelry Crafting

The last is jewelry crafting. Now, this craft does require the Summer Set Chapter, and it allows you to create your own jewelry, necklaces, and rings.

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How To Gather Up Materials For Them?

So, you’re ready to begin crafting. You’ll need to gather up some materials first. Each craft uses a different material and they can be found in different locations around Tamriel.

Now to note: as you level up your character and indeed your crafting skill lines, your materials required will change in order to meet your level. So, don’t be worried about this. The material does the same thing and can be found in the same locations. It’s just a higher level material.

For example, while you’re below level 16, you’ll find an abundance of Iron Ore in the world. Then, as you progress past that level, you’ll then start to see High Iron Ore instead, which produces Steel.

ESO Iron Ore

*For blacksmithing materials, you’ll want to look for ores usually found around rocky formations and cliffs.

*For woodworking materials, you’ll need to look for small logs either found around other trees or washed up on shores.

*For clothing, you have two types of materials: for light armor, you’ll need to get cloth found pretty much anywhere, to be honest; and then, for medium armor, you’ll need to slay creatures that will then drop leather or hide.

*Alchemy requires you to find water and plants herbs. The water can be found in bubbling springs anywhere in the water. For the herbs, you can find these anywhere similar to clothing cloth.

*For enchanting, you need to look for Runestones. Again, Runestones can be found pretty much anywhere, but these suckers are easy to identify.

*For provisioning, you’ll need to gather recipes as well as ingredients. Recipes and ingredients can be found in any container, dresser, wardrobe, box, barrel, and backpack.

*For those jewelry crafting materials, they can be found in the same locations as blacksmithing ore. 

So, now you know where to gather all these materials. It’s time to get out there and fill your inventories ready for the next part of this guide series. If you are interested in this series of guides, you can bookmark this website to see our next update on time.


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